Nov 07

Today I made some modifications to MultiClutch by William Henderson (thanks for your great work!) the result I call BetterTouchTool. THIS TOOL IS  IN ALPHASTATE!! I programmed it just today! So expect bugs!!

BetterTouchTool aims on Snow Leopard users who can’t use MultiClutch. BetterTouchTool is no InputManager, it is a normal app, you don’t have to install something, if you close the app everything is like before.

You can set global or app specific shortcuts for nearly every gesture (unfortunately 4 finger gestures are not supported yet) . Magic Mouse only supports swipe left and swipe right yet. BetterTouchTool should work with every application (even iTunes etc.).

For Magic Mouse users it has the option to set a higher mouse speed / acceleration. I included this because my Magic Mouse was very slow.  Version 0.3 of BetterTouchTool (available in a few days) will allow you to use the Magic Mouse as presenter (move the cursor like with a touchpad without moving the mouse). I think the next version will also somehow be able to create a middle click using the magic mouse.

//Update: I found a solution on how to make more gestures available. Monday or tuesday I’ll release a version of BetterTouchTool which is able to recognize 3 finger tap on magic mouse and macbook and 4 finger tap on macbook.

//Update: Version 0.24 is here.

  • Fixed problem regarding modifier keys and e.g. arrows
  • Fixed some problems with gestures
  • New icon (made by Nicolas from, thank you very much!)
  • Preferences window now doesn’t show up everytime you start BetterTouchTool

//Update: Version 0.21 is here.

  • Allows to set single keys as shortcuts

Known Bugs:

  • Modifierkey + arrow key commands not shown correctly in interface (but they will work)

//Update: Version 0.2 is here.

  • Autoupdate
  • Four finger tap supported(I hope this works everywhere) //Edit: Four finger tap doesn’t work correctly because it is called everytime you do with four fingers.. we’ll see if I can fix that.
  • Some small bugfixes

Download BetterTouchTool 0.24 here (tested on Snow Leopard only)

written by Andreas Hegenberg

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9 Responses to “BetterTouchTool 0.24 Alpha”

  1. 1. Brett Terpstra Says:

    This is a great start to something that could be really, really awesome. Just adding ?? and ?? makes swipe right and left work with Safari AND Firefox. Great stuff.

    It’s a little quirky right now, but you know that. First thing I’d look at is avoiding the ability to create double assignments to the same gesture, that seems to throw it off and it’s really easy to do accidentally. Second, I’d love to see per-application settings like SteerMouse has. Honestly don’t know what goes into that… polling for the foreground app on every gesture? Anyway, great work. I’m pretty awed by SecondBar as well, keep it up!

  2. 2. Brett Terpstra Says:

    Huh, your comment system doesn’t like my Unicode :). The question marks should be command-left and command-right, which you probably deduced already…

  3. 3. Lars Trieloff Says:

    I have been using MultiClutch with a Fluid application for GMail and mapped swipe left to “K” and swipe right to “J” which would switch to the next or previous conversation. It would be great to add modifier-less keyboard shortcuts without editing a plist file as I had to do with Multiclutch.

  4. 4. Lars Trieloff Says:

    Modifier-less keyboard shortcuts work like a charm in 0.21 – thanks a lot!

  5. 5. nicolas Says:

    Good job!


    Inspired, but not *stolen* from

  6. 6. nicolas Says:

    Sorry i forgot my bug-related feedback:

    If a key-combination with the ctrl or shift-key is selected (ie: i set ctrl+shift+tab on left swipe for firefox tab swiching) those keys wont show up in the preferences. only the tab sign is visible.
    since BTT recognises the additional set keys, its not really a problem, ist kind of an interface inconvenience 😉

  7. 7. Andrew Says:

    This is truly epic. SL is now complete.
    Suggestions for the next version:

    (1) Option to automatically run at startup (I think almost everyone knows how to add it manually, but its still a nice option to have)
    (2) Command + Direction Arrows does not seem to capture properly
    (3) Preference Pane (my preference, but not a big deal)…
    (4) Application groups with the same rules – “Browsers”, “Media Players”
    (5) Import Multiclutch keybindings
    (6) Media keys

  8. 8. Michael Says:


    I couldn’t get multiclutch to accept modifier keys, but your app works like a charm!

    keep up the good work!

  9. 9. Says:

    Hmm is ?nyone elsse experiencing problesms ?ith the images ?n this blog loading?
    ?’m trying to determine iif its ? problem on my end or if it’s the blog.
    Any feedbback ?ould be greatly appreciated.

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