This version of BetterTouchTool is compatible with Mac OS X Lion. In order to make it work smooth you may have to change a few settings. Future versions of BTT will automatically warn users about those things but for now you have to check them yourself:

Macbook Trackpads / Magic Trackpad:

  • If you want to customize three finger swipe left,right,up or down please deactivate those gestues in your System Preferences => Trackpad => More Gestures. If you don’t do this those gestures may also trigger the original Apple gestures in Lion.
  • In Lion you currently can’t use the thumb in click gestures in BTT. (e.g. for three finger click)
  • If you want to use tap to click on your trackpad, you can enable this by going to “System Preferences => Universal Access => Mouse & Trackpad => Trackpad Options (button on the bottom)”
  • If you encounter crashes while using three finger swipes make sure you have uninstalled/deleted multiclutch from /Library/InputManagers
  • If Pages doesn’t work nicely while BTT is running try to disable BTT for pages for now:

Magic Mouse

  • If you want to customize two finger swipes left or right you must disable all two finger swipe gestures in your System Preferences => Mouse because if you don’t the original Apple gestures may trigger too.
  • If you want to use tap2click on your Magic Mouse you should disable “Smart zoom” in your “System Preferences => Mouse”

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