Feb 20

Just installed the Mountain Lion Developer Preview. Everything seems to work so far πŸ˜‰ (BTT, BST etc.). Sure there will be a few things that I’ll have to “adjust” but there doesn’t seem to be anything that can’t be fixed with a few easy changes.

//edit: here is a first version where I fixed a few obvious things, but I haven’t tested it on Mountain Lion yet! Download

written by Andreas Hegenberg

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  1. 1. Sam Says:

    BTT in Mountain Lion has lost three finger swipes, they act like two finger swipes.

  2. 2. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Sam yes I know πŸ˜‰ it’s a silly error, I’m somewhere checking if the current OS is 10.7.xxx should have checked if it’s >= 10.7. I’ll fix that tomorrow.

  3. 3. Sam Says:

    That’s great, this may help: I found that with the built -in monitor or an additional monitor plugged into my iMac three finger scrolling works fine in OSX7…but if I add another monitor using a USB adapter it ‘skips’ from the three finger action to two finger scrolling (on any of the monitors”…I suspect this has to do with the USB adapter not supporting accelerated graphics. Fixing this in OSX8 may also fix it in OS7…
    Thanks for this great driver, it has really extended the trackpad usefulness.

  4. 4. alessandro paladino Says:

    hi andra is there a fix available for three finger swipe in mountain lion?

  5. 5. wookab Says:

    hi btt
    mountain lion 10.8
    btt works
    however magic mouse set error left click right click same time click.
    i’m korean
    little english…sorry
    thanks btt

  6. 6. Rob Says:

    I have one wish for Better TouchTool (for all I know, it might already be built in! Please let me know if it is!)

    I’d love to be able to reverse the direction of two finger left/right swipes that Flip pages is apps like Safari (not the back/forward 3 finger swipes. I’m referring to the new 2 finger flip swipes where the page slides away). It’s possible to reverse the direction of those swipes, but only if also reversing the direction of scrolling up and down (by clicking the Scroll Direction: Natural system prefs option). It really bugs me that changing scroll direction also changes swipe direction with that setting.

  7. 7. Cygan Says:

    I’ve got same problem with 3 fingers swipe on Mountain Lion. Now working on chrome, totalfinder without this gestures is terrible…Please, give us some solution or update, we’re waiting for it

  8. 8. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    I’ll release an update soon πŸ˜‰ (sorry currently not at home and without a mountain lion installation)

  9. 9. Rob Says:

    Found a bug: Assigning something to “Hide All Windows” with BetterTouchTool when the BetterTouchTool icon IS NOT in the dock will put the icon in the dock anyway, even though “Show dock icon while running” isn’t selected. In my case, I assigned F1 to Hide All Windows with BTT. It took me a while to realize that was why the BTT icon kept being added to my dock. Restarting BTT removes the dock icon.

  10. 10. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Rob sorry this is how it’s supposed to work, because I know no other way to hide all other windows as fast. But maybe I’ll include a little bit slower solution in a future release :-)

  11. 11. jason Says:

    post a build you think will work and we will gladly test it for you. πŸ˜€ i miss 3 finger gestures

  12. 12. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Jason I’m now back at home and will release a first version later :-)

  13. 13. Serkan Says:

    Not sure if this was requested already, but can we have more gestures? Scrolling areas for example, to enable one fingered scrolling. (I get cramps after a while if I’m using both my index and middle finger for scrolling). Another example could be something similar to what’s available on jitouch, one finger down, one finger slide. Going up and down with the sliding finger could be assigned to anything (scrolling for example) and left and right could be used for back and forward (which seems to be not working apart from Safari). Currently I have four finger swipes to go back and forth, which is also a lot of work. Thanks for all the great work :) Without BTT I would’ve thrown my macbook out the window :)

  14. 14. Sam Says:

    Seems to work well in 10.8, Thank you!!

  15. 15. jason Says:

    works great thanks!

  16. 16. ArtX Says:

    I am sad to report that THREE FINGER SWIPES don’t work.

    I used to use three finger swipe LEFT and RIGHT for safari tab switch (previous/forward) with keyshortcut “shift tab”

    All settings remain intact. I assigned it to some other actions and tab switching works.

    Can you please take a look?


  17. 17. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @ArtX have you tried the version mentioned in the post?

  18. 18. jason Says:

    @ArtX it works perfect for me with the updated version

  19. 19. alessandro paladino Says:

    for me the old version works a lot better ,the new 0.751 make three finger tap too sensible,when making 3 finger swipes i often get recognized 3 finger taps as well :(

  20. 20. shamguy4 Says:

    in lion move right a space and left a space don’t seem to be working…

  21. 21. shamguy4 Says:

    also when I am using the apple remote I lose all the default functions if i set anything in global… even 1 thing

  22. 22. ArtX Says:

    Thanks. That updated version solved my problems. Three finger swipes work again! Bravo!

    Great Work!!!

  23. 23. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @shamguy4 I’ll look at the move right/left a space :-). The apple remote thing is normal, has been like this on Lion too (and unfortunately can’t be changed)

  24. 24. Lex Says:

    Mountain Lion uses 2-finger swipe to show “Notification Center.”

    However, I use 2-finger swipe to move through spaces, which is default action currently with Lion.

    Can I make my setting override OS’ default setting with BTT in Mountain Lion?

  25. 25. Lex Says:

    supplement : I mean “my setting” by “use 2-finger swipe to move thru spaces in Mountain Lion”

  26. 26. Oliver Says:

    Three finger swipes are still not working for me, i’ve tried updating, alpha updating and redownloading but im still stuck on version 0.75. Anyone know a fix?

