Jul 25


in this post I’ll collect questions / bugs / etc. concerning my tools and Mountain Lion. If you have more questions please use the built in feedback reporter in BTT or comment here.

  1. Why isn’t my three finger tap working properly?
    • Do you have Three Finger Dragging enabled in System Preferences => Trackpad? If so, that’s currently not very compatible with BTT ;-) In Mountain Lion the behavior of the Three Finger Drag has changed and now it produces a leftclick if you do a three finger tap. So if you want to use a custom three finger tap in BTT, you’ll have to disable three finger dragging for now. (You can use single finger double tap dragging though… Apple has hidden that feature in System Preferences => Accessibility => Mouse & Trackpad => Trackpad Options => “Enable dragging”
      For some actions it may be enough to enable “Lookup” with Three Finger Taps in your System Preferences => Trackpad.
  2.  How can I map Notification Center to a BTT Gesture?
    • To map the new Notification Center to a BTT Gesture go to System Preferences => Keyboard => Keyboard Shortcuts => Mission Control (see http://d.pr/i/Hjms/5JURbpbS) . Enable the shortcut for Notification Center and assign a keyboard shortcut. You can then use this shortcut and assign it to a gesture in BTT.

written by Andreas Hegenberg

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