Oct 23


BetterSnapTool 1.4 is now available in the Mac App Store. It adds Mavericks compatibility and fixes some bugs.

Please report any issue you encounter, I really want to fix all possibly remaining bugs as soon as possible!

Known issues that will be fixed with the next update:

  • On Mavericks, if two or more monitors are used and you disable the second menubar (which is enabled by default in Mavericks), BetterSnapTool may have some issues with resizing windows correctly.

If you encounter issues with windows not snapping correctly, please try this beta and tell me if it solves it: download beta

written by Andreas Hegenberg

Oct 07

BetterSnapTool 1.4 with Mavericks compatibility is now available via the Mac App Store (see http://blog.boastr.net/bettersnaptool-1-4-is-in-the-mac-app-store/ )

written by Andreas Hegenberg

Mar 19


just a little update: I have finally finished my master’s thesis  and will soon continue to work on BetterTouchTool, BTT Remote, BetterSnapTool, and maybe even Secondbar :-)

BetterSnapTool has been updated for Mavericks, version 1.4 is available via the App Store as a free update.




written by Andreas Hegenberg

Jul 12

If you have bought BetterSnapTool from the Mac App Store it would be great if you’d leave feedback there (good or bad) :-)


Will there be some of you on the WWDC?




written by Andreas Hegenberg

Mar 27

BetterSnapTool 1.3.2 is a bugfix release. If you want to test it before it hits the App Store you can download the beta trial here: http://boastr.de/BetterSnapToolTrial.zip

  • Fixed keyboard shortcut issues with snap areas
  • Hopefully snap areas won’t enable the external graphics anymore (unfortunately I can’t test this because I don’t have a MacBook with external graphic card)
  • Keyboard shortcuts are now also disabled if you disable BetterSnapTool for a specific app
  • Some other little fixes

If you find bugs in this version please report them so I’ll be able to fix them before I submit it to the Mac App Store

Again some information about Sandboxing: BetterSnapTool will stay in the AppStore even with Sandboxing enforced! :-) I’ll even be able to release some bugfix updates after the sandboxing deadline.




written by Andreas Hegenberg

Mar 01

I hope it’ll work for all of you. I really hate pushing this release button.. http://d.pr/lsdL

Link to the Mac App Store

written by Andreas Hegenberg

Feb 25

So, the exams are finally done and I have much free time now (at least until I begin with my Master Thesis :-))

Here is the first result: BetterSnapTool 1.3 Alpha(Download here) ))

  • BST 1.3 includes the new snap area feature, which allows you to create your own snapping areas.
  • It also contains a few bugfixes and other improvements.
  • Added an option to disable BetterSnapTool while holding modifier keys
  • Unfortunately application specific snap areas are not finished yet, they’ll follow with one of the next versions.

Any feedback is very welcome!

//edit: I updated the alpha, should now work on more systems
//edit 18/2/2012 updated again
//edit 25/2/2012 updated again, now app specific snap areas and labels are possible (the label feature isn’t finished yet, in order to change the size you have to right-click the text and select “font” etc.

//edit: 26/2/2012 improved the labels, unfortunately due to format changes the labels from the previous alpha will be lost.

Because I haven’t finished the documentation yet, here a little video which shows how to use the snap area feature:



written by Andreas Hegenberg

Feb 22

Apple moved the deadline for sandboxing to June 1. In addition to that they made clear that the sandboxing requirement only applies to new apps, submitted starting on June 1.  We’ll even be able to submit updates after the deadline for existing apps.

This is great news for BetterSnapTool and maybe for the new SecondBar version I’m working on :-)

written by Andreas Hegenberg

Nov 24


if you are here because BetterSnapTool popped up this message:








Here a few infos:

    • I may have to remove BetterSnapTool from the Mac App Store because Apple has introduced a new technology called “Sandboxing”, which was announced to become mandatory for Mac App Store apps starting in March 2012. Unfortunately this new technology is very restrictive and apps like BetterSnapTool can’t work with it. More on this topic here
      • But no worries! In case it really comes down to this (I still hope Apple won’t enforce it). I’ll provide a mechanism to switch from the App Store version to non-App Store version for free.
    • I think I’ll be able to release a new version of BetterSnapTool before the Sandboxing becomes mandatory. Here a sneak peek on the upcoming features ( it’s not ready to be released yet, especially the gui needs work, but it basically works ;-)):
      • It will be possible to define your own snapping areas in addition to the current ones.
        Here is a little video showing this in action:

written by Andreas Hegenberg

Nov 03

So Apple finally announced that all App Store Apps must implement a technology called Sandboxing starting from March 2012. Sandboxing is a technology which forces Apps to run in a box with a lot of restrictions. It’s a bit like on iOS where every App only has access to its own data. Apple claims it’s for security reasons…

So what? This means the App Store will be even more crippled than it currently is. Many Apps which are currently in the Store will cease to exist.

Here a few types of applications that won’t be allowed to the App Store anymore:

  • Nearly every App which controls another App in any way. (so many little helper Apps will just be dead)
  • Apps which help disabled people, e.g. screenreaders or tools that help with typing or mouse movements
  • Apps that need to access files on the whole disk may eventually be forbidden too. (e.g. syncing or backup utilities)
  • All Apps which use the Accessibility API
  • All Apps which rely on Event Taps
  • Apps that control specialized external devices
  • Apps which listen to the Apple Remote Control (at least in the current implementation of the Sandbox)
  • In many cases developers who want to keep their Apps in the App Store will need to cripple them and implement a really bad user experience.
  • many more…

This means, BetterSnapTool won’t be allowed in the App Store anymore starting from March 2012. But don’t worry, I’ll continue releasing updates for all existing customers here if Apple really enforces Sandboxing.
I’ve been working on a new version of SecondBar, unfortunately this won’t be allowed either.

Also in my opinion Sandboxing causes a big security problem. If developers won’t be able to release security /bugfix updates for their existing applications anymore, all remaining bugs will stay there forever without any possibility to contact existing customers and warn them.

Sure you may say “ok, so distribute not over the App Store”. But this will become more and more complicated because most users like the App Store and Apple invests in marketing the App Store as “the only secure way to obtain software”. Also new technologies like iCloud are only allowed to be used for App Store apps.

Many, many developers don’t want Sandboxing and I hope Apple will listen to them and at least make it an optional technology.
Some people think Apple will enforce Sandboxing for all applications with the next major Mac OS X update. I doubt this very much, but if they do this it will be my last day on Mac OS. (this would kill BTT, too)





written by Andreas Hegenberg