Nov 11

As this question pops up very often, here a short description on how to set expose (or other shortcuts) to specific gestures.

Step 1:

Go to your System Preferences and select “keyboard” (between energy saver and mouse)

Screen shot 2009-11-11 at 13.35.56
Step 2: deselect the action
Screen shot 2009-11-11 at 13.36.46

Step 3: Go to the BTT Preferences and assign the wanted key by double clicking into the key command fieldScreen shot 2009-11-11 at 13.36.59Step 4: Go back to your system preferences and activate the action again.

written by Andreas Hegenberg

11 Responses to “How to: Expose with Magic Mouse & BTT”

  1. 1. jpma Says:

    it works but not the same way as the original one,
    because the original 4 touch, you can hold down you fingers and let go it will return to the original state,
    but with the BTT, i can no longer use the hold down method.

  2. 2. Thomas Davie Says:

    Thanks for those instructions. Works pefectly, and am testing 0.3.


  3. 3. magicmouseowner Says:

    How to I set the 3 finger click to emulate the middle mousewheel button on regular mouses ? I was hoping that was possible, but I have searchd the whole net without any info on what the keyboard shortcut is for the middle mouse button. If there isnĀ“t any, could you make that feature ? :) For me that is all I want!…

  4. 4. charliie Says:

    does this work on regular macbooks (no multitouch trackpad ?) I’ve tried but not yet succeeded…

  5. 5. Paco Says:

    Oh wow, this is amazing. I’ve set my magic mouse to use Expose on 3 finger click and switch Spaces with every directional swipe. This helps soooo much. Thank You!!!

  6. 6. SteveB Says:

    my magic mouse was going back because of lack of expose. Not now, this is brilliant. Even better than the old side buttons!

  7. 7. Ale Says:

    I wasn’t gonna buy the magic mouse just because of the lack of 3rd and 4th buttons, but now I’m gonna! ;D
    Thanks A LOT for doing this! And for keeping up with the development!
    (I can beta test if you need..)

  8. 8. John Scholz Says:

    Can you please tell me how to view the BBT preferences. I have the three finger working OK but cannot find anywhere where the preference window is. I am running an imac 10.6.2.

  9. 9. Ricardo Matosinhos Says:

    Great tool!
    This should be a standard tool on the OSX

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