Jul 11

The last few months have been really busy and I did almost no work on BetterTouchTool. Now I have finished all my exams, seminars etc. and the only thing left to do is my Master Thesis. I’ll probably have more time for development again (at least until I finish my Master Thesis and have to search for a job ;-)).

So yesterday I released BetterTouchTool 0.763 which mainly fixes some bugs.

What things do you want in upcoming BTT versions?

I thought about adding the possibility to create your own gestures in one of the next versions, I found a pretty cool algorithm (http://depts.washington.edu/aimgroup/proj/dollar/ ) which should help me to implement s.th. like this. My current idea would be to activate the drawing mode by e.g. tapping with three fingers, then removing two fingers and draw your own shape with the remaining finger. What do you think? Are there more important things than custom gestures?

written by Andreas Hegenberg

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97 Responses to “BetterTouchTool 0.763”

  1. 1. Riccardo Says:

    Custom Gesture are awesome!

    Maybe could be useful support other kind of device by adding some plugin. for example i use a Skype phone whose buttons are note recognised by OSX.

    Thanks for your work!

  2. 2. Stefan Says:

    Own gestures Would make BTT Perfect.

    I know its quite a Lot of work to implement but a feature most – maybe all – users are dreaming of.

    Thanks so much!

  3. 3. Jon Says:

    I’d vote for the ability to copy and paste gestures and to drag and drop gestures between programs.

  4. 4. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Jon copy and paste is possible with 0.763 ( http://d.pr/i/cFQQ ) this was broken in the previous version, but should now work. (just noticed it shouldn’t say “union” anymore, just paste)

  5. 5. ben Says:

    the ability to detect relative distance between fingers – so two discrete 2 fingered gestures:

    first finger + second finger vs first finger + little finger.

    this comes from the fingerworks gesture pads and opens up a bunch of new gestures

  6. 6. Daniele Liprandi Says:

    I think that custom gestures is the most important thing to add after TouchBoard
    TouchBoard is a spectacular thing i imagined that, in my opinion, you can actually create: Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad could be divided not in stripes nor angles, but squares: each square is a special key that can be used as any key or script. Of course there’s no hint of this keys on the hardware (while in keyboard or joypad symbols and letters are printed on each key, just to understand ourselves) but as a typer writes without his eyes, a guitarist plays without looking at his right hand and a gamer plays watching a screen, i think that TouchBoard will be pretty usefull: a gamer can set his mouse or trackpad to full control his character with just one hand; a musician can associate to each square an instrument and easily switch between them in Logic Pro.

    Just one inconvenient: that kills the mouse, so you actually need something else to move around the cursor while TouchBoard is activated, or at least you should not need the cursor while you use it.

    Please Answer me, whatever you think.

  7. 7. koro Says:

    four/five finger pinch, like in Lion. We need that!

  8. 8. Cheeku Jee Says:

    Nice, have been waiting for an update for this.

    Own gestures would be just awesome!!!!

    Thank you!

  9. 9. Mepuk Says:

    “the ability to detect relative distance between fingers – so two discrete 2 fingered gestures: …”

    I vote for this !

    Secondly i still have problems when i’m logged in with more than one user.
    BTT crashes after a while.

    bdw (-;
    Thank you so much for that awesome tool !

  10. 10. Aaron Meurer Says:

    How about an iPhone/iPod touch and iPad app that lets you use the multitouch screen as a trackpad for the computer. I know some of these already exist, but as far as I know none of them work with gestures (correct me if I’m wrong). The iPad could basically be a giant magic trackpad.

    Also, I don’t know if you ever implemented this, but the ability to make pinch do a scroll would be great to make pinch actually zoom in Google Earth and Google Maps. The ability to make gestures do smooth actions like scrolling in general would be useful.

  11. 11. mrkien Says:

    TipTap don’t work

  12. 12. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    Hey, tranks for the suggestions!

    @Daniele Liprandi, yes, this is a good idea :-)
    @Aaron Meurer, I wanted to create this since quite a while but never got to do it… but it’s definitely on my todo list.(and probably wouldn’t be too much work :-))
    @Ben & Mepuk, ok I’ll check if I can add this or if it would cause problems

  13. 13. alessandro paladino Says:

    also for me tip taps dont work at all!!!

  14. 14. Cristian Radu L?pu?an Says:

    I think this is an awsome ideea!

