This version of BetterTouchTool is compatible with Mac OS X Lion. In order to make it work smooth you may have to change a few settings. Future versions of BTT will automatically warn users about those things but for now you have to check them yourself:

Macbook Trackpads / Magic Trackpad:

  • If you want to customize three finger swipe left,right,up or down please deactivate those gestues in your System Preferences => Trackpad => More Gestures. If you don’t do this those gestures may also trigger the original Apple gestures in Lion.
  • In Lion you currently can’t use the thumb in click gestures in BTT. (e.g. for three finger click)
  • If you want to use tap to click on your trackpad, you can enable this by going to “System Preferences => Universal Access => Mouse & Trackpad => Trackpad Options (button on the bottom)”
  • If you encounter crashes while using three finger swipes make sure you have uninstalled/deleted multiclutch from /Library/InputManagers
  • If Pages doesn’t work nicely while BTT is running try to disable BTT for pages for now:

Magic Mouse

  • If you want to customize two finger swipes left or right you must disable all two finger swipe gestures in your System Preferences => Mouse because if you don’t the original Apple gestures may trigger too.
  • If you want to use tap2click on your Magic Mouse you should disable “Smart zoom” in your “System Preferences => Mouse”

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66 Responses to “Lion”

  1. 1. BEN ENGLISCH Says:

    Still cannot get three finger swipes up and down working. Tried aggressive mode etc as well. Any ways I can help debug? Three finger swipes are essential to my workflow now

  2. 2. Barrett Says:

    I cannot get three finger up and down swipes to work, either. Same with the click swipes. Left and right are working perfectly.

  3. 3. Dave Says:

    three finger swipe up and down works perfectly for me.
    two finger swipe left and right still doesnt work for me even after following these instructions. The live view doesnt even pick up the two-finger left and right swipes.

  4. 4. Barrett Says:

    0.678 fixed Three Finger Up/Down (including Click Swipes) for me – thanks!

  5. 5. Loptimist Says:

    When I start the BTT, three finger up down gestures work again on Lion.
    Thanks for that.

    However, while BTT is running, Launchpad and Look-up gestures become much harder to activate. In fact, Look-up gesture – three finger double tap – almost does not work.

    Anyone facing this problem too? Any workaround/fix for this?


  6. 6. Ian Says:

    The “Look up” function in Lion doesn’t work reliably at all when BetterTouchTool is activated. This feature is built into Lion and works by double taping with 3 fingers. The second better touch tool is disabled, the function works flawlessly

  7. 7. Saturn1217 Says:

    So happy that better touch tools works with Lion! I’m really impressed that the four finger swipe up and down gestures for mission control and show desktop work correctly (aka if you swipe up to show desktop, then swiping down will bring windows back instead of triggering mission control).

    I have one request. I really depended on the application switcher gesture in snow leopard which they completely removed from lion. I have application switcher set for four finger tap right now but it doesn’t work as smoothly as it did in snow leopard. Is it possible to get this gesture function back exactly the way it was in SL? (I liked being able to quit multiple programs with the q button without application switcher closing)

  8. 8. Ju Says:

    Where the “lock drag&drop” with a double-tap feature on Lion ? :(

  9. 9. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @ju read the second point of this blog post :-)

  10. 10. Bryan Says:

    Gestures mapped to “move a space to the right” and “move a space to the left” ctrl+arrow by default don’t seem to work. I’ve tried changing the key binding and changing the gesture type. using the keys it works but as a gesture it always seems to fail

  11. 11. Dan Streelman Says:

    First, I have to say that I love BTT and have been using it for a while now, its the best out there. And I’m so glad that it is working with Lion.

    I am having a problem getting horizontal vs vertical swiping to work the way I would like. Apple has the option for regular or “Natural” swiping but this option effects both vertical and horizontal and this seems really dumb to me.

    For example on webpages and the like I prefer regular scrolling, like simulating a scroll wheel on a mouse. But for swiping left and right in launchpad and between spaces, “Natural” swiping makes more sense.

    Ive been trying to figure out how to make this happen but have not been able to, does anyone have any ideas on this?

