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in this post I’ll collect questions / bugs / etc. concerning my tools and Mountain Lion. If you have more questions please use the built in feedback reporter in BTT or comment here.

  1. Why isn’t my three finger tap working properly?
    • Do you have Three Finger Dragging enabled in System Preferences => Trackpad? If so, that’s currently not very compatible with BTT 😉 In Mountain Lion the behavior of the Three Finger Drag has changed and now it produces a leftclick if you do a three finger tap. So if you want to use a custom three finger tap in BTT, you’ll have to disable three finger dragging for now. (You can use single finger double tap dragging though… Apple has hidden that feature in System Preferences => Accessibility => Mouse & Trackpad => Trackpad Options => “Enable dragging”
      For some actions it may be enough to enable “Lookup” with Three Finger Taps in your System Preferences => Trackpad.
  2.  How can I map Notification Center to a BTT Gesture?
    • To map the new Notification Center to a BTT Gesture go to System Preferences => Keyboard => Keyboard Shortcuts => Mission Control (see http://d.pr/i/Hjms/5JURbpbS) . Enable the shortcut for Notification Center and assign a keyboard shortcut. You can then use this shortcut and assign it to a gesture in BTT.

written by Andreas Hegenberg

85 Responses to “Mountain Lion Collection”

  1. 1. alex Says:

    Thanks for that hint. And great app btw.
    How can I assign a BTT gesture for the new tabs-view in safari?

  2. 2. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @alex do you mean the view that shows up if you press cmd+t ? If so, you can just use cmd+t and assign it to a gesture!

  3. 3. Ben Says:

    Maybe not the best place to ask this, but are there only certain updates that are pushed via the autoupdater? I don’t seem to be receiving any updates even when I ask BTT to check for updates. Today is a minor example: I was using 0.783 and was not able to receive 0.784 via in-app updater.

  4. 4. André Says:

    @Andreas Hegenberg

    No, @Alex what alex mean is the button at the right top screen on safare beside the + button.

  5. 5. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Ben I’m not pushing every change I make to all users, would be too much 😉

    @André ah I see, the shortcut for this is shift+cmd+ \

  6. 6. alex Says:

    ok, i found it. cmd+t opens a new tab in my case. i am talking about the new icon (since mountain lion) in the upper right corner to view all of your open tabs. on apple.com it is said you could also pinch, but they are probably referring to the trackpads only. i randomly found the shortcut: it’s supposed to be cmd+shift+\. so you actually need to press cmd+shift+option+/. so now i can assign it to a gesture for my magic mouse. thanks for you quick reply anyway.

  7. 7. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @alex like this: http://d.pr/i/J46m/1E4snspf

  8. 8. Patrick Says:

    Extremely frustrating the middle mouse key thing. Any chance it will be working properly again in the future? I loved the way I had it set up in Lion. Really, what is Apple thinking not having a middle mouse key setting by default. So many apps use it…

  9. 9. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Patrick what do you mean by middle mouse key thing? :-)

  10. 10. Veith Says:

    After the upgrade, windowsnapping ceased to work. Did not much investigation on that yesterday, but it is activated in the preferences. Anyone experiencing this too?

  11. 11. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Veith maybe access for assistive devices got deactivated? (System Preferences => Accessibility, second checkbox from the bottom

  12. 12. Veith Says:

    @Andreas: Today it works again. Don’t know why, did not restart the Mac nor BTT. Anyway, as long as it stays that way, I’m happy.

  13. 13. alessandro Says:

    there s no need to set a gesture for windows preview in safari just make a quick pinch in!

  14. 14. Patrick Says:

    @Andreas Hegenberg:
    Oh the three finger tap (which I had bound to Middle Mouse Key). It kind of sucks that it doesn’t work properly anymore when using dragging.

  15. 15. Thinh Says:

    I have been using 3 finger swipe left and right to go back and forward in my internet browser for Lion but ever since I upgraded to Mountain Lion, swiping left or right with 3 fingers doesn’t do anything but when I swipe a second time, that’s when it goes back or forward a page.

  16. 16. Portable dehumidifiers Says:

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  17. 17. Raihan Says:

    please update for mountain lion…..
    no launchpad gestures….

  18. 18. Raihan Says:

    Sorry, i didn’t see it at first attempt….it is there… :)

    but……..i am facing some issues here in mountain lion…..

    I have disabled original four finger gestures in system preferences…
    Then i set the mission control to four finger swipe and four fingers swipe up for bringing desktop…just it was in snow leopard.

