Mar 19


just a little update: I have finally finished my master’s thesis  and will soon continue to work on BetterTouchTool, BTT Remote, BetterSnapTool, and maybe even Secondbar :-)

BetterSnapTool has been updated for Mavericks, version 1.4 is available via the App Store as a free update.




written by Andreas Hegenberg

62 Responses to “Development will continue soon :-)”

  1. 1. marc meyer Says:

    Hi, congrats on being almost done.
    I like BST and BTT a lot, but under osx 10.8.3, with BST 1.3.5, I get tons of errors in the console of the form below. As you can see they occur frequently, and my machine’s cpu utilization gets really high. I’d appreciate a note regarding whether I can fix that or you will at some point, so I can re-enable BST.


    3/19/13 11:49:08.862 AM WindowServer[136]: CGXSetTrackingAreaEnabled : Invalid tracking area 0x7fec24070f30
    3/19/13 11:49:08.863 AM WindowServer[136]: CGXSetTrackingAreaEnabled : Invalid tracking area 0x7fec240f6010
    3/19/13 11:49:08.863 AM WindowServer[136]: CGXSetTrackingAreaEnabled : Invalid tracking area 0x7fec240f5ef0
    3/19/13 11:49:09.877 AM WindowServer[136]: CGXSetTrackingAreaEnabled : Invalid tracking area 0x7fec240ed490
    3/19/13 11:49:09.882 AM WindowServer[136]: CGXSetTrackingAreaEnabled : Invalid tracking area 0x7fec2383e5b0
    3/19/13 11:49:09.883 AM WindowServer[136]: CGXSetTrackingAreaEnabled : Invalid tracking area 0x7fec2408ae40
    3/19/13 11:49:12.251 AM WindowServer[136]: CGXSetTrackingAreaEnabled : Invalid tracking area 0x7fec2386b4e0

  2. 2. suleiman Says:

    That’s awesome bro! Best of luck doing your thesis defense. I know that can be daunting.

    Any plans to migrate BTT to windows? We’re starting to get some multi-touch trackpads over there and customization would be wicked cool.

    I have a MBP at home and really miss BTT :(

  3. 3. Jon Says:


  4. 4. bart Says:


    It would be super cool to add enable Window Snapping feature together with Window Moving & Resizing as for not it only works while clicking on a titlebar and dragging to the corners :(

  5. 5. Steve Hooper Says:

    Congratulations Andreas, what a great achievement. Also congratulations on such a great product as the Better Touch Tool. Every one I see that has a Mac I tell them about it. I love the Windows snapping.

    Keep up the awesome work.


  6. 6. Lawrence Says:


    Congratulations on your master’s thesis. I’ve been a faithful BTT user for many years. Thank you very much for this wonderful app.

    Recently, BTT will quit unexpectedly after using a normal mouse for some time. The culprit seems to be the Middle click + Control. I’m not sure yet.

    I hope this problem could be fixed in the near future. Keep up the great work.

    Once again “Vielen Dank”.


  7. 7. Dan McQuade Says:

    Congrats on the masters! Love your work, keep it up!

  8. 8. Sean Hanford Says:

    Congratulations on your thesis! Its amazing that you are able to work on it as well as continue supporting the BTT.

    Thank you for all of your effort, I use BTT so much that I have no idea how I could live without it.

  9. 9. George Says:

    Congrats. Love you, man. BTT is the best. You’ve saved the mac. You rock and keep supporting Snow Leopard. Thanks.

  10. 10. Joshua King Says:

    Hi Andreas,

    I love BTT and have been using it for the past 3 years with my Macbook. it has never let me down.

    I have a question, however.

    I am currently using the Single finger touch Top -> Move Window feature, and have attached a Increase Mouse Speed toggle to this to more easily move my window around, however I would like it to be similar to how Move Window works, in that you touch and hold to enable, and when you let go it is released.. currently I have to tap twice to go back to my normal mouse speed. If this is not a current feature is there any chance of adding this in the future? Hope this all made sense, and thank you for being awesome and making such a great, useful tool!

    All the best with your work,


  11. 11. Du Song Says:

    there seems no place to select a gesture/trigger for “other triggers”
    build 922

  12. 12. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    oops, thanks for noticing, it did only show up in very specific configurations :-) Should be fixed in 923

  13. 13. Aaron Meurer Says:

    Great. I hope you can now fix the bugs relating to the functionality for moving windows between displays.