  15. 15. Cristian Radu L?pu?an Says:

    I used Jitouch just for the ability to draw letters that trigger multi touch gestures, but the app hasn’t worked lately the way is supposed to.

  16. 16. Pianisimo Says:

    So I saw the update on better touch tool, and it says it is on the app store, so I want to buy it to support the developer, but on the app store there is only the better snap tool, does better snap tool includes better touch tool as well?

  17. 17. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Pianisimo hey, no sorry only BetterSnapTool is available in the Mac App Store :-) (BTT wouldn’t be approved by Apple)

  18. 18. Andy L Says:

    Ability to select more than one rule for copying and pasting. Also keyboard navigation (and selection) for the gesture rules list would be very useful.

  19. 19. Peter Says:


    Man.. I thought it would never be corrected – such a relief.

    Keep it going and thanks again!

  20. 20. Stephen Says:

    User defined gestures sounds great… but in the meantime, one very useful gesture which seems to be missing is 4-finger double tap.
    Great work!!!

  21. 21. Roy Says:

    One real improvement in usability would be if you could at least double the size of the Preferences window. The text is just impossibly tiny on a 27″ screen.

  22. 22. Paul Says:

    Andreas, BettersnapTool looks great so far. How about adding the ability to make a window (or windows) float–that is, remain on top of other windows and always visible no matter what?

  23. 23. Elliot Says:

    Better Touch tool is awesome, and probably my most indispensable app now, even though i only discovered it a week ago! One thing that would cure my main issue with BTT is simply how it works with the apple remote – namely, i would like an option to completely pass-thru the standard button actions – e.g. i have set it up so next/prev/play/pause/vol-up/vol-dn have different meanings depending on whether itunes, spotify, quitcktime or vlc is in the front, which is brilliant! However, when i use front row, which is already designed to work with the remote control, the remote no longer works at all. I have tried adding front row to the app list and selecting “Disable BTT completely for ‘Front Row'”, but it is the same result. The only way i can regain the normal remote control actions is by quitting BTT altogether.

    I suppose there’s two ways this could be fixed, one would be to simply add an item to Predfined Actions that is simply a “Pass through”, which i could set for each of the remote buttons for Front Row only. This might be handy as well for events where people want an gesture/action to be global, but not for a certain application. Another approach might be to add the stock remote control commands individually to the list, so if somebody so wished they could even mime a remote control with gestures (I’m not immediately sure why this is useful, but my bet is somebody will!).

    Keep up the great work!

  24. 24. Roy Says:

    One problem I’m having with resizing and repositioning windows (e.g. “Resize Window to Left Third”) is that as soon as the window moves, it loses focus. If I want to apply 2 gestures in succession, I have to click on the window again to regain focus, which kind of defeats the purpose.

  25. 25. 153957 Says:

    The main thing missing for me is support for tilting scroll wheels.
    I dont like the Magic Mouse, but have a Logitech mouse with multiple buttons and a tiling scroll wheel.
    If BTT also recognized the tilting scroll wheel it would be perfect.

  26. 26. bouga brooms Says:

    Hi Andreas,
    Thanks for your app. it increases so much macos usability…
    The 3 then 2 fingers idea is great.
    Another idea could be “starting outside of the trackpad” and then using its own gesture… (detecting the beginning of the horizontal swipe at the far edge of the trackpad…)

    I want also to ask you about a bizarre bug. the 4 fingers tap works perfect when the mbp is not pluggeg. But when charging, the action assigned is activated randomly when we swipe with two or even one finger(s)!!
    Do you have an idea why? can you fix it?

  27. 27. Pianisimo Says:

    Well getting the bettersnap tool from the appstore then :) cheers man, keep up the good work.

  28. 28. Sam Says:

    we would all love custom gestures it seems but please consider also adding SuddenMotionSensor as an input as well :)

  29. 29. Chris Says:

    Please bring back Wacom tablet support! It wasn’t fully functional and would stop working sporadically but dammit I NEED IT NOW. LOL, thanks for all your hard work. Do you think this feature will be brought back in the near future?

  30. 30. Anon Says:

    I’ve been hanging out for custom gestures for ages.

  31. 31. Marius Says:

    Please add the ability to hide the frontmost application.

