Having problems updating to BetterSnapTool 1.2.4 ? Check this:

Because many of you only use the window snapping and moving features of BetterTouchTool I extracted those into a tiny app I call BetterSnapTool. So if you don’t want the additional ballast of BetterTouchTool download the BetterSnapTool :-)

BetterSnapTool is now available in the Mac App Store!!

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221 Responses to “BetterSnapTool?”

  1. 1. Rafael Says:

    This is the best app for mac I have ever used!!!! Thanks!!! I will donate!

  2. 2. Martin Says:

    Having come from Windows 7 this is one feature I missed. My only criticism is that the target areas in the corners are small, on the left side I dont always find the right position to snap to the left/top/corner it works along the top edge but not top/left/side edge. 5/5 at the moment but 6/5 with bigger target areas! Thank You!

  3. 3. Chris Says:

    Is it possible to adjust a delay until the window begins to snap? This function would be extremely helpful :D.

  4. 4. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Chris yes I was thinking about that too, put it on my TODO list, shouldn’t be too hard.

  5. 5. Davis Cranwell Says:

    I don’t know if this is something BetterSnapTool could do, but Chris’s comment above reminded me that I’ve always wanted a way to delay Exposé’s hot corners slightly. I have upper-left set for Exposé to show all windows, for example, but frequently I’ll hit that target by mistake for a second and it’s kind of jarring. Even a delay of .5 sec or so would really help that.

  6. 6. Darryl Miller Says:

    Just purchased BetterSnapTool from the Apple App store. I’m only looking to do one thing: I want to automatically resize a window to fill my ENTIRE screen (Maximize?).

    I set your App up to Maximize if I Right-Click on the GREEN +…but it doesn’t actually Maximize, as I can see desktop stuff on the right-hand side.

    I’ve heard great things about your App, so I’m sure there is a way to do what I want. Please help?



  7. 7. Darryl Miller Says:

    Okay, so it’s working a little better. But still having one issue.

    I’m trying to Maximize the window in Microsoft Word For Mac 2011, and now when I Right-Click on the Green +, it does seem to Maximize. However, I am still able to Manually resize/drag the window so it moves downward a tiny bit further. Note: The Top, Left, and Right sides are all Maximized, BUT the Bottom is not quite Maximized. Almost, but not quite.

    I really want an App that can Automatically Maximize without having to resize the window myself by manually dragging the lower right corner. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

  8. 8. saintberry Says:

    This doesn’t work very well with a dual monitor set up. If you have your main monitor to the left, to snap to the right hand side you have to drag to the far right of the secondary monitor and it will only take up 1/2 of that monitor.

    Do you have a fix? This tool is pretty useless to me without.

    Also with spaces enabled. If you drag to one side and there is a space on that side the window is placed on the new space, not on the one you were intending.

    This tool is a cool idea, but needs a lot of refinement.

  9. 9. saintberry Says:

    I take it all back! You just have to be really careful where you drag :) Thanks!

  10. 10. Liv Says:

    Can you set BetterSnapTool to quit an app when right-clicking on it’s red button?

  11. 11. Tom Wilson Says:

    I’m having an issue with the latest version that appeared on the App Store today in Lion GM – After it finishes downloading I get the message “The file “SRCommon.h” Couldn’t be saved in the folder “Headers”

    Any ideas?

  12. 12. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @tom, that’s strange, have you tried deleting BetterSnapTool from the applications folder and downloading it again via the app store? (it will be free to download it again)

  13. 13. Tom Wilson Says:

    That worked 😉

    Should have thought of trying that myself. I think I tried to update it while it was still running (and then it complained that it couldn’t) but it must have gotten itself into a weird state.

  14. 14. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    usually the App Store quits an app before updating it, maybe something went wrong there. Thanks for the report so I know what to do if this happens on other machines too!

