SecondBar is discontinued because Apple will allow multiple menubars with Mavericks (see )


SecondBar is a Tool which allows you to have more than one menubar in Mac OS X. This is useful if you have multiple monitors connected to your mac. See this post for more information:

//Edit (10.04.2010): checkout this post too:

SecondBar development is at the very beginning so try it at your on risk.

Here some pictures:

SecondBar two monitorssecondbarandpreferencesfoto2

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174 Responses to “Secondbar?”

  1. 1. Carter Says:

    Great App!! I was thinking about need an app like this the other day as I use two monitors here at work. Posted an article up here

  2. 2. Carter Says:

  3. 3. dude Says:

    Love it since Macs suck at multi-screens.

  4. 4. Michael Says:


    You’re a serious idiot. Macs have been the superior multi-screen OS for decades. Before Windows could even handle two screens poorly, Macs were doing up to nine screens. Windows still can’t match Mac’s capabilities.

  5. 5. dave Says:

    @michael – you need to have a doctor investigate your inferiority complex. loving secondbar!

  6. 6. Benjamin Says:

    Hey Andreas,
    I tryed SecondBar on Snow Leopard, it works fine ! Thank you, it’s very usefull for me.
    But do you know if your software is compatible with Leopard because on my second Mac I tryed and the software didn’t launch at all.
    I planned to migrate to Snow Leopard, but it could be a good help.

    Thank you and great job !

  7. 7. Frank Says:

    Great program!!!!

    I was looking for something like this for quite a while. Keep on developing it further on!

    I am running it on SL 10.6.2.


  8. 8. renaud Says:

    Hello, super application and still cheer!
    but I would like to know if one can thank you lower and increase the sound with three fingers for example


  9. 9. Prof Says:

    Thanks very much – Secondbar is absolutely super!

  10. 10. GottaLuvIt Says:

    Hi Great tool that makes quite a difference. Here is a little feedback. I use ScreenRecycler on my laptop, so I end up with 3 screens (the laptops, 24″ Monitor and 19″ monitor hanging off the ScreenRecycler VNC screen) can SB handle 3 screens?

    Thanks for the great tool.

  11. 11. Jason Tillery Says:

    I love your app.

    Are you planning on adding “Window to previous monitor” and “Maximie window to previous monitor”? I have 4 displays and would love to have tip-tap-left and right cycle windows in both directions.

  12. 12. karurosu Says:

    Awesome app! it was the only thing missing for perfect dual monitor support.


  13. 13. Judy Tuccinardi Says:

    Hi-I tried Second Bar and liked it but found it was causing one of my programs to crash (Reunion) so I had to uninstall it for now. Judy

  14. 14. r Says:


    I am also interested if this supports 3+ monitors…


  15. 15. Niklas Says:

    Great App! Love it!

    If you’ve more boring weekends, I’d love to have help searches and Icons enabled. It would be great if your app would just be an enlargement of the existing menu, because I’ve too many icons they dont fit on one xD.

  16. 16. Niklas Says:

    dude :
    Love it since Macs suck at multi-screens.

    Agree. All OS’es do at the moment.

  17. 17. adrian Says:

    hi, first of all, it’s a great app, but …

    … how can i load the preferences again, if a choose second bar to run in the background or hidden mode? you know what I mean?



  18. 18. Haim Says:


    How you uninstall seconbar

    Thank you

  19. 19. Aaron Says:

    Thank you for this — it’s wonderful! What are the chances of getting a “ThirdBar” as well? My third monitor feels left out…

  20. 20. ClimbrJohn Says:

    I’m loving Secondbar; thanks so much for the app!

    One suggestion: When repositioning windows (great feature btw), it would be nice if Secondbar could detect the top (or height) of the Dock and adjust the height of the resized window appropriately. (Maybe 10 pixels above the Dock?) Thanks again for a great app.

    Also, you might want to take a look at an app called UltraMon (for Windows only). It might be helpful for some ideas of future features for Secondbar. I used it for years on the PC.

  21. 21. ClimbrJohn Says:

    Haim: simply drag the application from the Applications folder in a Finder window to the Trash.