  12. 12. Kai Says:

    I can’t get Rotate swipes to work. Has anyone else been able to?

  13. 13. peter c Says:

    @Saturn 1217

    To get Application Switcher back as per SL, as a Global:
    Set four finger swipe in both directions to equal cmnd-Tab.
    Set four finger tap to equal Return.

    If this causes too much confusion with Apple’s four finger swipe for shifting between full-screen apps, you can change this to three finger swipe in the Sys Prefs/Trackpad.

  14. 14. Rilla Says:

    My three finger swipes have no issues but I can’t get BTT to recognise any 3-finger tapping at all even if I disable all the ‘more gestures’ grrrrr.

  15. 15. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Rilla, please send me an export of your gestures ( ), tapping works fine here… maybe is setup wrong

  16. 16. shadow Says:

    Can’t use “two finger swipes right/left” gestures in Chrome or Finder for “previous page” and “next page”.

  17. 17. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @shadow if this doesn’t work, you can use custom keyboard shortcuts cmd left and cmd right for now instead of the predefined action

  18. 18. Bruce Almighty Says:

    I’m was having the same issues with the two finger side swipe (on a magic mouse). Then I realised I had to disable the default action in the mouse settings

  19. 19. F3rk3S Says:

    for me the Four finger swipe up or down gesture did not work. What ever Action i set on this.
    Is there something that must be deactivated? There is no other four finger gesture in the apple trackpad prefferences.

    The rest works very good and i realy like this application.

  20. 20. wolli Says:

    After upgrading to 0.716 / 0.717 i can’t change brightness or volume, with no gestures at all. no problems until version 0.714.
    (osx lion)

  21. 21. Andrew Tallon Says:

    Hello–what I really would love to be able to do is have a middle click and drag function for an app that runs in Parallels Desktop. It almost works: if I set four finger click to middle click, and then click and drag, the zoom function in the windows app I’m using works. Any way to do this without having to actually physically click on the trackpad? I.e. with a single tap/drag? I tried turning on drag lock in universal access, but no luck. Thanks! Andrew

  22. 22. Roger Says:

    Hi – I would like a really simple addition to the trackpad … somewhere to hit to replace the need to go to the keyboard to hit the ‘return’ key … I’m sure I’ve completed the correct area of BTT prefs but it doesn’t seem to work, any ideas please ?

    Regards Roger

  23. 23. Justin Says:

    My trackpad is stuck in secondary click mode.

    It really sucks.

  24. 24. Kev Says:

    Justing, that’s happened to me before. two finger click down on the trackpad, that usually releases it.

  25. 25. Q3x3 Says:

    Hi. i got an issue.

    Some times, clicking won’t work on Magic Trackpad.
    It worked well before updating and on 10.6….

    otherwise BTT is really awesome!!

  26. 26. z Says:

    Any plans on adding more gestures? I’ve always used two-finger swipe right for “next track”, but now that Lion uses that for desktop paging, I’m looking for something else to use. I’d like to use “two-finger double tap” (currently the default Mission Control gesture in Lion), but it doesn’t look like that’s an option currently in your list of gestures. Two-finger single tap just seems a bit too touchy for my liking.

  27. 27. synthetik Says:

    Would be great to see gesture support for window dragging (currently only available in lion with a “three finger drag”) with some other combination of fingers? (2, 4 or 5 fingers)

    Also, support for full page app switching functionality would be phenomenal.

    Thank you for BTT. It’s an amazing program. If it weren’t for engadget’s recent reference to BTT in an article addressing Lion’s shortcoming, I would never have known what I’ve been missing all these years. Amazing program, and I love the window snap functionality. Brilliant.

  28. 28. synthetik Says:

    Would be great to see gesture support for window dragging (currently only available in lion with a “three finger drag”) with some other combination of fingers? (2, 4 or 5 fingers)

    Also, support for full page app switching functionality would be phenomenal.

    Thank you for BTT. It’s an amazing program. If it weren’t for engadget’s recent reference to BTT in an article addressing Lion’s shortcoming, I would never have known what I’ve been missing all these years. Amazing program, and I love the window snap functionality. Brilliant.

