Jul 11

The last few months have been really busy and I did almost no work on BetterTouchTool. Now I have finished all my exams, seminars etc. and the only thing left to do is my Master Thesis. I’ll probably have more time for development again (at least until I finish my Master Thesis and have to search for a job ;-)).

So yesterday I released BetterTouchTool 0.763 which mainly fixes some bugs.

What things do you want in upcoming BTT versions?

I thought about adding the possibility to create your own gestures in one of the next versions, I found a pretty cool algorithm (http://depts.washington.edu/aimgroup/proj/dollar/ ) which should help me to implement s.th. like this. My current idea would be to activate the drawing mode by e.g. tapping with three fingers, then removing two fingers and draw your own shape with the remaining finger. What do you think? Are there more important things than custom gestures?

written by Andreas Hegenberg

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