    But, while switching between mission control and bring desktop…..the page starts to scroll up and down….. my scroll is set default two fingers swipe up and down.

    when i disable bettertouch tool it stops happening…..

    Can you plz fix it??
    it is very annoying……if the page scrolls when you are using four fingers swipe down and up for mission control & bring desktop….

    plz HELP !!!!!!!!

  19. 19. Raihan Says:

    when using the four finger swipe up or down for bringing desktop & Mission control…… the trackpad is also sensing two finger swipe up & down o_O

    Sorry, for too many post relating same stuff…..

  20. 20. Alex Krishnan Says:

    Any plans for adding an equivalent Notification Center gesture to the magic mouse?

    i.e. Single Finger or Two Finger swipe in from right edge

    That would be awesome! (Or possibly terrible if it triggers way too easily)

  21. 21. Ed Says:

    The pinch in doesn’t seem to be working now in Mountain Lion

  22. 22. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Ed, what exaclty doesn’t work with the pinch in? Seems to be fine here… Do you have it enabled in your System Preferences => Trackpad?

  23. 23. Ed Says:

    @Andreas Hedgenberg I have it set up for cmd + q, and i don’t have it enabled in my Trackpad preferences (Scroll&Zoom > Zoom in/out). Worth doing a back-up and fresh install?

  24. 24. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Ed, no you’ll just have to activate it in the Trackpad preferences :-)

  25. 25. Raihan Says:

    @Andreas Hedgenberg: when using the four finger swipe up or down for bringing desktop & Mission control…… the trackpad is also sensing two finger swipe up & down for scrolling…..
    Can you plz fix it??
    it is very annoying……if the page keep scrolling when you are using four fingers swipe down and up for mission control & bring desktop…
    Plz help…

  26. 26. Ed Says:

    @Andreas Hedgeberg Brilliant that worked :-)

    Keep up the good work. This app is amazing

  27. 27. taja Says:


    I second Alex’s question – could single or two-finger swipe from either edge be set in BTT? e.g. swiping from left-edge of magic trackpad to show/hide sidebars in Preview and other apps. Would be fantastic!

  28. 28. taja Says:


    You should find new ways to promote BTT – with so many people upgrading to Mountain Lion and learning new trackpad gestures, I imagine you’d get lots and lots of new users!

  29. 29. Jonn Says:

    My three finger swipes for navigation (back and forward) system wide no longer work. I never used three-finger dragging, and it still isn’t enabled. Is there any way to get these features back?

  30. 30. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    Hi Jonn, yes just enable swipe between pages in your system preferences => trackpad ( see http://d.pr/i/9Wmp/XgGRM7v6 ) and set it to swipe with three fingers.

  31. 31. Jonn Says:

    Will this work system wide though? I started using BTT in Lion because that only worked in Safari, and I use Firefox. It also didn’t work in Finder, etc., which BTT fixed.

  32. 32. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    ah did you use custom keyboard shortcuts in BTT to configure this? Or how did you set it up?

  33. 33. Jonn Says:

    Hmmm..not sure..and I’m not home now. I guess I will try to see if it can be done with shortcuts when I get home. thanks!

  34. 34. Raihan Says:

    @Andreas: why my questions are ignored? :(

  35. 35. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Raihan sorry, I only answered question where I had an immediate answer 😉

    For me nothing is scrolling when using four finger swipes up or down, could you send me an export of your gestures to bettertouchtool@boastr.net? I’ll take a look then :-)

  36. 36. DaMacGuy Says:

    Will you be releasing a signed version of SecondBar? It won’t run with the default security settings on Mt Lion. I’ve changed the security settings, but it’d be nice if there was a signed version.

  37. 37. Michael Says:

    Hello, since upgrading from Lion to Mountain Lion on my 2012 Macbook Air, I’ve found that my three-finger tap for cmd-click in Chrome has an odd delay. It used to be that when I three-finger tapped on a link, the tab would open instantly, but now on Mountain Lion, the tab takes a half-second to open, and it’s rather annoying.

    Thoughts on this issue?

  38. 38. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Michael, do you also have a three finger double tap configured? If so the three finger tap has to wait before triggering. :-)

  39. 39. roobi Says:

    In Mountain Lion the three finger tap on the trackpad brings up local dictionary, It can cause some problems.
    Any idea how to turn off the dictioary function?

