Sep 03

NOTE: THIS SOFTWARE IS REALLY IN ALPHA STATE. E.g. it crashes Gecko based Apps atm.

I recently switched from Windows to Mac and I’m happy with this decision most of the time. But sometimes Mac OS X just makes me sick. I totally dislike the multimonitor support in Mac OS – even in Snow Leopard it just sucks. If you have two – or more monitors connected to your Mac or Macbook you still have only one Dock and one Menubar. So if you are working with a program at a screen without menubar and want to use the menu you have to move your mouse all the way back to the menubar (just to move it back to the other screen a few moments later).

So a few days ago I decided to solve this problem for me and began programming a little tool. Now it is far far away from beeing perfect, it has many bugs and many todos but basically it works. ATM I call my tool SecondBar (because yet it only supports a second menubar, future versions will let you have as many bars as you want).

I’m a total noob in programming Mac OS X so it was hard to get it working… there are many limitations which I didn’t come around yet. For example the behaviour of the buttons is not like the ones in the original Menubar. SecondBar also is pretty slow, I’ll try to solve this in future versions. Some programs like Firefox are not supported yet, I hope to solve this with a future version too.

If you still want to try SecondBar get the current Version in one of the newer posts of this blog ( )

You have to enable access for assistive devices in order to get it work, this can be done in the system preferences of your Mac.

If a button goes red when you click on it, this means that the menu isn’t loaded completely or that the program is not supported yet.

Here is my list of TODO’s:

  • make it faster
  • make it support all programs
  • display key combinations like in the real menubar
  • make the button behaviour more like the real menubar
  • support more than one additional menubar

I don’t know if someone will use this tool, so if you like the idea (not the realization, because this is far away from final) post a comment and I’ll put more effort in getting it work smoothly.

written by Andreas Hegenberg

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