  15. 15. Scott Says:

    The SRCommon.h message happened to me also on 2 10.7 GM machines. Just FYI. Might need to report this to Apple

  16. 16. Scott Says:

    Actually I deleted it from Applications and I can’t install the new one. The App store still complains that it can’t store that header. The app store still says “Update” not install though, not sure how to make it think the app is missing.

  17. 17. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Scott could you check if there is still a BetterSnapTool process running?

  18. 18. Ed Left Says:

    Hi, when I try to update v1.2.4 of BetterSnapTool via the Mac App Store, I get an error dialog:
    The application could not be downloaded.
    The file “SRCommon.h” couldn’t be saved in the folder “Headers”.

    I did delete BetterTouchTool using AppCleaner recently…not sure if related.

    Any ideas on what’s going on here?

  19. 19. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    Hey Ed,

    I’m not sure but try deleting it manually from the applications folder and downloading it again via the app store (download will be free). Are you using the Lion GM?

  20. 20. Ed Left Says:

    Thanks, Andreas, a delete and reinstall did it…should have thought of that!

  21. 21. Ed Left Says:

    And yes, this was Lion GM.

  22. 22. Christopher Oxley Says:

    A fantastic tool for both my MBP and iMac, as a thank you i have put a little write up on my site at

    I hope you don’t mind but i added the screenshots from your iTunes listing but will remove them if you would prefer. Keep up the good work dude!

  23. 23. Michael Says:

    For me BatterSnapTool doesn’t accept the shortcut CTRL+ALT+CMD key up.
    CTRL+ALT+CMD left, right, down works.
    Any ideas?

  24. 24. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Michael, I’ll check what could cause this, currently I unfortunately don’t have an idea :-( but it seems to happen here too.

  25. 25. Michael Says:

    If it helps. On some of our Macs it works, on some it doesn’t.
    I didn’t find an OS short cut that could block it on the Macs where it doesn’t work.

  26. 26. Michael Says:

    Thank you for your mail.
    Closing Skype, adding short cut, opening Skype works!

  27. 27. max Says:


    installed better snap tool to support you a bit (lion)

    i used better touch tool for some time.

    1) i miss the possibility to assign the “three finger tap” (touchpad) to “middle mouse button” in lion. i think i used to set it up in BTT. can i do this in BST as well or do i need to turn back to BTT?

    2) in BST i cant bring the settings window up. starting BST does not show anything (snapping works, seems to be active). can it be that i deactivated sth. in the settings? how can i show the settings screen?

    best regards,

  28. 28. Kenneth Says:

    I just installed the app and immediately noticed that when I snap a window to one of the predefined quadrants, the window doesn’t necessarily “size” to that quadrant causing overlap with other snapped windows…. I wasn’t expecting that and hope that I’m missing something in the preferences… I would prefer no overlap so i can read the scrolled content of one window and enter that data in another window without overlapping windows without focus. Is that the way its supposed to work?

    I’m running OSX Lion on Macbook pro 17.


  29. 29. Michael Says:

    After updated to lion, the animation of the resizing the windows does not work after every reboot, and required manually disabling and re-enabling in the menu. The machine is early 2011 MBP 15″ and the version of BST is 1.2.5
    Thank you

  30. 30. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    Hey Michael,

    could you check if BetterSnapTool is still in your login items? (System Preferences => Users & Groups => Login Items) If not please add it manually :-)

  31. 31. SGC Says:

    I **love** BetterSnapTool. Use it about 30 times a day.
    Just upgraded to Lion and while BST works, it won’t start-up. By that i mean, I have BST as a “Login Item” — to launch at login, in Lion. The app doesn’t activate when I start the Mac. When I manually start the app (either by double-clicking on the icon in the Application folder) or by opening via Spotlight, then the app works perfectly.
    Is there an issues with BST in Lion re start-up?

  32. 32. Eugene Says:

    Hi Andreas,

    Great little programs you’ve developed…it’s definitely added very useful functionality to my Mac. I bought BetterSnapTool mostly to support your efforts because I appreciate BetterTouchTool so much. BST looks pretty useful too.