    If you still need help you can always go to and do a search for, “uninstall mac application” or something similar.

  22. 22. michele Says:

    when your software bettertouchtool will be in other language … may be italian…’
    sorry for my english

  23. 23. Olaf Klein Says:

    Thanks for secondbar.

    Since the new iMac has two thunderbolt/display ports: is there any plan for “thirdbar”? I could do some beta testing. For now the bar on one screen is missing…


    .olaf klein.

  24. 24. Las Vegas Wedding chapels Says:

    Thanks for providing me with this valuable content. I am highly impressed with your writing abilities and your insight. I hope to read more soon.

  25. 25. Kayut Says:


    Many thanks for this great App.
    I was looking for an App like SecondBar for ages.

  26. 26. Travis Says:

    Love secondbar!

    Any support coming for OS X Lion?

  27. 27. Larry Says:

    +1 on the Lion update. :D

  28. 28. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    Check the mainpage there is a lion compatible one ;-) I haven’t released it yet officially because it has a few rough edges :-) (e.g. no autoupdate in the lion version atm)

    Will release a better version via autoupdate soon

  29. 29. Axel Says:

    Download-Link seems to be broken:
    The requested URL /~hegenber/html-data/ was not found on this server.

    How/where to download – thanks for short answer

  30. 30. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

  31. 31. Axel Says:

    Hey Andreas,
    thanks – I will test it at home tomorrow

  32. 32. Larry Says:

    Working much better now, downloaded via MacUpdate Desktop. Thanks!

  33. 33. Travis Says:

    Thanks for the Lion update!

  34. 34. Tom Says:

    Thanks so much for the new Lion update! One concern though – I use multiple “spaces” (or whatever Lion is now calling them) and now SB will only run in one of the spaces instead of all of them. I might be missing something, but thought I’d pass it on anyhow. Thanks for all your hard work!

  35. 35. Mromain Says:

    Hey =)
    thanks you for this amazing app =)
    Just a problem with mission control, the bar is only in one “desktop”

  36. 36. Nate Says:

    Ever since the last update on SecondBar, the keyboard shortcuts to make windows half of the screen don’t work. That was the best feature of Secondbar in my opinion and I’d love to get it back. (There’s an equivalent program on the mac app store, but it costs real money.)

  37. 37. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Nate BetterSnapTool and BetterTouchTool can do this (had to remove it from SecondBar because I need to focus things a bit more)

  38. 38. Rad Basa Says:

    Hi, I love SecondBar and BetterTouchTool. Just one thing I noticed when I updated SecondBar to its latest version, previously SecondBar stayed in the second monitor location when the second monitor is disconnected. Now, when the second monitor is disconnected, SecondBar gets “gathered” into the main screen resulting in two menu bars on one screen.

  39. 39. Alex Says:

    Is there a chance to get Secondbar to work on the primary screen, but configure it to have the menu items on one bar and the icons on the secondbar?. The two collide quite often on my laptop screen covering icons i actually need.

    Some of you might say i have to much stuff running. Point taken, but I like that. ;)

  40. 40. Alphadork Says:

    I’m having the same problem as Mromain and Tom – the second bar is visible on Desktop 1, but not Desktops 2 through 6.

  41. 41. Bridget Vannorman Says:

    billige laptops

  42. 42. Simon Says:

    I would like to report that I am having the same issue as Rad Basa, in that even when the preference “Show SecondBar after launch even if only one monitor is available” is disabled, the Second Bar appears under the original menubar. If I relaunch SecondBar, it disappears until I swipe out of a full screen app, and then it re-appears. I have switched back to the previous version; the dim text is LESS annoying than this double menu issue, and the previous version does not have this bug so it shouldn’t be a Lion issue specifically. Otherwise, I love SecondBar. I couldn’t imagine not having it now! Thank you for this great add-on!

  43. 43. Kevin Says:

    Hi, I want to report that I’m having the same problem as Simon and Rad Basa. Thanks for the great app!