  29. 29. acrylglas Says:

    just the same as “28. synthetik” says but one thing in addition. it would be even better if window dragging would be possible for one finger double tab and hold. like in SL.

    thank you for that amazing tool!!

  30. 30. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @acrylglas, this is still possible in Lion. You have to enable it here: System Preferences => Universal Access => Mouse & Trackpad => Trackpad options

  31. 31. Jackie Says:

    It’ll be great if the gesture of swapping between full screen apps is added, looking forward :) :) :)

  32. 32. Hendrik Says:

    my three finger clickswipes doesn’t work anymore!

    could somebody please help me? do i have to set up anything in lion?

  33. 33. Helmstead Says:


    My three finger double tap does not work…it is supposed to bring up the dictionary. I have been having problems with this since I used BTT from my MB Pro with Snow Leopard. Just upgraded to lion and customized the feature that a three finger single tap would look up the word I need.

    This feature works only when BTT is open as a window. If I close the window (but still have BTT running) it does not work. Any suggestions? Thank you…as a student this is very important to me.

  34. 34. Dean Says:

    Where/how can I enable “double tap to click” for magic trackpad? (ie: two finger taps required to click a button, select a checkbox, etc)….

  35. 35. relo Says:

    Cant locate the so i can i add gestures to it.After installing lion the 1-finger swipe left and right for forward backward disappeared and a i can’t use it anymore.How do i select the finder app?

  36. 36. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    its in /System/Library/Core Services as far as I remember. (maybe it was /Library/Core Services/

  37. 37. Eric Says:

    1. I set four-finger swipe left and right for showing running apps (as in SL). I did it by setting the gestures to equal Cmd-Tab.

    2. In Lion, in system prefs – trackpad, there are 2 boxes to check/uncheck for swiping to move between desktop windows. They are 3-finger swipe across, and 4-finger swipe across. The 3-finger swipe is checked, but both 3 and 4-finger swipes switch desktops. So when I use my newly created “show running apps” gesture with 4-finger swipe, it works but — i am switching desktops at the same time! How do I disable 4-finger swiping to move between desktops — even when that gesture is disabled in system prefs?!!

  38. 38. Homerer Says:

    Is it possible to move mouse cursor like using trackpad – instead of moving the magic mouse itself ?

  39. 39. Rich Says:

    “For example on webpages and the like I prefer regular scrolling, like simulating a scroll wheel on a mouse. But for swiping left and right in launchpad and between spaces, “Natural” swiping makes more sense.”

    Oh my God, me too. I wish you could configure the horizontal and vertical separately. Or at least configure the mouse wheel separately and I would try to retrain myself to use natural both ways.

  40. 40. Martin Jones Says:

    Great app. I am trying to get BTT to out Pinch In/Out back into Finder on OSX Lion. I created a Pinch In and Out Gesture ( magic mouse ) and associated the Zoom In and Out action. DOes not seem to do the trick.
    Any ideas ? I would really love to get this feature back.

  41. 41. Vince Says:

    Is there a way to disable “Natural” Scrolling in specific apps?
    I do a lot of drafting and would like to not use the natural scroll in VectorWorks.
    It’s very counterintuitive when needing to zoom in & out.
    Any thoughts?

  42. 42. Eric Says:

    I enabled the old Snow Leopard gesture of 4-finger side swipe to reveal running apps (action is called “Application Switcher”) — but when I try to Tab forward, as soon as I hit Tab, it switches one app forward and OPENS the app, rather than wait for me to launch it with a tap or click. Because of this, I can’t tab through different apps until I reach the one I want.

    Anyone know how I can fix this?

  43. 43. Saturn1217 Says:

    @ Eric,

    This is my problem also. I have the feeling that Apple’s implementation of Application Switcher in SL was more complicated than just activating cmd tab with a four fingered swipe.

    in SL you can press Q or H to quite or hide programs and have the application switcher stay open, thus allowing you to quickly manage a lot of programs. In Lion with BTT I need to keep the command key held while doing this or I have to reopen the application switcher. Also two fingers worked for scrolling through the apps etc.