    I just have one request for BST; can you add some snaps where it goes to the designated corners but AT THE CURRENT WINDOW SIZE? Right now it snaps to the designated corners but is resized to half, third or quarter. Many times I have the windows sized perfectly, but I just need it snapped to a corner.

    Thanks so much for your efforts with these programs!


  33. 33. Josep Says:

    Excellent tool. Just bought it and Love it. Just one suggestion, it’d be great if you could center and resize to a different % of the screen than what can be set in the “specific settings for current app”. It’s great to be able to snap an app to the left or right to quickly have a side by side view of two different windows each taking 50% of the screen width but, sometimes, you just want to focus on working on one window, so what you want is to center that one window but use a reasonable amount of your screen realstate. As BetterSnapTool works you can do that but taking just 50% of the screenwidth. If I could configure BST to center&resize the window to 75% w & 100% h without losing the ability to snap left/right at 50-50% it would make this tool just perfect — for the record, SizeUp allows doing that.


  34. 34. Bob Says:

    Hello – Awesome tool you’ve developed here.

    I have three monitors in portrait mode and use the the left and center monitors for a large excel spreadsheet, and then the right monitor for the PDFs/internet. Perhaps I missed it, but is there a way to have a window snap to the “left two-thirds” of the monitor? Similar to the options to snap to the “left third’, “middle third”, and “right third”.

    Or is there a way to create custom snaps?

  35. 35. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Bob custom snaps will be available with version 1.3. For now you can only customize them per application (click on the icon in the menubar and select specific settings for currecnt application”)

  36. 36. Bob Says:


    Any thoughts on when 1.3 might come out?

  37. 37. James Says:

    First of all, thanks so much for this, it’s a wonderful tool!

    I’m using BetterTouchTool on Lion (updated to the latest alpha version), and have also tried BetterSnapTool, but the problem which I have encountered is that the Restore Old Windows Size if Window is Dragged Away Again feature will not work. With BetterSnapTool it will work from the menubar, but not just by moving the window away from the edge of the screen. Are there any preferences or settings that might be interfering with this function?

    Again, thank you so much!


  38. 38. Jason Says:

    Installed BetterSnapTool through the App Store. Love the program, but one problem I have, or maybe I am missing an option somewhere. I have the Performance MX mouse by logitech. I cant use the zoom along with the page forward/backward as these snap my windows to the left or right…I dont have any of the Extras activated. Is there a fix for this?


  39. 39. Jimmy Hayes Says:

    Hi, my name is Jimmy Hayes, I am the Editor of iCreate magazine. Could you get in touch about a review of BetterSnapTool



  40. 40. der.helge Says:


    this app is a really nice supplement to os x! but i guess i found a little bug:
    i am working with two monitors: the right one: macbook pro. the left one: 24″ main-monitor, displays the dock.
    the snap to right side of the main-monitor doesnt works everytime. when i recreate my monitor arrangement, it works again…
    have you any idea?

    Greetings from Bochum,

  41. 41. Anthony Sapien Says:

    Hi, love this tool. Could you possibly add one more extra? An option to bring any window or the desktop into focus when the mouse pauses on it for 0.25 seconds or so? For example when, switching to Skype, you could just flick my mouse over the screen and start typing. This would be great. Thanks for making this app!

  42. 42. Russell Stewart Says:

    Andreas, you’ve really got some great features here. I am a previous user of MagicPrefs, but I have found that the addition of window snapping, tiptaps, keyboard shortcuts, etc… has made BetterTouchTool well worth the switch. That being said, I am also someone who *upgraded to Lion, realized that Mission Control is significantly underpowered, and was forced to revert to Snow Leopard (SL). If you were to add functionality for spaces back to Lion, you could pick up a lot more users.

  43. 43. Luke Harrison Says:

    Hullo, BST is a great app, congrats. Unfortunately for me it refuses to open when I switch on my mac, even though it is in the system prefs list to do so and also ticked in the app itself. Any ideas? I’m on Snow Leopard on a 13″ macbook.