  32. 32. Dustin Says:

    I would like to be able to highlight text without having to click and hold.
    For example: hold shift and swipe two fingers left would hightlight text left, and likewise for right.

  33. 33. koro Says:

    Oh right, something extremely useful: a “left finger click and hold” action.
    For example, i could be able to configure “three-finger click” to “left finger click and hold” so that when i want to move an icon, I would just select it with the cursor, click with three fingers, release, move the cursor normally to the destination, and click with three fingers again.

    The reason is that dragging something on a large screen using the trackpad is extremely annoying since you have to hold one finger down while moving the other (i often end up using two hands for this!!!)

  34. 34. Raphael Says:

    I want the function that allow the general mouse draw gesture to close tabs in browser. Is it possible? Thanks for your work, this app is incredible.

  35. 35. alex Says:

    four (and/or/both) double fingers taps would be aewsome!

  36. 36. Tom Z Says:

    How about adding the ability to remap the Home & End keys to their windows equivalents? In other words, I would like to:


    The idea is to make the Home and End keys in OSX behave like they do in Windows – jumping to the beginning or end of the current line of text.

  37. 37. manfred Says:

    is there a reason why single/two/three finger touch top is available for the magic mouse but not for trackpads? I would love to use the three finger touch top for window dragging with my bamboo tablet (as possible with the apple trackpad). Unfortunately the wacom driver doesn’t provide this gesture.

  38. 38. Daniele Liprandi Says:

    @andreas Thank you :) How hard would that be to create?

  39. 39. fractal Says:

    Hey Andreas! I’ve been using BTT for a very long time and it’s been fantastic. It’s one of the first things I install on many of my client’s macs just to make sure it works a little ‘cleaner’ so to speak.

    Unfortunately, since I upgraded to lion, my four finger gestures have not worked properly. First off, in system prefs, I have three finger swipes to move between full screen apps set to ‘enabled’. Since that is a toggle option, it should inherently disable four finger swipes. (I can find no other four finger swipe related actions in the preferences) This status fulfills your note in BTT that three finger gestures ought to be enabled while four fingers ought not to be. So in BTT, I have configured four finger swipes left and right to skip forward and backward through music in iTunes. When I use a four finger gesture, it triggers the built in three finger gesture as well. So it skips a song and moves to another app at the same time. It would seem BTT is passing on the gesture to the mac system. If I remove the gestures from BTT, four finger swipes still move through apps. Does this indicate a bug within OSX Lion?

  40. 40. William Carr Says:

    I was hoping that your app could add pinch/zoom to Mail.

    And since Pinch/Zoom occasionally fails in Safari… it would be great if you had a way to reset the thread or whatever without having to restart Safari.

  41. 41. HN Says:

    There are currently some bugs in 3 finger taps. I’d like to see bugs addressed in the next update before new features are added.
    Though I also would love to have a 5 finger pinch gesture (I want to remap launchpad).
    Thanks for the great app!

  42. 42. drlz Says:

    Please do this! I’ve been using character gestures from JiTouch2 but their app is buggy as hell.

  43. 43. Scott Says:

    Not sure if this is the right tool, but I would love something that remembers my window positions on a dual monitor set up, then have a setting for when I disconnect my MacBook and am using a single monitor. Right now when I go back to the dual monitor setup I have to reposition all my windows again. I used to have an app on OS 9 that did this, but have had no luck finding something for Lion.

  44. 44. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Scott I THINK the app Moom from Manytricks can do this, but I’m not entirely sure.

  45. 45. Cameron Says:

    Would it be possible to make it where a gesture cause a certain action to be sent to a specific program? Id currently only use it for bowtie (make some gesture tell bowtie it has just been double-clicked to flip the cover over), but others would likely find things to do with it.

  46. 46. Scott Says:

    Thanks Andreas, and the request was for Better Snap tool, not Better Touch.

