Dec 19


I’m sorry for all the unanswered mails, but university stuff currently eats up most of my time. (but it’ll pay off, I’ve developed a nice class during a seminar, which I’ll use in a cool upcoming project for mac iphone and ipad :-))

If I don’t answer your mails, please try again in a few weeks because I probably will not able to respond to all of t he unread ones in my inbox ;-(

written by Andreas Hegenberg

3 Responses to “Too much work ;-(”

  1. 1. david Says:

    hello, i was wondering if there was a way to reduce lag when using the three-finger drag and snapping to a side using the bettersnaptool. when you snap doing the regular click-and hold down and drag to side, it’s really fast. but when you use the three-finger to do the dragging, and drag it to the side, it has a delay when snapping.

    is there a way to get rid of this? i tried a number of attempts and playing around with the options in bettertouchtool and the bettersnaptool.

    but great product though! thanks a bunch for your hard work. you’l be a great computer scientist. im assuming you’re becoming one? im a developer in school too

    sorry i posted this entry somewhere else haha. but good luck in school and keep your head up! it can get super crazy with school, especially debugging x_x but keep up the good work! and remember to take breaks and rest too = ) you can do it!

  2. 2. BK Says:

    Nice work re SB, solved all my problems!!! Good luck with your studies :-)

  3. 3. Ninad Says:

    hey ! that’s fine !!
    no one can keep all time developing and solving mails for a free app on the cost of studies
    !! the app is really the best !

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