  40. 40. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @roobi it’s called lookup in the system preferences, but be aware that turning it off will probably cause even more problems if you are using three finger dragging 😉

  41. 41. Michael Says:

    @Andreas Hegenberg

    Yes I do, great catch! I have three finger double tap to define because ML changed define to three finger single tap. I don’t suppose you have any ideas on how to work around this? It seems like I either live with the delay, or give up three-finger single/double tap to define.

  42. 42. taja Says:


    I have lookup turned off in system prefs, but double-tap to ‘lookup word under cursor’ set in BTT. Will that still cause a delay in the three finger single tap?

  43. 43. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @taja yes, because if you have a double tap gesture, and you don’t want the single tap gesture to trigger every time you do a doubletap, the single tap gesture must wait to see if a double tap will follow. I don’t see an other way to make this work. (And obviously Apple does the same thing, so probably there isn’t ;-))

  44. 44. taja Says:


    thanks for the explanation, that does make sense. So if we want to avoid the small delay in three finger single tap, we should avoid setting the three finger doubletap at all.

  45. 45. Marco Says:

    BTT doesn’t work after my Mac wakes from sleep. This also happened under Snow Leopard. There’s a red message in the BTT preferences window saying that no magic mouse is connected or there’s a problem with the driver. I read elsewhere on the blog that you can check an option to restart BTT after waking from sleep but that option seems to be gone in 0.781.

  46. 46. George Says:

    Loving the app!!! Any chance you’ll be able to enable chording???

  47. 47. Levon Says:

    Hi, I just sent you a bug report about the page back action sending me back 2 pages, I’ve just looked into my system preferences=>trackpad=>more gestures and realized it’s probably because Mountain Lion already has the 2 finger swipe between pages supported. Might want to update that.

  48. 48. Cristi Says:

    can’t find TipSwipe Left Finger Right/TipSwipe Left Finger Right (only up and down).
    Can you add same gesture but for 2 fingers?

  49. 49. Sean Says:

    After updating to Mountain Lion last night, all of my presets seem to be gone. I tried to restore the files in the App Support directory from my backup, but when I restart BTT, they’re still not there. Any suggestions?

  50. 50. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Sean, mhh do the imported show up here http://d.pr/i/nr4b/1rUSqxkM ?

  51. 51. John Smith Says:

    Love BTT! I use a 4-finger tap to close the window below the cursor, which works fine in everything (except Adobe products). In Safari 6, I am using tab view and I’ve become so accustomed to the 4-finger tap that I end up closing Safari. This is complicated by the fact that Safari 6 apparently doesn’t reload the tabs upon restart. So what I was wondering if there is a way to detect the window under the cursor as Safari and send Cmd-W to close the tab and execute the close window otherwise? Or is this just too weird/painful/one-off? Thanks.

  52. 52. Sean Says:

    Yes. It shows up like this: btt_presets2BD7CDA5-E589-4230-942D-959D7B9AB781

    When I select it, nothing shows up in the presets.Here’s the file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vig1rx69gqlm4xe/btt_presets2BD7CDA5-E589-4230-942D-959D7B9AB781

  53. 53. Parker Says:

    Hello, I’m having the same issue as Raihan where 4 finger gestures cause scrolling in browsers, Finder windows, anything with a vertical scroll bar basically. I’ve disabled 4 finger gestures in System Preferences > Trackpad and disabled BTT and apparently you can now use 4 fingers to scroll in Mountain Lion. It appears to be something the OS is doing, not BTT, but if this behavior could be corrected somehow so it doesn’t interfere with windows during BTT initiated 4 finger gestures that would be nice.

    So far it appears the only way to stop the 4 finger scrolling behavior is to use a 4 finger gesture via System Preference > Trackpad, but this could be less than ideal for some since the default trackpad gestures are extremely limiting. (I want Mission Control with 4 finger swipe down, not up!)

  54. 54. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Parker, strange it doesn’t do that on my system. But I’ll add a fix for this in the next version.

    @Sean, that’s also strange. A workaround would be to copy the file to ~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool , close BTT, and then run this terminal command:
    defaults write com.hegenberg.BetterTouchTool currentStore “btt_presets2BD7CDA5-E589-4230-942D-959D7B9AB781″

  55. 55. Parker Says:

    @Andreas, Thanks! As soon as the update comes around I’ll tell you if it worked or not.

  56. 56. James Says:

    Any chance of a SecondBar update? It still doesn’t work with mission control :(

  57. 57. Karen Says:

    Hello :) I have this problem where every time I log into my macbook pro the BetterTouchTool window (the one where you can edit the gestures and stuff) opens automatically and I have to close it every time :/ How do I solve this problem? I tried unchecking the “Launch BetterTouchTool on startup” but the problem continues.
    Thanks in advance!