  44. 44. Gordon Says:

    Any chance you can make a version which works with more than 2 screens? I have three… :)

  45. 45. Peter Says:


    I was wondering if you could send the source to me so that I could edit it to start and stop second bar when a second monitor is detected.



  46. 46. cmong Says:

    SecondBar is awesome!! was wondering how to make the clock to show 24 hour time instead of AM/PM

    please advice…

  47. 47. Peter Bellin Says:

    Fabulous My whole family enjoy traveling and are fanatics about traveling abroad alot of this information was very useful. I’ve been traveling for 18 weeks and I can not get enough of it. I will employ this info for when we go traveling on our next days off.

  48. 48. d3s Says:

    Can I just say what a surprise to stumble on somebody who totally knows what theyre posting about on the blogosphere. You definitely know the best way to bring an issue to attention and make it important. Extra posters must see this and know this view with the story. I cant believe youre not additional popular because you really have the gift.

  49. 49. Thomas Says:

    Great tool which I have been using for over a year now. It’s super stable now in Lion but has lost one nice feature. My Lion rig is a Hackintosh with three displays – two connected directly to the graphics card using DVI and the third to a USB port using a USB-to-DVI adapter. SecondBar no longer displays on the USB monitor – it used to in Snow Leopard. Any chance of a fix?

    Thanks again.

  50. 50. Guillaume Says:

    Just to say I managed to get SecondBar in every desktop on Mac OSX Lion.
    You just have to display SecondBar icon in Dock (using SecondBar’s Preferences), then right click on icon > options > “All Desktops”
    You can now disable secondbar dock icon. Settings will be keeped upon restarts.

    Hope this helps

  51. 51. i-have Says:

    First of all, I like second bar very much. And it is running well on Lion.
    2 things occurred:

    I put my macbook to sleep, when I opened the lid the panel for my password was visible, but on my second screen the second bar was also visible. I tried the bar and when I logged in all the actions I made with de bar were visible on my first screen.

    When I click full screen on a program like Excel 2007 in Parallels in Coherence mode, the top part of the window disappears behind Secondbar.

    Thanks for building Secondbar.

  52. 52. Facebook Likes Says:

    I am curious to find out what blog system you’re using? I’m experiencing some minor security issues with my latest website and I’d like to find something more risk-free. Do you have any suggestions?

  53. 53. Michael Aye Says:

    I can’t find SecondBar preferences, where are they?

  54. 54. Michael Aye Says:

    ok, found it (upper right corner), doh.

  55. 55. Joeann Banik Says:

    I must express my thanks to you for bailing me out of this particular circumstance.

  56. 56. Forrest Beseau Says:


  57. 57. sex toys Says:

    I’m curious to find out what blog platform you are utilizing? I’m having some small security issues with my latest website and I would like to find something more secure. Do you have any solutions?

  58. 58. george Says:

    In Lion the ‘Move Secondbar to other screen’ does not work for me.

  59. 59. Grace Gabriel Stogdon Says:

    I’m watching “Invincible” in my room. Waiting for the kids to finish up with club :) I have everyone packed and ready to head home!

  60. 60. vlsd Says:

    Nice little tool, I like it! How hard would it be to also have it mirror the menu bar icons? My monitor recently broke exactly around that region, so I can’t use any menu bar icons since i can’t see them. It would be nice if I had a copy of them on the second display.

  61. 61. Tom Says:

    I’m running lion and can’t understand how this works. How can I get applications like photoshop to run on my second screen? It just shows a grey bar at the top. If you can help me out, please email me,,


  62. 62. Andrew Cole Says:

    Incredibly informative cheers, I do believe your current followers will probably want a whole lot more reviews like that continue the good hard work.

  63. 63. port checker Says:

    thanks for this tool its a very good tool for menus,I appreciate your efforts in compiling this article thanks for sharing.

  64. 64. Port Checker Says:

    Now I need “ThirdBar” as well? As some1 said above “My third monitor feels left out…” . I also feel the same.
    Thanks for the post.

  65. 65. Vince Says:

    Using Mac OSX Lion: It seems as though I can only have the SecondBar on only one of my desktops. Is there a resolution for this, or is it a glitch that only I may be experiencing?


