Nov 07

Today I made some modifications to MultiClutch by William Henderson (thanks for your great work!) the result I call BetterTouchTool. THIS TOOL IS  IN ALPHASTATE!! I programmed it just today! So expect bugs!!

BetterTouchTool aims on Snow Leopard users who can’t use MultiClutch. BetterTouchTool is no InputManager, it is a normal app, you don’t have to install something, if you close the app everything is like before.

You can set global or app specific shortcuts for nearly every gesture (unfortunately 4 finger gestures are not supported yet) . Magic Mouse only supports swipe left and swipe right yet. BetterTouchTool should work with every application (even iTunes etc.).

For Magic Mouse users it has the option to set a higher mouse speed / acceleration. I included this because my Magic Mouse was very slow.  Version 0.3 of BetterTouchTool (available in a few days) will allow you to use the Magic Mouse as presenter (move the cursor like with a touchpad without moving the mouse). I think the next version will also somehow be able to create a middle click using the magic mouse.

//Update: I found a solution on how to make more gestures available. Monday or tuesday I’ll release a version of BetterTouchTool which is able to recognize 3 finger tap on magic mouse and macbook and 4 finger tap on macbook.

//Update: Version 0.24 is here.

  • Fixed problem regarding modifier keys and e.g. arrows
  • Fixed some problems with gestures
  • New icon (made by Nicolas from, thank you very much!)
  • Preferences window now doesn’t show up everytime you start BetterTouchTool

//Update: Version 0.21 is here.

  • Allows to set single keys as shortcuts

Known Bugs:

  • Modifierkey + arrow key commands not shown correctly in interface (but they will work)

//Update: Version 0.2 is here.

  • Autoupdate
  • Four finger tap supported(I hope this works everywhere) //Edit: Four finger tap doesn’t work correctly because it is called everytime you do with four fingers.. we’ll see if I can fix that.
  • Some small bugfixes

Download BetterTouchTool 0.24 here (tested on Snow Leopard only)

written by Andreas Hegenberg

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