  58. 58. Michael Says:

    Hi Andreas,

    This is not strictly a reply to this thread but I have a relevant question. I have just purchased a MacBook Pro with mountain lion after using Windows for 10 years. Because I am quadriplegic (mostly paralysed from the neck down) I used the Windows “click-lock” to drag with one finger using the trackpad. This involves holding the left trackpad button down for 2 seconds before dragging. The Mac equivalent is “double tap drag” which I am unable to use because it is so sensitive.

    Will any of your programs allow me to initiate “click lock” on the Macbook pro trackpad? Or can you think of an alternative solution? Many thanks!

  59. 59. Michael Says:

    I.e. could I assign a key board shortcut, such as CMD + D, to replace the double-tap “Dragging with Drag Lock” (found in “system preferences/universal access/mouse & trackpad/trackpad options”)

    Absolutely love the other functionality of BTT & BST by the way! It’s making life much easier!

  60. 60. John Smith Says:

    “I use a 4-finger tap to close the window below the cursor, which works fine in everything (except Adobe products). In Safari 6, I am using tab view and I’ve become so accustomed to the 4-finger tap that I end up closing Safari. This is complicated by the fact that Safari 6 apparently doesn’t reload the tabs upon restart. So what I was wondering if there is a way to detect the window under the cursor as Safari and send Cmd-W to close the tab and execute the close window otherwise? Or is this just too weird/painful/one-off? Thanks.”

    It turns out Cmd-W closes windows under a cursor AND closes the tab currently showing. So I redefined the 4-finger tap to Cmd W and everything works as I wanted with no “operator retraining” :)

  61. 61. Kavinda Says:

    I’ve had BTT since snow leapord and its all been smooth sailing since, but the recent upgrade to Mountian Lion has landed me in some trouble that i cant seem to figure out.
    My up and down scrolling is inverted (moving fingers up results in scroll bar moving up) in most of my apps, the only one that works properly (moving fingers up results in scroll bar moving down) is spotify, im not sure if there are others.
    I cant figure out why this is happening and how to fix it. With BTT turned off everything works as it should, but after getting used to all the wonderful custom gestures, BTT is something that i simply cannot live without!

  62. 62. Andy Says:

    Ever since i updated to Mountain Lion, none of my iWork applications seem to work when BetterTouchTool is activated/installed. I tried reinstalling iWork and deleting BTT and to my surprise it was working until i reinstalled BTT… Is there a fix i could do? I need both BTT and iWork, they are the 4 apps I can’t live without!

  63. 63. sumguy Says:

    There’s a new conflict with TotalFinder, when I have three-finger dragging on and BTT enabled. If I switch to a tab and then immediately try to drag a file with 3-finger dragging, the file is dragged but also the whole tab gets dragged out to a new window.

    It doesn’t happen with BTT off, and I don’t have any three-finger gestures configured in BTT.

    It started happening with version 1.3.12 and later of TotalFinder. I’ve posted a message about it in the TotalFinder support site too. For now I’ve gone back to 1.3.11 which doesn’t have the problem.

  64. 64. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @sumguy, mhh I’m using TotalFinder 1.4 and I can’t reproduce the problem (If I understood it correctlyI). Have you tried 1.4?

  65. 65. Cesar Says:

    Hello Andreas,

    Since updating to Mountain Lion I haven´t been able to use two finger tiptap gestures (I use tiptap right to copy and left to paste). I have disabled three finger gestures in system preferences (since many problems were resolved that way) to no avail. Any suggestions?

  66. 66. sumguy Says:

    Andreas, the problem with totalfinder happens if you have any of the following gestures configured:

    – two finger tip-tap
    – three finger click
    – three finger clickswipe
    – three finger tip-tap

    it does not happen with three-finger tap, or anything else, as far as i can see.

    even if i remove all these gestures from my preset (in fact *all* the gestures) it still happens – that’s why i said i don’t have any three-finger gestures configured. but when i tried it with a new preset, i was able to add/remove those gestures to make the problem appear/disappear. so there’s still something somewhere in my usual preset that’s making it still happen even if i remove the gestures, i can’t figure out what. i hope i don’t have to rebuild my preset from scratch…

    and yes, the problem happens in all versions of totalfinder since 1.3.12, including 1.4. in the release notes for 1.3.12, it says: “improved: TotalFinder should feel much more responsive. I have optimized tab rendering, dragging and window layouting. Also some old windowing problems should be history.” – so i guess there were some big changes there.

    p.s. i ‘m also unable to use two finger tiptaps anymore, like Cesar.