  66. 66. Donn Protin Says:

    I precisely desired to thank you so much all over again. I’m not certain what I would’ve taken care of in the absence of the entire points revealed by you on that subject. It actually was a very traumatic crisis in my position, but witnessing a well-written way you solved the issue made me to leap for joy. I’m grateful for your information as well as believe you are aware of a great job you have been putting in training people today by way of your web blog. Most probably you haven’t encountered any of us.

  67. 67. Rick Says:

    I just downloaded secondbar and all it shows is a gray bar at the top of my screen, with only the time on it. Where are the other buttons? I checked the preferences and all it gave me was opacity or to move the second bar. I used to use this program a couple of years ago, and it worked then. I am running snow leopard.

  68. 68. Nathan Says:

    Second Bar actually works well for me on Lion, BUT, it doesn’t work on Outlook. It looks like it would work, but when you try to use it, it is so slow as to be worthless. The rest of the Office Suite (2011) works perfectly.

  69. 69. Jake Says:

    I LOVE SecondBar! Could you make it compatible with Parallels Desktop in Coherence mode? At the moment, Windows applications, when maximized to fill the second monitor, go behind SecondBar. This means that the top 10mm of the Windows application’s window are covered and unclickable.

    I’m running the latest public releases of OS X Lion and Parallels Desktop 7.


  70. 70. Ozpest Says:

    Thanks nice tool thanks for for the info.

  71. 71. Jonas Says:

    Second Bar is absolutely rocking, we have 10 developers with multiple screens, and everybody is using it.

    It would be absolutely great if you could extend it further with the points you mentioned especially with support for multilple screens (OSX virtual screens) and support for more 3 to 4 monitors…

  72. 72. Daniel Says:

    Not sure if you take bugs here, but second bar seems to show up even when I have only one monitor and I exit from a full screen video.

    Mac OS 10.6.8

  73. 73. Hozey Says:

    Throughly enjoying SecondBar. Thank you so much. Any chance you’ll be coming up with “SecondDock?” That would be awesome.

  74. 74. Chris Malin Says:

    Hi Andreas,

    secondbar is great (on 10.6.8.).

    a recommendation though: for positioning windows in certain sizes to certain places of multi monitors (assigned with hotkeys) you may want to check out MercuryMover., it is also very helpful. the website is a bit akward on explaining mercury mover, but once you are used to it you never want to live without it ;)


  75. 75. Hozey Says:

    Just ran across Nocturne which gives a black menu bar with white lettering. This theme isn’t carrying over to SecondBar. Do you know of a workaround for this? By the way Nocturne needs for the date and time to be visible.

  76. 76. Ian Pinder Says:

    Just wanted to say that I think this is a great idea. Will try this at work tomorrow.

    Keep working on it…
    - Ian

  77. 77. Seitensprung Schweiz Says:

    Definitely consider that which you said. Your favorite justification appeared to be on the internet the easiest factor to keep in mind of. I say to you, I certainly get irked while other people think about issues that they plainly don’t understand about. You controlled to hit the nail upon the highest as well as defined out the whole thing without having side-effects , other people can take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thanks

  78. 78. Matthew Fisch Says:

    Great concept.

    Doesn’t seem to blank properly when password lock screen is active (10.7.2). I have full access to the menu of the last app with focus when locked. Seems like a rather nasty security issue. I’ll have to turn it off again.

    My first thought is too bad about the security hole, my second thought is I take that back. Thanks for the effort. How did Apple screw up multi-monitor support so bad? They should have already done this.


  79. 79. Ryan Says:

    Ive got this installed and love it, just needs to support more screens, I usually run 4 screens and it only appears in one of them.

  80. 80. tgraupmann Says:

    Secondbar works on the second monitor. But what about a 3rd external monitor?

    I’m using MacOS Lion and Secondbar runs fine on it.

  81. 81. LED, solar, ahorro, soluciones Says:

    My brother suggested I may like this web site. He used to be entirely right. This submit truly made my day. You cann’t believe simply how a lot time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

  82. 82. Charles Says:

    Count me in on the list of people who would love to see a 3rd monitor supported under Lion. FWIW, I’m using an iMac, an external monitor through a thunderbolt port, and a macbook pro via AirDisplay.