  14. 14. Lex Says:

    It seems that BTT doesn’t work with Parallels Desktop 8.

    Until upgrade PD to version 8, BTT would work with it very well. I simply could use gestures in Windows.

    However, not anymore with PD8. I think PD8 snatches gestures before BTT got it and neutralizes them for some reason.

    Any workaround?

  15. 15. Lex Says:

    Correction : It doesn’t work ONLY WHEN gestures are assigned to Custom Keyboard Shortcuts.

    BTT works fine with PD8 when gestures are assigned to Predefined Actions

  16. 16. Jeff Hall Says:

    Congrats on finishing the thesis work! I’ll just say I have NO problems with BTT (none worth reporting) and it is INVALUABLE. I use it for a ton of stuff – especially Pro Tools.

    Thanks for all your hard work over the years. I’ve donated for the app (a while back) but would’ve gladly paid for it given all it’s done for my workflow. I hope you find a way to monetize (if that’s your desire), and can keep it going!

  17. 17. Sean Says:

    BTT let me feel I can control everything I need when using mac, thanks a lot :)

  18. 18. John Says:

    Congratulations on completing your master’s thesis!

    BTT is working beautifully with both a magic mouse and trackpad. The only issue I’m having is that I want to print the gestures for reference, but I never get a print dialog. Do you know of anything that might be conflicting with printing gestures? Thanks

  19. 19. Amélie Ricci - missmac Says:

    Dear Andreas,
    Your app si simply great ! I couldn’t work on my MBA 13″ without it.
    I discovered it when switching from Snow Leopard to Lion and now to Mountain Lion, as many gestures are lacking.
    I donated with pleasure at that time.

    I have a question, if I may : I would like to add in my BTT the gesture “ONE FINGER DRAG AND MOVE” (items in the Finder : folders, files, windows, pictures in Safari, windows…) WITH ONE (1) FINGER.
    This gesture is an option in Mountain Lion trackpad prefs BUT with three (3) fingers – which is not practical at all !
    With Snow Leopard it was by default with one (1) finger. I miss badly this gesture.
    Would you be so kind as letting me know how to reproduce this gesture in BBT, I was not able to find it.
    I really appreciate your work, “BRAVO” as we say in French (I’m from Paris).
    Again “vielen Dank” and Best Regards,
    Amélie (nickname missmac)

  20. 20. Josh Fremer Says:

    Congratulations, Andreas!! Or, should I say, Master!

    BTT is my FAVORITE tool that I use every day; nothing else comes any where close to its usefulness. I hope you make a fortune with it one day; I’ve donated before and I’ll HAPPILY pay for the premium version whenever it’s ready!

    Great work with the BTT Remote, too! You’re a gift from the software gods!



  21. 21. Brandon Says:

    Just so you know, there is still interest for Second Bar! I would love to see that continue development. It bugs me that in ML the second bar is only present in one “Space” or whatever they are called now that we have Mission Control.

  22. 22. Craig Says:

    Congratulations on completing your master’s thesis!

    Loving BTT. Would love it even more if there were a predefined action that peformed “Resize window to left two thirds” and “Resize window to right two thirds”.

  23. 23. Graf von Malotky Says:

    Ich fange meine Masterarbeit erst dieses Jahr an. Wenn ich nicht so weit weg (Berlin) wohnen würde, dann käme ich doch glatt zu deiner Verteidigung. 😉 Auch wenn Wirtschaftsinformatik nicht das gleiche ist wie Informatik, hehe.

  24. 24. Tony Says:

    Congratulations. BTT combined with mutitouch is a killer feature, this coming from a longtime windows user.

  25. 25. Rajiv Says:

    Congratulations on completing your master’s thesis!!!!! Your app is very nice.

    Quick Question: I need to toggle between multiple (3-4) applications “automatically” so the MAC screen can showcase live data. Is there a way to achieve this using the “window switcher”. Currently window switcher requires mouse key to be depressed.


  26. 26. Roy Preston Says:

    Andreas. Wonderful software! I’m longing for BTT updates to correct bugs and incompatibilities. Why do you need a master’s degree when you already have a classic piece of software worthy of a premium price?! Congrats anyway :)

    Roy P

  27. 27. Jackson Says:

    Congrats. We’ll be patient — I couldn’t live without BetterTouchTool, so thanks a million times over (again).