  44. 44. Arni Says:

    Hey Andreas,

    I have the same issue that BetterSnapTool does not start automatically upon Mac startup even though the option is checked under general settings.

    Besides this issue it’s a fantastic tool!


  45. 45. Andy Says:

    Weird, when BetterTouch Tool free and includes BetterSnap Tool’s feature why is BetterSnap Tool costs money? for lightness?

  46. 46. Kas Says:


    The “animation” that happens when moving a window to a corner doesn’t seem to work when using only Apple’s Magic Trackpad.

    But, if you use a mouse first and then switch back to using the Magic Trackpad the animations works. Strange.

    Any chance this bug can be fixed soon?

  47. 47. Scott Says:

    I noticed there is a problem with BST and finder window. Sometimes when i have the app running I have trouble getting access to the finder application. When I quit the BST app finder’s behavior becomes normal again.

  48. 48. ????????????????????? Says:

    Great!!!! Thanks a lot

  49. 49. M. Foerster Says:


    I’ve got a problem with BST and Lion. 10.7.2. Just snapping to the tops works at the moment, left or right or any other directions doesn’t work for me. Before the update everything was right and I don’t changed anything else. Have you noticed the same?


  50. 50. Bruce Says:

    I just downloaded this program and I am relatively new to Macs. I can get each screen to snap to desired position and size, but cannot figure out how to get the screen that I snapped to the opposite side up at the same time. Please advise.

  51. 51. Ben Says:

    I own bettersnap tool & think it is great. One thing that would make it greater is as follows. Whenever I switch my macbook pro from laptop to connected to an external monitor (I do this 10 times a day at work & home), the size of the windows does not stay the same in relative terms (i.e. if I am connected to a monitor & put a window in left half & another in right half, when I unplug monitor, the windows now do not fill half the screen any more due to change in resolution, so I have to repeat the bettersnaptool commands/shortcuts….everytime…same thing when I plug the laptop back to monitor after a meeting). If there was an option to have the software automatically resize when snap was applied, after resolution changes, this would be GRRREAT.
    Hope you can get to it, I tell everyone to purchase your tool!


  52. 52. Scott Reeves Says:

    I’ve pinged you a couple times on Twitter about this, but no response.

    I’m having an issue where BetterSnapTool opens on login, but not all of the functionality works, i.e. no icon in the menu bar, no keyboard shortcuts work, and I can snap to the top of the screen by dragging a window but not the sides. A relaunch fixes all the issues but I’m sick of doing it each time I restart my machine! The issue remains in BST 1.2.8, and this happens on two of my machines, which are both running 10.6.8.

    Please contact me if there’s any logs or anything I can send, I’d really like to get this solved. Thanks!

  53. 53. constipation home remedies Says:

    After seeing your post, I came to know about the customization of BetterSnapTool.
    Thanks a lot to the author..

  54. 54. David Miles Says:

    I have exactly the same issue as Scott Reeves – will there be a fix to this – it renders the app less than useful

  55. 55. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @David Miles,
    try to remove BetterSnapTool from your loginitems (System Preferences => Users => Login Items). Then add it again manually and uncheck the hide checkbox. (like this: )

    I hope this helps, if not please send me a mail to

  56. 56. Casey Says:

    Hey Andreas,

    I just downloaded bettersnaptool and I love it! I have one simple modification that I think you should build in that should be a piece of cake. You should allow the user to customize the sizes of the spaces that the app is dropped into. For instance, on my computer I like everything to be snapped to the left and be the full size of the screen except for a little vertical bar on the right side so that I can see my one column of icons (Macintosh HD, a folder or two, you get it). It would be great to be able to drag a window to the top and, rather than it making it go all the way full screen, be able to customize that size so that it doesn’t maximize all the way and leaves that bar. (If you would like to email me, I can send you a screen shot of exactly what I am talking about) Thanks for the app it is awesome!