  83. 83. Tom Says:

    Hello i have a problem.. when i start seconbar, i have just the clock :/ no any menu ! I have OS Lion what ‘s the problem ? Bug ?

  84. 84. Laurent Says:

    SecondBar really runs fine.

    However, I’ve been noticing something odd. When I wake up the screen after the screen saver kicks in, the login dialog which has always appeared in the center of the main screen now appears in the lower left corner of the main screen. Is this known? It’s working fine but kinda odd to see the login dialog appearing there. FYI, my secondary screen is positioned to the left of the main screen.

  85. 85. Laurent Says:

    I discovered why the login panel is moved to the bottom left on the main screen: apparently, if you turn on “Move windows automatically if overlaid”, then the login panel briefly appears in the center of the main screen, then is moved to the bottom left corner. Must be the way that the login screen is displayed when the screen is locked.

  86. 86. Lars Bjarby Says:

    I find your application really useful,however I have found a little bug.

    I’m running a MacBook + external screen. I also have enabled File Vault on my entire disc, so it alsways queries for a password when I wake the machine up. The problem is that SecondBar shows up on the second screen ,and it is possible to access it even though the rest of the screen is black, even though the computer is still locked.

    Don’t know if it is a security issue or a purely cosmetic issue, but it doesn’t look good :-)

  87. 87. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    hey, thanks for all the comments here. I didn’t have much time over the last few weeks or even months, but I’m now working on “SecondBar 2″, which will support more monitors and fix the most obvious bugs. (SecondBar hasn’t really be updated for more than a year…)

  88. 88. Collin Blackman Says:

    Hi Andreas, nice app and thanx for putting it out there.
    If u working on upgrade then here is a comment;
    Running Lion on 27 with SB on 20 Philips thru thunderbolt, if i go from my user to another that does not use SB, then when i return to my User SB is outlined but no selections. Using Activity Monitor to quit SB process then re opening SB and all back to normal. Not a biggie but just FYI

  89. 89. Mike Says:

    I really like this app but have one complaint – the time isn’t displayed according to the OS settings. Specifically, 24h vs 12h time.

    I would assume it trivial to read the “Use a 24-hour clock” check-box option under Settings > Date & Time > Clock [tab].

    Since I exclusively use 24h time, seeing the 12h time in SecondBar is a constant reminder of this defect. Solving it would make me incredibly happy.

  90. 90. Al Says:

    Hi Andreas,

    I’ve been using Second Bar and BetterSnapTool for a long time and I’de like to submit a bug for SecondBar. When a window switches to full screen, like games do, or I go into full screen mode in Lion, such as in iTunes or Quicktime, my second menubar reverts from my second monitor back to my third. I’de hope that support for more than two monitors would remedy this bug, as you have mentioned you might implement this.

    Best Regards,

  91. 91. Maurin Says:

    Hey, just found about Secondbar.

    I was using Ultramoon on windows, and I really happy you made this app for mac OS, great job!

  92. 92. Ronald Cid Says:


    Love the program. I’d like to suggest a small added feature. When I drag a window to the top of the page, the window goes underneath SecondBar, and does not fix itself to the top. Maybe there is a way with Preferences, but I have not been able to discover it. Thanks RC

  93. 93. Ronald Cid Says:

    Andreas, Sorry, I just realized it does snap to the SecondBar. Brilliant ! Thanks RC

  94. 94. John Minard Says:

    A monochrome icon would be useful for SecondBar – especially for me as I use it as a finder menu shortcut.

  95. 95. Richard Allison Says:

    I have my macbook pro connected to 2 extra monitors. Is there a way to launch this twice so I have a menu on all three screens? Are you doing any work to also have a dock on each screen.

    Thank you for the software, I’ll try it out and make my donation if it performs.