  47. 47. viitek Says:

    one finger scrolling for macbook trackpad – I’m paralysed, I can use only one finger. On my other notebook (dell/windows) I have scrollzone defined on the right edge of trackpad. Would it be possible to add something similar to BTT? Thanks

  48. 48. nick Says:

    would love to have application specific keyboard shortcuts. Cheers

  49. 49. George Says:

    I would love to see implemented a single finger tap that acts like a click and have it work with drag lock. So I don’t have to double tap to drag. It’s a little thing but it makes the trackpad more like a PC in that all is required is a single tap to drag instead of double. I know why not just click. I’m totally not used to putting much pressure on the trackpad and it’s annoying to me. It would be nice is all I’m saying.
    Also, an idea I had was to allow selection of icons by path of cursor not by a box. That way I can get icons that aren’t lined up perfectly in a square. It’d just be faster than holding shift and doing each one individually. I guess it wouldn’t really be related to this project?…

  50. 50. George Says:

    wtf is this? I forgot that there was even an update button, I tried to install the new version over the old one it said there’s one already running, so I dragged the old icon from aplications to trash and removed the login items, now my it won’t work.. why can’t you include a proper uninstaller or make the update button on the main page.

  51. 51. Andries Says:

    Here is an idea that could fix a very annoying (for me and many others I’m sure) an inherent touch/multi-touch “bug” in mac os X touchpad handling.

    Please tell me how much I can donate to have this feature prioritised!!!
    (Just a checkbox somewhere to enable this would be great, not everyone has to enable this feature)

    The problem is that
    -> I like being able to TAP with two fingers on the pad, and have it be interpreted as “right click”
    -> But I don’t want an actual PRESS (which actually triggers the mechanical switch inside the pad), to cause a *right* click just because I am also touching the pad somewhere else

    A common usage scenario is moving the cursor with one finger, and using another then to depress the pad. The intended action is a single click, yet the OS interprets it as a right click.

    The way better-touch-tool could differentiate is by considering that the two events did not start close to the same time….. i.e. my other finger started to touch the pad long before the second finger depressed the pad.

    Further this was a case of the pad mechanical switch being triggered, not a light tap (touches) of two spots on the pad.

    So light tap of two fingers should still trigger a RIGHT click action if they happen to strike the pad at roughly the same time, but one finger starting a motion on the pad, and a second vinger physically depressing the mechanical switch a few moments later, should be interpreted as a LEFT click.

  52. 52. Rayz Says:

    It would be great if you could do custom gestures!

  53. 53. Rayz Says:

    And as far as the job hunt goes? Mate, you should be working for Apple.

  54. 54. lami Says:

    Hey Andreas, thx for these apps, love them!

    As for ideas: would be nice if in BTT a continuous press of apple remote buttons could trigger continuous actions, as under default apple remote behaviour. So for instance, if I press and hold the up button, I’d like to see the volume increase until I release that button. Similarly, this is useful behaviour for fast forwarding films or songs. I couldn’t do this in BTT, but maybe I just missed this option.

    The other request is: for different people different finger distances are comfortable for tapping/tip-tapping. So for instance ppl with small hands would maybe prefer to do a two finger middle tiptap with their fingers close to each other, but BTT currently wouldn’t recognize that. (Also, I noticed that the differences for which BTT recognizes tiptaps varies across devices, so it’s smaller on a MBP than on a magic trackpad). Could you make the distances between fingers that BTT detects adjustable?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  55. 55. Jonni Says:


    Website-specific gestures, within the browser, that only operate when a tab with a current website is active.

    Would be great for moving between mails, deleting, archiving in Gmail for example.

    I realise this is probably technically impossible, but just sharing!

    Thank you Andreas for this awesome app.

  56. 56. Matt Keys Says:

    I have an idea that I think those of us with multiple monitors would really enjoy (I know I would).

    I used Better Touch Tool on my MacBook. When I am in my office I dock with a 27″ display. When I am on the display I set the window snapping to 50% screen width. When I am away from my desk and I am on the little macbook screen, I set the window snapping to 60% screen width.

    If there was a way to automatically adjust the snapping width based on the primary monitor, that would be awesome.

    PS. Thank you for all the hard work you do on BTT

  57. 57. Nick Says:

    1. Custom gestures (or at least control over “launchpad pinch”)

    2. Snap Areas (from BST; why isn’t it already here?)

    3. Control over currently restricted Hot Corners

    4. Keyboard shortcuts leading to other ones (or other unavailable functions
    possible through use of system preferences – accessing menubar items)

    5. “Enabled” tick-box column in trackpad gestures (and others) as in keyboard ones

    6. Use of fn in keyboard shortcuts

    7. Problem (if it isn’t just me) with three finger drag immediately after BTT is opened
    – Drag doesn’t work and jolts as if trying to do a gesture (I have none with three fingers); doesn’t occur when BTT is off or has been open for minute

  58. 58. Dan Rose Says:

    Just downloaded this as I purchased a Magic Mouse. Does this alter scrolling in apps? Like InDesign. I was thinking this could control the wild scrolling in some apps? Maybe not…

  59. 59. Jeremy Says:

    I LOVE this app and could not use my computer without it… but I only use it for one thing: the triple-finger middle click.