  57. 57. Vincent Levinger Says:

    Hey! So my brother was telling me about how he wants to have defined sizes for different actions. I thought you could take it one step further and implement custom actions for mouse position. For example, if you have a full screen application and you wanted to see the right side of the screen to see mac HD or other items, you could simply leave your mouse on the right side of the screen for X amount of seconds. After that time period, the window could automatically move over to reveal your desktop so you could access those items. After you were done, the screen could revert to full size. This would allow for users to still have the full screen experience, but still have access to desktop items.

    I’m not sure if any of that really made sense, if you need more explanation just email me and i’ll try to draw up something?

  58. 58. Sammy Says:

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  60. 60. Astroboy Says:

    The preview overlay doesn’t show up when I first log in. In order to see the preview overlay, I have to click on the icon on the menu bar. I consider this is a bug that will need to be fixed in the next build


  61. 61. Astroboy Says:

    Never mind, it’s my fault, it’s fixed now by simply uncheck the hide tick box in system preferences :)

  62. 62. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Astroboy thanks for reporting (and testing the hide check-box trick). It’s a strange issue and only happens on some systems but I’ll fix this with the next update for all users.
    (I’m currently working hard on it but the new features that will also be available in the next update are a bit complicated so it’s taking me some time)

  63. 63. Benjamin Charity Says:

    I’d love the ability to set the keyboard shortcut to move a window to another space.

    Love this app though.

  64. 64. Jiri Krivanek Says:

    Hello, I want to fire a bug report: I have bought the BetterSnapTool. AppStore says I have the latest version. It works just fine. But…

    I also use (as I have to – a due by my company) the OpenOffice office suit. Since some time I am having the serios trouble with that SW. Whwnever I doubleclick certain user interface elements (e.g. the content navigator), the OpenOffice either crashes or freezes.

    I spent a long long time suspecting that the OpenOffice is buggy, the OSX Lion Java is buggy, the OSX itself is buggy…

    After reporting bugs on all sides, I had an idea: Disabled the BetterSnapTool. And voila – all the problems with the OpenOffice are GONE!!! Start the BetterSnapTool back -> the OpenOffice troubles are back to!!! Fully reproducible, perfectly consistent behavior.

    I guess that the BetterSnapTool, in order to do its marvelous functions, needs to hook up on the sysem events. And the hook breaks some other apps (in my case just the OpenOffice).

    I stopped using the BetterSnapTool for now as the OpenOffice is crutial for my job. But I still LOVE the BetterSnapTool…

    I hope you are going to fix this problem – not for those money but for that great functionality!!!

  65. 65. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Jiri BTT only uses standard API but it may be that Open Office has a bug which causes it to crash if this API is called. A workaround for you may be to disable BetterSnapTool for Open Office (see, click on disable BetterSnapTool for current application while you are in Open Office)

  66. 66. Freddie Coutinho Says:

    Hi, I think BetterTouchTool and BetterSnapTool are excellent and well done for the good work. Just one question/suggestion for the future – why does BetterSnap not support full screen mode like BetterTouchTool? Would it be possible to add this in a future release? Also I note that maximise doesn’t seem to work with Microsoft Office.

    But apart for that these apps are really cool. And the KeyboardCleaner is fab too!

    I for one hope that Apple doesn’t implement Sandboxing.

  67. 67. Alex Says:

    Same issue here: BetterSnapTool cannot be launched at login/startup. Please fix this. Btw. really nice tool :)

  68. 68. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Alex have you tried this workaround:

    try to remove BetterSnapTool from your loginitems (System Preferences => Users => Login Items). Then add it again manually and uncheck the hide checkbox. (like this: )

  69. 69. Daniel Modig Says:

    Just like most writers before me, I’ve got nothing but praise for BST. Long time user, and I’ve tried most apps targeting the sam functionality, but always come back to BST thanks to it’s stability. One feature that I’d really like to see though, would be a little twist to the keyboard shortcut.