  96. 96. Joe Says:

    Cool bar good to know thanks

  97. 97. Adam Says:

    Awesome plugin, totally loving it, i got 2*27″s and its a long way back to the other screen! Not so good on lion on sleep but i just kill and restart :)

  98. 98. Allen Says:

    Thanks Andrea for Secondbar, I’m eagerly waiting for Secondbar 2, third monitor support is the final missing feature for me!

  99. 99. TNR Says:

    Textmate is not compatible with Secondbar… So sad…

    Emacs is better of compatiblity, but you need to use emacs in the first display for a while, than drag the emacs window to the second display.

    Neither is convenient.

  100. 100. Arnt Says:

    Hey, grate app, but I found a bug.
    When you use Photoshop and expand the window, secondbar pushes the window down.
    Hope you can fix this.

  101. 101. Don Says:

    Secondbar 1.1 on Lion 10.7:
    Secondbar doesn’t work with Photoshop CS5. Secondbar shows the drop down menus but everything is grayed out and when maximizing CS5 Secondbar pushes the window down after it expands so the bottom of the window is dropped below the bottom edge of the screen.
    When using only one screen Secondbar appears under the Firstbar as soon as I open CS5.
    All other applications seem to run well.

    For the rest great app! Keep improving!

  102. 102. Oscar Says:

    This is great, I can’t wait to see how it progresses.

    When using Firefox, the second bar works fine 1 time. But after I click something, it executes it and then stops working. I am using OSX Lion

    Hope that helps you out.

  103. 103. Michael Says:

    I’ve found this very helpful, until I realized that Secondbar is still displayed when the screen is locked (as other have commented above). Any chance of getting this fixed?

    Tested with SecondBar 1.1 on Lion 10.7.4.

  104. 104. Jurgen Says:

    This does not work in my iMac, i wanted to use this just as i would in Linux, but it despises me OSX does not have this functionallity on default. But hey… what can you expect from a company like Apple. If i open this app, nothing happens. Is there anyway to backtrace this, i am not experienced in BSD, but i am known in most Linux OS’es.

  105. 105. metatheory Says:

    I use SecondBar. well done.


  106. 106. cmong Says:

    24h is rectified!

    Well, Aug, 2011 i’d asked the question… about setting 24h @ secondbar… nobody answered… and then another dude asked the samething!?

    i finally figured it out and here’s the work it:
    goto system preferences>language & text>Times [Customize]
    make sure short, medium, long and full is set to your liking…
    Happy 24h on taskbar!!

  107. 107. Scott H Says:

    Nice one – thanks Andreas. Well done.

    For an enhancement request, I would also like to see SecondBar appear on every desktop on the second monitor. In the latest release it only appears on the first desktop so when I swipe with three fingers to another desktop the menu does not appear

  108. 108. Scott H Says:

    Reporting a bug – changing from two monitors to one monitor results in two menu bars on monitor one.

    Example – I use a macbook pro with an external monitor and second bar appear on both the laptop screen and monitor screen. I unplug the monitor so I can move to a another room. When I unplug the monitor, the windows that were on monitor 2 are moved to window 1, this is standard OSX behaviour. However, the second menu bar provided buy SecondBar also moved to monitor 1, so now I have two menu bars on monitor 1.

    Do you prefer us to report bugs and ERs using this page, or there another way to do that ?

    Very happy with this software. Great stuff

  109. 109. Tim Says:

    it seems nobody has yet mentioned how to solve the problem of Secondbar being displayed, if one has setup multiple spaces in Lion.
    Just go to the setting and display Secondbar in the Dock. Right-click on the symbol in the Dock and choose to have it displayed on “All Desktops” under Options.

    And done.

    Great app, btw.

  110. 110. Scott Says:


    Great little app. On my OS Lion install it only shows up on one of my extra monitors. If I choose “Move Second bar to other screen” it glitches out and doesn’t actually move.

    I was able to do a “fix” to get it running on each of my monitors. But it isn’t pretty =(

    From terminal I run:
    n=5 ; for (( c=1; c<=n; c++)) ; do open -n /Applications/ ; done

    Then I have 5 instances of it running. I have to drag each one to the correct monitor by hand :-\ Then if I don't want them to be dragable anymore I have to go into preferences five times and lock that…. Thankfully I don't restart my computer very often.

