Apr 27

So I get many E-Mails about momentum scrolling on older macbooks.

I still think Apple will add this to older macbooks soon. So I won’t add it to BTT for now.

Why do I think Apple will do this? The info.plist of the mbp 2010 multitouch driver has a new property “momentumScrolling” added to every trackpad capable of multitouch (http://drp.ly/TzwcN ). Why would they add this if they wouldn’t allow us to use it on older MacBooks?
Also the hardware seems to be the same. The only difference is the firmware of the trackpad. Is momentum scrolling really s.th. that could make people buy the new MacBook Pros? I don’t think so.

I already tried installing the multitouch driver of the new mbps on my old one. (copied the new MultitouchSupport.framework, installed the new multitouch kexts and installed the new trackpad preference pane) It works just fine but I couldn’t get momentum scrolling to work (there is a key in the global user preferences plist called “com.apple.trackpad.momentumScroll” but setting it to true doesn’t help).
So I guess we need to wait for a firmware update for the trackpad.

Until Apple releases this (or until someone figures out how to make it work without any firmware update) I suggest those of you who desperately want momentum scrolling should try a nice program called “Smart Scroll” which is capable of simulating momentum scrolling altough it’s not 100% perfect

written by Andreas Hegenberg

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