  27. 27. Kaitain Says:

    I’m experiencing some weird issues running BTT on an older Mac Mini (2006) with Snow Leopard. I bought it cheap just to use it as a little media server.

    Anyhow, there are two things that don’t seem to work with it BTT:

    1. Single finger tap zones are not recognized. I’ve used the ‘show live view feature’ and it recognizes the other gestures I have (swipes, multi-finger clicks etc), but the single finger tap zones just don’t seem to be recognized, even though the finger touch black blob shows up as expected.

    2. A weird one: a lot of the time when I click on a hyperlink, BTT triggers the equivalent of a ‘double tap to drag’. This feature is turned off in my core trackpad prefs, and I’m only single clicking, but this is what BTT seems to turn it into. If I quit BTT I don’t get the problem.

    Any clues what this could be? I realize the machine and OS are both old. It’s a shame, because it’s now generally better to turn BTT off on this machine.

  28. 28. Kaitain Says:

    Scratch #2. I’ve had that happen now without BTT running. Obviously a problem at my end.

  29. 29. Kaitain Says:

    I definitely think there’s something not quite right with the most recent BTT. It feels like it locks clicking out sometimes…makes click-and-drag hard, a lot of things require a second or more deliberate click rather than a tap.

    I’ve seen this on all three of my Macs: the old revamped Mac Mini running Snow Leopard, my 2007 MBP running Lion and my 2011 MBA running Lion.

    I often turn BTT off now, because general responsiveness for everyday stuff improves, even though I miss it like hell because it unleashes the power of multitouch properly.

  30. 30. Kaitain Says:

    To clarify, this is all trackpad functionality. Bluetooth magic trackpad on Mini and MBP, built-in trackpad on MBA.

  31. 31. sherdog Says:

    You actually make it appear so easy together with your presentation but I in finding this topic to be really something that I believe I might never understand. It seems too complicated and very huge for me. I’m looking ahead on your subsequent put up, I’ll attempt to get the cling of it!

  32. 32. Alexandra Arias Says:

    Thank you for this contribution. I would like to know how to connect an extra monitor via USB. It feels like it clicks sometimes … click and drag hard, a lot of things require a second click, or deliberate rather than a tap. :)

  33. 33. cartman Says:

    ML broke three fingers swipe up or down, for tab switiching in Safari. However, it seems to exacerbate the problem of three finger swipe sometimes activating the Citations feature of Papers2. But I am not sure if that may be a bug in the Papers2 software, rather than BTT. This phenomenon also exists in Lion. Thank for” //edit: here is a first version where I fixed a few obvious things, but I haven’t tested it on Mountain Lion yet! Download” I find it difficult to function without BTT tab switching.

  34. 34. Sajaki Says:

    hi, thanks for your sneak preview. I’m not sure what you all mean with swipes as i use a mouse, but have you been able to see if Spaces was fixed ? is the 2d grid back ?

  35. 35. Michael Says:

    i am on mountain lion dp4. everything is fine except the tip-tap gestures.

    sometimes they work sometimes they dont. been using them a long time but somethings changes. the rhythm changed – can’t figure it out. anybody noticed?

    thank you for the great software!!!

  36. 36. Adam Says:

    hi Andreas
    ich habe extreme Probleme mit Mountain Lion GM und Tip Tap Right in Verbindung mit Application Switcher. Das ganze funktioniert eher sporadisch. Mit Lion gibts da keine Probleme.

  37. 37. Rocky Dubb Says:

    I was also having similar problems, with the TipTap Left / Right. Updating to the latest version of BetterTouch tool 0.78 seems to fix all issues with Mac 10.8 Mountain Lion in BetterTouchTool. Check it out.

  38. 38. Manny Says:

    Hi, Love bettertouchtool but I am now having problems using 3 finger swipes in Mountain Lion. Is there a fix in place?

  39. 39. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Manny what kind of problems do you have?

  40. 40. J Says:

    Hi, great app! Sorry if this has been addressed: three finger tap does not work after I quit BTT. While BTT is running I can three finger tap to access dictionary lookup or quick view in finder but when I quit BTT, neither of those work.

    I’m not sure when this started, but I only noticed it today after installing Mountain Lion and reading about 3 finger tap gestures. I tried resetting all in BTT but that did not help. I also tried disabling three finger drag but that didn’t seem to help either. Sorry if this has been addressed already. Thanks!

  41. 41. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @J are you sure you’ve enabled lookup in your System Preferences => Trackpad?

  42. 42. J Says:

    Hi, thanks for getting back to me. Yes, I have it enabled.

  43. 43. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @J mhh maybe try redownloading it I recently changed some little things but didn’t push them as update yet

  44. 44. Anssi Says:

    I am also having problems with three finger swipes with magic trackpad after installing mountain lion. I have configured three finger swipe left&right as global gestures for “Previous” and “Next”, and I have three finger swipe up&down configured for example in Chrome to open and close a tab. But all three finger swipes seem to be interpreted as two finger swipes only.

    I have disabled all three finger gestures I could find from System Preferences.

  45. 45. Anssi Says:

    I’m sorry, I thought I had the latest version of btt, but I didn’t. With version 0.785 all seems to be fine.

  46. 46. Tom Says:

    Is there a simple two-finger tap option for trackpads? I can’t seem to find it. It’s in the default system preferences for right click but I’d like to use it for another action for which I’d need BTT. I may just be missing it.

  47. 47. John Says:

    When using BTT after a bit, I keep getting the three finger swipe not working bug (scrolling seems to temp fix). I don’t have any settings that interfere with OS X and as soon as I disable the startup of BTT, it never happens.

    Please fix this bug, all I wanted was three finger iTunes store back/forward but it messes up the entire systems three finger swipes.

    BTT 0.921 & 10.8.2

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