    If you’re going to develop stripped-down versions of the utility (like better snap tool) a middle-click app would be superb.

    Thanks for all the hard work!

  60. 60. Julz Says:

    Love this tool!
    But hate window snapping. Took me AGES to work out out how to turn it off.

    I took a screen grab of the instructions when i activated it and i think the instructions are wrong.
    It says “you can disable in preferences=> predefined actions => window snapping”

    The disabled button is in preferences=> action settings => window snapping

  61. 61. Julz Says:

    Oh – here is a suggestion that would be AWESOME.

    As well as keyboard shortcuts, could you also make it do a series of actual keystrokes?

    I get bored typing the same email addresses and passwords* and stock bits of email reply; could you enable gestures for “type this text here”?

    Its a function I love in iOS. Keyboard shortcuts let me bring up my email address by typing “jjg” etc – a trackpad shortcut (maybe one of those triangles) would rock!


    *may be a security risk for admin level pws, so may need encryption on the “assigned action”

  62. 62. Cameron Says:

    That’s already in, Predefined Action: Paste custom text. it asks what text you want when you select the option.

  63. 63. Christian Says:


    dont know if this would be in the scope of BTT but i just realized, there is little solution to it, but the solution is just so simple:
    You have large screens, you have a small mouse pointer, you are searching for the mouse pointer esp. if the screens have loads of different colors. On Windows, you enable disability tools, you can press ctrl and the mouse pointer will get a circle around it and blink. On OS X, a search just offered mouse locator, a pretty old software. Plus i am not a fan of “one utility for each task”.

  64. 64. kien Says:

    Open Application / File/ Script don’t work

  65. 65. feigo Says:

    allow 3-finger drag for magic mouse!!
    for some reason double tap dragging doesn’t work under certain apps and the stacks.

  66. 66. Gordo Says:

    I’d like the ability to switch between fullscreen apps


  67. 67. EB Says:

    If you have BTT running for two users, certain gestures do not work. If I am logged into user B and use certain gestures, the gestures run for user A instead. Please fix this!

    The issue only arises every now and then. Sometimes, I can run both instances of BTT and there are no issues. Then suddenly, it stops working for one of the users.

    The gesture that messes up the most (and almost solely) is three finger swipes left and right (but not up and down).

    Thank you!

  68. 68. daskew Says:

    If you could add support for the new Wacom Intuos 5 tablets that’d be awesome! They work just like the Magic Trackpad, but your app doesn’t recognize them. :(

  69. 69. Hans A. Lasslob Says:

    Hallo, Herr Hegenberg,

    bettertouch ist ja wirklich eine dolle Sache – für mich mit meinem … mäßigen Englisch wäre es in deutscher Version echt donate-able. So hat sich für mich auch der maßgebliche Unterschied zu bettersnap nicht sogleich erschlossen. Ist das nicht ansatzweise in bettertouch schon enthalten?

    Vielen Dank und
    beste Grüße
    Hans A. Lasslob

  70. 70. Chris Chin Says:

    I’m also working on my thesis. Good luck!
    One request for BTT… would it be possible to add a scroll sensitivity setting? The Magic Mouse is infamously oversensitive in many apps (Photoshop, Office, Google Maps) and it would be great to see this implemented (especially on a per-app setting, which currently doesn’t exist).

  71. 71. veracosta Says:

    this is the best and the most essential app for me ever!

  72. 72. Norah Smith Says:

    Hello! First just wanted to say, your apps are wonderful. BTT is incredible with how much control it offers for tweaking things.

    My request is to allow normal mice to emulate two or three finger swipes on a touchpad. For instance, what i’m imagining is somewhere where I can hold down the middle mouse button and move the mouse up or down, and have OSX think that I put three fingers down and swiped up or down. It would bring a lot of the nice switching gestures and mission control stuff to a normal mouse if this was possible. Thanks!