    — Jackson

  28. 28. Jeroen Visser Says:

    Hi Andreas,

    Congratulations on your Thesis! When you continue, please check if there are any possibilities on adding Joystick support to BTT, that would be awesome! Mainly to have the button’s work, and in a later stage, possibly even gestures with the stick itself.

    – Jeroen

  29. 29. Martinho Says:

    Hi Andreas,

    Congratulations and thanks to develop this apps!

    I found that 4 fingers swipe have a slow response between them (for example: between 4 fingers swipe up and down).

    I’m using this swipes to show desktop and Mission Control, and if i swipe up to show desktop, i have to wait to the apps go away before i can swipe down, to return where i was.

    Is there a way to shorten this times, in BTT preferences?


  30. 30. David Says:

    Please, please make a microsoft windows version of this for those of us who use bootcamp.

    I would be happy to pay for full version that included windows 8 bootcamp support.

  31. 31. dave Says:

    hi there, is there a way to get the logitech t651 trackpad working with btt its not recognizing it as a trackpad. thanks!

  32. 32. Jenson Says:

    Hey debs, i had an awesome idea!

    using a multi touch function, you can make the magic mouse type things in, so for an example when you shift click (can be anything else) you go to spotlight then it types in calculator (anything else).
    also add a delay for the process of what comes next so command space at the same time, then after 0.5 seconds it types in calculator
    also congrats.

    if you add this then cheers

  33. 33. George Says:


    I hope this project isn’t dead… it’s been 2 and a half months. BTT is a life saver.

  34. 34. David Says:

    Dude… you rock!! This application is amazing. I’m going to set up a PayPal account just to donate – this is THE most useful application I have running on my Mac.

  35. 35. Nielsen Says:

    Hallo Mr. Hegenberg.
    I¨ve loved BST, for quite some time now.
    After upgrading to OS 10.8.4, I had to disable BST though.
    I usually use Cmd+Tab, to switch programs, but after upgrade BST ´ghost touch´ the TAB, anytime I touch the Cmd key. So I could not even use Cmd+C, etc.
    Hope you’ll be back with an upgrade or workaround.


  36. 36. Anonymous J Says:

    Congrats on finishing your Masters Thesis.
    I look forward to your return to BTT development.

    I know that NO developer wants to hear this: But BTT doesn’t work in OS X 10.9 Mavericks. Maybe the Accessibility API changed or disappeared or something. I’m sure you’ll see what I mean in the coming months…

  37. 37. Andreas Says:

    @Anonymous J, it works, however I need to adapt some things.
    Accessibility is now handled on a per app basis in System Preferences => Security & Privacy => Accessibility (click the lock to make changes).
    You have to allow BetterTouchTool to control your computer there.

  38. 38. Pelle Ravn Says:

    @Andreas AWESOME! And now I learned something new as well. Works very nicely, didn’t notice that they moved it in there. :) Thanks a lot.

  39. 39. Alex Says:

    I made the change you posted above in System Preferences but I still get the API Required message for BetterSnapTool

  40. 40. John B. Says:

    Update for Maverick please?

  41. 41. Andreas Says:

    @John, current version seems to work quite fine on Mavericks. Just enable the accessibility API like described above

  42. 42. iamse7en Says:

    Found a bug with Retina MBPs and BetterTouchTool: backlit keyboard would turn on randomly (when you have preferences for it to turn off when not in use). This happened on both a 15 and 13 inch Retina MBP. Once I quit BTT, the bug stopped.

    Also, I’ve had 3 different Retina macbooks with very unimpressive battery. Beginning to think it’s not a coincidence – something with my software isn’t mixing well here. Not blaming BTT, but anyone else having this issue? Could be any number of things, but consistently being stuck with 3 or so hours of battery life, when it should be 6-7. But I’ll need to start a process of elimination with different “haxies” I’ve installed

  43. 43. Sam Says:

    Hey guys,

    I found out how to use BetterSnapTool on OS X 10.9 Mavericks.
    To use BetterSnapTool on Mavericks you have to go to System Preferences => Security & Privacy => Privacy => Accessibility. There click the lock on the bottom left of the window and then allow BetterSnapTool to control your Mac. You must have started BetterSnapTool at least once before you can do this.


  44. 44. jesse Says:

    I consider your tools ESSENTIAL for Mac OSX. Apple should hire you!