    If the developer I'd be happy to help test any patches or fixes to get this working on more then two screens =)

  111. 111. Zathrus Says:

    For those wondering how to access SecondBar references (adrian and others) — on a display w/ SecondBar there is a down arrow on the far right of the menu bar.

    There you go.

  112. 112. Jonathan Says:

    OMG TIM!!! I can’t tell you how happy I am to have stumbled onto your comment here! The issue of SB disappearing when Spaces/Desktops were used was driving me batty. Such a simple solution and so far, seems to work! THANK YOU!!!!!

    Tim Said:

    it seems nobody has yet mentioned how to solve the problem of Secondbar being displayed, if one has setup multiple spaces in Lion.
    Just go to the setting and display Secondbar in the Dock. Right-click on the symbol in the Dock and choose to have it displayed on “All Desktops” under Options.

    And done.

    Great app, btw.

  113. 113. ayeung Says:

    Thanks for your great work.
    The secondbar works well on my 2nd monitor in the 1st space. However, it disappears when I switch to other spaces. Can you help?

  114. 114. Andy Powell Says:


    for those that want a third bar, here’s what you do.

    1) Copy secondbar to your desktop.
    2) Rename the copy on your desktop to ThirdBar.
    3) Right click on it, select ‘Show Package Contents’
    4) Edit Info.plist, change ‘Executable file’ to ThirdBar (from SecondBar) and save.
    5) Back to the package contents window, go into the MacOs folder, rename the file called SecondBar to ThirdBar.

    6) optionally move the file from your desktop to the applications folder.

    Run thirdbar. Select preferences and make it draggable, move it to a new monitor.

    Works really well for me. If you use the little drop down arrowto set the preferences, you’ll notice on the remaining bar you’ll see ‘N/A in SecondBar’ – This isn’t an issue, you’re just doing the settings for your current bar – iyswim.

    I guess you could probably copy ThirdBar to FourthBar and do similar changes, no idea how many you could add :)

    Hope it helps


  115. 115. Kimball Frank Says:

    Tim, you sir have my respect. Thanks for the easy fix for second bar across all spaces.

  116. 116. Meir Says:


    I just downloaded second bar. I have two monitors. However, when I open the zip and click the application, nothing opens.

    Is there something I am missing? I cannot seem to open the app.

    I’ve clicked on it. I’ve control clicked and selected open. Nothing happens.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you!

  117. 117. Joe Says:

    Add a second Dock option to SecondBar and it would be golden!

    I would like a duplicate second dock on my second monitor with my second bar.

    I still can’t believe Apple has not just made it an option in the Dock prefs. Over a decade!

  118. 118. Steven Says:

    I was forced to upgrade to Mountain Lion and, since then, every time I restart and SecondBar loads, it crashes.

    It *seems* that if I start it manually, it’s fine.

  119. 119. Han Says:

    First off I love second bar. It doesn’t make sense that the menu bar should be confined to only one screen. However there are some issues.

    Firstly it only displays the menu bar on one space! That’s not too big of an issue but, it does reserve the space at the top of the screen. This is a bit awkward.

    Secondly when no external display is added, the second menu bar is placed on the bottom of the original bar. Wouldn’t it be better to detect when an external screen is added?

    Other than that, it works fine.

  120. 120. Steven Says:

    Starting manually doesn’t help. I can’t get SB to run in Mountain Lion. Any suggestions?

  121. 121. Johannes Says:


    Ich nutze Secondbar eigentlich sehr gerne, aber sobald ich einen Rechtsklick in Programmfenstern durchführe, werden diese maximiert. Es liegt an Secondbar, da sobald ich das beende, habe ich nicht mehr diesen nervigen “Bug”.
    Ansonsten läuft das Programm einwandfrei :)

    Grüße aus München!

  122. 122. mutualité chrétienne Says:

    Salutation, Merci d avoir partagé cet article avec nous. A bientôt.

  123. 123. Andy Ritter Says:

    I would like the various clock options listed by other users, as well as the option to turn it off completely.

    Great product! Works quite well!