  67. 67. sumguy Says:

    hm, actually i seem to be able to use two-finger tiptaps after all, not sure what that was about…

  68. 68. sumguy Says:

    one more thing… the TotalFinder problem doesn’t seem to be specific to mountain lion – i tried it also on lion 10.7.4, same thing happens…

  69. 69. Andy Says:

    Ever since i updated to Mountain Lion, none of my iWork applications seem to work when BetterTouchTool is activated/installed. I tried reinstalling iWork and deleting BTT and to my surprise it was working until i reinstalled BTT…

  70. 70. BUddy Says:


    I got a problem using 10.8.1 and Safari 6.

    When I drag the Safari Window to the top (maximize Safari Window) then the window shadow is only above the dock and not the whole width of the screen… Seems to be a bug.

  71. 71. Lin Says:

    I miss the 3 finger dragging alot. Will u be getting it to work again in future updates?

  72. 72. Brian Says:

    1) I have a four-finger swipe set to move between tabs in Firefox
    2) I also have system-wide three-finger swipe between pages set in System Prefs

    I’m noticing that my four-finger swipe was sometimes triggering the three-finger swipe. So, in BTT Prefs, I checked “activate this if your 4 finger swipes are triggering 3 finger swipes at the same time”. However, this has the effect of my four-finger swipes not working at all! Any advice?


  73. 73. Finnito Says:


    bei mir funktionieren die Aktionen:

    move right a space
    move left a space

    nicht. Die Geste erkennt btt aber ohne Problem.



  74. 74. alessandro Says:

    hey anndrea i ve just updated to 10.8.2 (12c35) and now btt takes about 50 sec to lauch upon login :(

  75. 75. Hias Says:

    The (system default) 3 Finger horizontal swipe to switch back between pages sometimes only works if you perform a two-finger scroll. Even in systempreferences where you can´t “scroll” you have to move two fingers down or up in order to perform the 3 finger swipe. After deleting BTT it all worked again.Please fix this. I love using BTT

  76. 76. Phil Says:

    Im dont get zoom to work with any gestures besides clicking. Pinch in or out… nothings working. I even followed some Youtube tutorials (well, it isnt hard to configure anyway). There must be something im missing.

  77. 77. Jerry Says:

    I use an external USB keyboard on my retina Macbook Pro, and the combo [Modifier key + F key] is not working. Example would be Shift+F8, or Ctrl+F3. This is on 10.8.2, and my keyboard is a Leopold Cherry blue switch mechanical keyboard.

  78. 78. John Says:

    I would like to assign a gesture to the shortcut for adjusting the volume in quarter increments (Fn+Shift+Option+Volume Up/Down Button). Right now I can adjust the volume with TipTap Right/Left and I’m trying to assign the quarter increment adjust to a Two Finger TipTap Right/Left. It seems I need to disable the effect of the shortcut itself before assigning it, however, and I can’t figure out how to do this. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

  79. 79. JP Says:

    Is there a way to map a shortcut to start dictation ? I tried to assign a custom shortcut in System Preferences and then using it from BTT, but it didn’t work.

  80. 80. Derek Says:


    I just installed Mountain Lion and now my Single Finger Double Tap to Select is missing.

    Any clues or suggestions? That was my most-used gesture.


  81. 81. iamse7en Says:

    Found a bug with Retina MBPs and BetterTouchTool: backlit keyboard would turn on randomly (when you have preferences for it to turn off when not in use). This happened on both a 15 and 13 inch Retina MBP. Once I quit BTT, the bug stopped.

    Also, I’ve had 3 different Retina macbooks with very unimpressive battery. Beginning to think it’s not a coincidence – something with my software isn’t mixing well here. Not blaming BTT, but anyone else having this issue? Could be any number of things, but consistently being stuck with 3 or so hours of battery life, when it should be 6-7. But I’ll need to start a process of elimination with different “haxies” I’ve installed.

  82. 82. allattention Says:

    The update today broke my “Move a space left” keyboard shortcut: if I delete the ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.symbolichotkeys.plist file and log out, then the key is restored. Upon reboot (with BTT on) the key once again stops working.
    Great app though, thank you!

  83. 83. allattention Says:

    Nevermind, please disregard, figured it out…

  84. 84. dolphin Says:

    beht why is it that mola refuses to put download link whenever he posts, is that supposed to bea signature or sumn?

  85. 85. chanel Says:

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