  45. 45. Steve Yobs Says:

    Good work Andreas and thanks for the note on great, didn’t realize how much I used BetterSnaptool til it was gone

  46. 46. Andrew Pennebaker Says:

    Excellent app! Could you add mouse Back button assignment in BTT? I bought a new Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000, and I’d like to disable the Back button.

  47. 47. igbeserk Says:


    I just downloaded the app, i am struggling with getting it to work the way i want. I have an apple tv remote that i want to use on my mac mini. there are two programs that the menu button can open up. I want to set it to open up both apps a certain way one with pressing menu and the other with holding it. But, i noticed that when you create one gesture the other buttons on the remote become inn-operational unless you add a gesture to that as well. I tried adding gestures but it didn’t give me the gestures i needed. such as up, down, left, right. so i can’t navigate in the programs like i could before using BTT. any help would be appreciated

  48. 48. Guy Says:

    Hi Andreas,

    Hope you’re not too busy with exams now. I was just updating yesterday and my Lion MBP crashed on it when Hands-Off reported that BTT wanted to listen to incoming connections. The cursor moved but clicks and keyboard stopped working. I had to reboot in safe mode to disable BTT from starting at boot. I tried it a couple of times again with the same result. Also disabled JiTouch which I use for 2-finger gestures during the tests. How can I find the crash report for this?


  49. 49. IrisW Says:

    Hi Andreas,

    Thanks for this great app! I’ve been using it for a while and absolutely love it! Recently I switched to an air with the Mountain Lion OS. And BTT stopped working. It keeps prompting me something like “this gesture needs accessibility API and its currently not enabled, do you want to activate it?” I clicked “Yes, activate it for me” but nothing happens. This messages comes up again and again. Any suggestions?

    Thanks a lot!

  50. 50. Stephanie Greenhalgh Says:

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  51. 51. Guy Says:

    BTW does anybody know where to get the 9.1 build?

  52. 52. Chris Says:


    I recently purchased a logitech T651 with the intention of using it with BTT but it doesn’t seem to be recognised. Do you think you will be able to get it working in a future update. If not I will switch to the magic trackpad just to be able to use it with BTT.

  53. 53. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Chris, I also have one of those, but as far as I know Logitech doesn’t offer any way to access the raw trackpad data. This means I won’t be able to support it with BTT :-(

  54. 54. Chris Says:


    Thanks for the quick reply. I really should have checked with you before ordering and assuming it would work.

    I think I will sell it and swap for magic trackpad as it’s worth it just for BTT.

  55. 55. phillip Says:

    hi andreas,

    as you might now apple released mavericks gm today but bettersnaptool doesnt work. of course i enabled it by going to System Preferences => Security & Privacy => Privacy => Accessibility

    but when i drag a window to the site it doesnt fit. actually it doesnt do anything.

    maybe you can have a look into that


  56. 56. nev Says:

    It works for me on Mavericks GM, but as I said in a different post, the menubar icon is just a white space. And I’m experiencing serious battery drain, as someone else did (big “energy impact”)

  57. 57. aiden Says:

    holy guys, mine just worked on mavick 10.9!! just like what andrea said, go to System Preferences => Security & Privacy => Privacy => Accessibility, and make sure you quite the app on the top and then reopen the app. magically worked!!! thank you guys

  58. 58. Sonnambulanaut Says:

    BetterSnapTool does NOT work for me. I’ve done everything everyone is suggesting in this thread, and it still demands I change the API accessibility. Restarting, quitting in different combinations and nothing works. I’m about to throw my laptop across the room.

  59. 59. Mick Sheehan Says:

    Hi There

    Looks like something has broken with Mavericks – the better snap tool only snaps to up and down no longer left to right :(

    This is even with the privacy settings set

  60. 60. Matt Says:

    I have also found that BST is broken with Mavericks. Anybody know of any alternatives?

  61. 61. Matthew Says:

    Well that’s just crap….I just found this tool couple of weeks ago, and the most worthy purchase for my Mac by FAR…..

    Manually adjusting as suggested made it function enough to see that it doesn’t function at all :-(

    Please let us know if there is any chance that this will be addressed? I feel robbed.

    Is this the future of Apple? Windows 2.0?

  62. 62. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Matthew & Matt, please make sure to update BetterSnapTool to version 1.4 which is compatible with Mavericks (there’ll be another little update soon that addresses some little issues)

    I’m closing this comment thread now because it’s quite old, please post further bug-reports etc. here:

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