    As you might notice I really like this feature in SL. I’ll probably learn to get around it eventually but if anyone can provide any additional help or any ideas on how to port the SL application switcher to Lion I would be so happy :-)

  44. 44. howie Says:

    i cannot get any ‘back’ swipe to work in chrome!!!!! frustrating

  45. 45. Al Says:

    Please make it so I can go from tab to tab in my browser with swipes! Multiclutch had it. I miss it.

  46. 46. Jamison Says:

    I used this to fix the terrible gesture support currently present in Google Chrome – thanks! I’m also sure it’ll be useful for a variety of other things, as well. This should be baked into the next version of Lion as a standard part of the trackpad preferences.

    One feature request, though – when using a key/gesture/whatever to show the Dashboard, that’s all it does. Hitting that key again while in the Dashboard does nothing. Is it possible to make that key return you to where you were when pressed a second time?

    Thanks for the great too, though, every MacBook user who wants to get the most out of their trackpad should be using this.

  47. 47. Mike Elliott Says:

    BetterTouch is a very useful program, on top of my list. I would gladly go to the App Store and buy it, but I would like to duplicate this on my Magic Mouse. On my Mac I can hold the Control key and scroll up or down and zoom in or out the entire screen. Could you figure that one out. Thanks for doing all that you do!!

  48. 48. Greg Says:

    Something happened (probably last Lion update) but four fingers left/right swipe (which is mapped to cmd-TAB) no longer shows all running apps. I does something weird like switching between two most left running apps….I really need SL type task switcher (it worked for a few months in Lion with BT too).

  49. 49. Sam Says:

    I’m also desperate and frustrated since I don’t have 4 FINGERS LEFT/RIGHT = CMD+TAB

    :( :( :(

  50. 50. Jack Says:

    Is there any chance that the installation of BTT 2 has effected my two finger scrolling so that when I use a two finger flick, the screen now only moves as far as my fingers move, so that the effect ends as soon as I take my fingers off the track pad. Another way of putting it is that I can no longer flick my fingers to quickly scroll up/down, left/right I have to continuously drag my fingers across the trackpad multiple times.

  51. 51. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Jack does this only happen while BTT is running? (BTT only does things while it’s running, so if you quit it, everything is like before you installed it)

  52. 52. Jack Says:

    No it happens when I quit BTT as well, I wondered if the installation had somehow changed my system preferences somehow. I only wondered because I can’t remember it being this way before I downloaded BTT, however there could quite easily be another explanation.

  53. 53. Petri Honganmäki Says:

    TipSwipe Right Finger is welcome.

  54. 54. Petri Honganmäki Says:

    And volume control for iTunes and change to move specific space. Now I have Three Finger Click for Finder, that works too to get first space.

  55. 55. Daniel Says:

    I hope some of you guys donate. I only donated $3 for this app, but whoever put this together has made my life really easy.

    We all have tons of requests to improve the app, why not support it with a $1 or $2 or $20 if you have it. I’m a film student, so I do what I can to help those building things that make my life easier.

    BTT on lion is still a bit buggy. I need to find an export for FCP X (final cut pro)
    It would be a pain to program it all by myself.

    Just my 2 cents. Donate your 2 cents if you like quality things being developed.

  56. 56. frederik Says:

    Does anyone know how to switch off the middle click that makes the dashboard pop-up? It’s really impossible to do 3d drawing like sketch up where the middle button (or on my magic mouse two finger click) gives me the dashboard..

    Great app btw!!!

  57. 57. crus Says:

    Pure Awesomeness!! I used it in SL and since Apple messed up the gestures in Lion, this was the only way to put them back.

  58. 58. lee Says:

    where is the setting where you can set different things by putting your cursor in the corner. i made one setting i didn’t like and i can’t figure out out to change it

  59. 59. Marco Says:

    BTT is great. i have the five-finger tap for full-screen switching. works like a charm.