  73. 73. SteckDev Says:

    Love your utility. Makes it so much fun to use the magic mouse and so much more personalized experience on mac (which I didn’t think was possible).

  74. 74. skj Says:

    – Triple-Click predefined-action will be very helpful.

    – I work on cad inside a vncviewer, so do a lot of drag and drop of signals in waveforms. This is one thing for which I have to run for my mouse. Have not been able to figure out how to use btt drag and drop for this yet.

  75. 75. Benjamin Says:

    Hey Andreas,

    We’ve already been in touch right after the release of OSX Lion. I would like to provide some additional feedback regarding the keyboard backlight problem we talked about then.

    Does anyone have the same problem in the BTT community ?

  76. 76. R. Hamilton Says:

    Is there (or could there be) a way to launch a non-app executable (binary or script) via a keyboard shortcut WITHOUT running it in Terminal?

  77. 77. Glenn Says:

    I am wondering if there will be any work done to implement single single left and right in bettertouch tool? The single left and right swipe would be good for applications like eclipse which currently dont support left and right single finger swipe even with the plug tools.



  78. 78. Glenn Says:

    I meant 2 finger swipe left and right for eclipse sorry..

  79. 79. Micko Says:

    Question: why isn’t there support for single-finger double tap on Magic Mouse? On Mac OS X, it zooms, but this is quite useless – I would rather have single-finger-double-tap act as a right-click (secondary button). Will this be supported? Thank you.

  80. 80. Ben Says:

    I’d just like to chime in to say that single finger swipes would be very helpful!

  81. 81. Carlos Says:

    Hi, I really want to say that the Better Touch Tool app is simply one of the best apps out there. Thank you so very much for taking the time in creating a very useful tool. I love the added support for the Apple remote (aluminum) as it allows me to control Youtube and Netflix (something that was not possible before without using the keyboard or a “remote” app using and iPhone, etc…

    However, I’ve noticed that Better Touch Tool will not work when I’m using Netflix in full screen mode and the Apple aluminum remote. Even after setting up all the right gestures for Chrome and Firefox, it works flawlessly so long as the browser is NOT in full screen mode. When you try to use the tool while the browser is in full screen mode, the application is non-responsive.

    This only happens with Netflix.
    If I use full screen mode in Youtube, it works fine. I wonder if the problem is with Microsoft’s Silverlight…

    I’m wondering if there is a way around this or if this is something that’s come up before?

    Thanks again for all the work into making such great app!

  82. 82. Leanna Says:

    I second #32 Dustin and #33 Koro. My thumb is getting really sore from holding it down while I highlight. Thanks for everything you’ve done so far!

  83. 83. Bob Says:

    I would like to see some sort of visual feedback when performing tasks such as copy/paste web images using tipswipe, it would solve my clipboard issues. Often I find myself pasting unintended images because I do not know wether I copied it correct. Something like the audio icon you see when adjusting the volume by using your keyboard should do the trick.

    Another thing; have you seen the Wacom touchring interface? It enables users to summon a sort of custom right-click radial menu. It looks & feels really sweet and in control.

    Keep up the good work,

  84. 84. tuwe Says:

    I would also appreciate the floating window (always on top) capability. It’ s built into OSX natively, but without an option to manually apply it to a window (without helper tools :)
    Addtionally: great job so far on BTT (I also use the remote…nice to have only one tool for all the purposes)

  85. 85. johanna Says:

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  86. 86. David Says:

    yeaah, add support for intuos 5 touch surface pleaseee

  87. 87. John Says:

    I’ve been useing BTT for quite a while. Just recently, it stopped working all together in InDesign. Scrolling still happens. I’m in CS6, and 10.7.5. Now that it is scrolling again, it is driving me crazy! Please hel!p!!!

  88. 88. Omer Says:

    This might be special cool. I’ve been looking thru a bunch on the internet and really liked this unique adaptation.

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  95. 95. david Petrelli Says:

    I’m missing the scroll wheel detection in normal mice.

    Thanks tons for your excellent app !!

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    in delicious. And of course, thanks for your effort!

  97. 97. Frees Says:

    Hi is it possible to simulate key hold with mouse button? So far, if I am holding mouse button it will only trigger one key press. I’m using Mouse Button 3 and Mouse Button 4 to switch browser tabs via Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab.

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