  124. 124. Dale Says:

    I’m a big fan of SecondBar, but since upgrading to Mountain Lion it was only visible in the desktop it was initially launched in.

    Luckily there’s an easy fix to all appear on all dekstops:

    1) Right-click SecondBar app, select Show Package Contents
    2) Open /Contents/Info.plist
    3) Change LSUIElement [Application is Agent (UIElement] to NO
    4) Save /Contents/Info.plist
    5) Close SecondBar
    6) Re-launch SecondBar
    7) SecondBar dock icon should now appear
    8) Right-click on the dock icon and select Options > All Desktops
    9) Change LSUIElement back to YES
    10) Save /Contents/Info.plist
    11) Close SecondBar
    12) Re-launch SecondBar

    SecondBar would now be visible in all desktops!

  125. 125. krysttof Says:

    Hello Dale,
    I do what you propose, but SB don’t appear anyway !
    I’m with 10.8.2 (MacBook Pro 15″ Retina)

  126. 126. krysttof Says:

    Dale, it’s OK now !
    Strange !
    Thank’s for your tip !

  127. 127. Steven Sashen Says:


    I don’t see the line you describe in #3.

    In my info.plist, I see:


    Same thing? Set that to false?

  128. 128. David Says:

    Dale, thanks for the tip, that worked perfectly in 10.7.5.

  129. 129. Frank Says:

    Just downloaded v1.0 of Second Bar

    Works in 10.8.2 without any modifications!


  130. 130. fred Says:

    great! very useful. thanks!

  131. 131. Steve Simmons Says:

    I really like secondbar, but have found a number of problems using it with virtual screens (spaces), when connecting and disconnecting from a monitor, and the preferences bar. Is there a place where I can send or post detailed descriptions of how to replicate the bugs?

    Advance thanks!

  132. 132. Steve Simmons Says:

    I really like secondbar, but have found a number of problems using it with virtual screens (spaces), when connecting and disconnecting from a monitor, and the preferences bar. Is there a place where I can send or post detailed descriptions of how to replicate the bugs?

    Advance thanks!

  133. 133. Harvey Says:

    I am using mountain lion. When I right click the safari window is maximized automatically. After closing secondbar this does not occur.

  134. 134. Joe Says:

    Hi, just confused bacuse my menu bar doesnt contain the apple, file, edit, window, help?? it does have the time but thats it? im running 10.7.5 really like the idea and would love to use it atm its just a blank bar for me? Thanks Joe

  135. 135. Cedric Says:

    Hi! Great tool! I love SecondBar.

    Bug Report:
    When using Excel 2011, sometimes (typically after I have selected a chart) the menues all show the contents of the menu to the right. ie. if I click the apple icon, a menu opens as expected, but it contains the fields from the Excel menu. The Excel menu shows the contents of the File menu, and so on. The last and second to last menues do not open. The primary menu bar continues to function correctly.

    The secondbar menues return to their normal operation when I return to Excel after selecting a different program.

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  144. 144. las vegas virtual office Says:

    Thanks for finally talking about >Secondbar?
    ? BetterTouchTool, BetterSnapTool & SecondBar
    <Liked it!

  145. 145. Greg Says:

    I’d like to reiterate on a somewhat serious bug also reported by commenter “i-have”

    After waking my computer from sleep, on my second monitor the the bar was available even though I was logged out! Clicking items on the bar appeared to do nothing at first, but after logging in I could see the actions I clicked were indeed executed. A locked computer should NEVER allow interaction with the user session in any way. This is a pretty serious bug in an otherwise fantastic piece of software.

  146. 146. Michelle Says:

    Any chance SecondBar will be updated to support multiple screens within one or more monitors? Right now it only shows on the screens that are up when SecondBar launches. Swiping to another set of screens shows space for the SecondBar, but no actual menu bar.

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  153. 153. A big fat sack of green potatoes Says:

    Will no longer be needed in OS X Mavericks, all screens have a menu bar and a dock :D

  154. 154. Andreas Says:

    yep, Secondbar will not receive any further updates :-) Finally Apple decided to include this functionality!

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