  60. 60. nomad Says:

    the snapping used to work and now after a lion update it doesnt. anyone able to get this working? I mainly used BTT for that, since apple wasn’t smart enough to do it themselves.

  61. 61. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @nomad maybe you accidentally disabled access for assistive devices. Got to system preferences => universal access and activate it again (second checkbox from the bottom)

  62. 62. Sean A. Says:

    Been using my new Macbook Pro for a couple of weeks now. Amazing machine, but I’m having some trouble making the trackpad and Magic Mouse work perfectly. I’ve used MagicPrefs and BTT to accomplish the goal:
    Three finger select and drag plus three finger tap for middle click. With MagicPrefs I’m able to do this, but horrible things happen when I use Parallels 7. The mouse, trackpad and keyboard eventually just stop working. I’ve found a suitable workaround is to leverage the four-finger tap for middle click in BTT. Seems that three-finger middle click tap doesn’t work when three finger drag is enabled in OSX. Looking forward to future releases.

  63. 63. Rory Says:


    You know the best thing? Being able to add the Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts so CMD (CTRL in Win) + left/right arrow will move the window to the left or right half of the screen.CMD + up arrow for full screen, CMD + down arrow to show desktop.

    Even better than Win7 is using ALT + left/up/right aroows to move the window to the left/middle/right third of the screen.

    ALT + Down arrow I’ve set to restore old window size.

    Perfect for students etc.

    You can simply move one doc to the left and another or the web browser to the right, for simple copy and pasting etc.

    That’s what I got used to in Win7.

    But having the ALT bit so I can have 3 windows easily on the screen – your essay doc in the middle, a pdf on the left, Firefox on the right etc.

    I hated not having that on our old MBP, so I love this.

    Try it, Macheads, once you use it you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

    These keyboard shortcuts are a lot easier than the windows snapping way they suggest.

    With our new Lion iMac, we’re quite happy having the old MBP on Leopard as it will just be used for mobile video editing and browsing the web/emails/writing docs.

    But as BTT only works on SL or Lion, I’m thinking of paying for an OS upgrade we otherwise don’t need JUST to have these features.

    That’s how important they are to us.


    I can only get the dictionary to work (which I’ve set to F16) in the BTT window, or, ironically, in my WordWeb Pro dictionary window.


    WWP should work via services, and did for about 15 mins, but now I have “no services apply” for everything, and Mac want me to do a fresh install.

    Will have to wait for that.

    But try the windows snapping keyboard shortcuts, Maccies. You won’t regret it.

  64. 64. Raos Says:

    I have a number of things set up to execute when I single tap various areas of my magic trackpad. It seems that it double clicks when I dont want it to. For instance, I have single tap center top set to close firefox tabs. Often (but not always) when I click it the window closes as expected, but then if the cursor is over a link it will immediately click that link even though I only clicked once.

    It does not just happen with that example though. Another time it happens a lot is when I slingle click the top left corner. I have a number of functions in there (the window moving and resizing options) so clicking that should bring up a menu with the choices. It does that but it also does the double click thing so it opens and closes that dialog box all at the same time. When that happens I have to double click instead of single click to get it to stay open.

    Could this have anything to do with my having multiple functions set to various trakpad locations or should that not matter? Any ideas how to get this to work right would be welcome. Even if there is no fix this app still rocks! Thanks!!!

  65. 65. Frank Uhlig Says:

    I am trying to use BetterTouchTool to make the left and right arrow keys accessible from the Apple trackpad for remote use of the trackpad in Lightroom 4 slideshows on a MACbook pro Mountain Lion, 64 bit.

    I have installed these commands to be activated by single finger taps on top left (for back) and right (for forward) moves to the next or previous images.

    But tapping on the trackpad does nothing while the apple keyboard does it well.

    What gives? BTT is activated, I did restart everything once I was set up (or so i thought).

  66. 66. Facundo Says:

    OK, this is what i need, two finger horizontal swipe to move between desktops, I know this feature will work on my macbook early-2008 because you can do the gesture on Launchpad, now it is possible to enable it globally to move between desktops/dashboard?

    Thanks in advance!

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