    I’d love to have one initial shortcut to engage the BST menu, but then be able to – while having BST in focus – just bind single keys to activate a certain mode. For example:

    My global shortcut is CMD+SHIFT+D for BST. With the menu open I’d like to be able to just press ‘A’ (or whatever key I decide to assign to a certain mode) to maximize, ‘S’ for left half, ‘D’ for right half Z,X,C for each third and so on.

    I think this would be an awesome addition to the already superb app which never gets any rest at my computer :)

  70. 70. Eddie Says:

    when moving a window around it snaps fine to the top on my macair, but not to left or right, or any corners. (i created a keyboard shortcut for top but not anywhere else, but i am talking about snapping by dragging.) any advice?

  71. 71. certainly Says:

    I quite enjoyed your opinions on this matter. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Have you written anymore essays like this one?

  72. 72. John Galt Says:

    It works great ! I love the snap function, thanks for sharing.

  73. 73. James Says:

    I really like this, super simple. But… is there a way to get a window to cover two-thirds of a screen? Would be super awesome!

  74. 74. James E Says:

    This works great but the only problem I have is that the text on the window stays the same size as if it were still fullscreen. Is there a way to make it so i can still see the full window when I snap it to the left or right, something like an auto-resize?

  75. 75. serbian translation vancouver Says:

    The preview overlay doesn’t show up when I first log in. In order to see the preview overlay, I have to click on the icon on the menu bar. I consider this is a bug that will need to be fixed in the next build

  76. 76. PeterDerMeter Says:

    I just wanted to say, that I love better touch tool!
    Such a great program, keep it up m8!
    Wonder why Apple doesn’t include such awesome features in their OSx…

  77. 77. Mike G Says:

    Does BetterSnapTool work with X11 windows? I tried using trial version with the customizable placement method (as shown in the video) on an xterm, and the window didn’t move/resize. Very cool tool, btw (and BetterTouchTool is fantastic).

  78. 78. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Mike, no sorry, I haven’t added support for X11 yet. Maybe I can figure out how to support X11 but I’m not sure if it’s worth the work (got almost no complaints about X11 windows not working…)

  79. 79. employee motivation Says:

    I and my pals were found to be analyzing the good techniques located on your web blog then suddenly I had a horrible suspicion I never expressed respect to the web site owner for those tips. Most of the women appeared to be as a result stimulated to read them and have honestly been using those things. I appreciate you for simply being so helpful as well as for deciding on varieties of notable guides millions of individuals are really desperate to understand about. Our own sincere apologies for not saying thanks to you earlier.

  80. 80. Stefan Didak Says:

    Thanks for developing BetterSnapTool. It saves me tons of time not having to port my WiLMa (for Windows: to OSX.

  81. 81. Carey Barnett Says:

    I would very much like to be able to script this tool.


  82. 82. Scott Reeves Says:

    Still having the startup/login issue with BetterSnapTool 1.3.1 on OS X 10.6.8 as mentioned in comments #52, #54, #67. I have one other app from the MAS (Houdini) that behaves similarly. At least with Houdini I’m able to work around the bug by launching the app via AppleScript, but this workaround doesn’t help with BetterSnapTool.

    I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve tried removing it and re-adding it to my login items. Please do something to address this bug, it’s very annoying to have to quit and relaunch after every reboot :)

  83. 83. Devon Campbell Says:

    BetterSnapTool is great, but it doesn’t seem to work with PyCharm.

    For instance, if I drag the window to the right, it will resize, but it is not in the correct position.There’s a gap about the width of my dock (which is on the right). Then, if I try to drag the window to the correct position, it reverts back to its previous size.

  84. 84. Torben Devantier Says:

    Feature request for BST:
    Under the Extras tab I miss a “hide window” option (just like pressing cmd+H on the keyboard). It would be nice to be able to hide a Window fx by a secondary click on the yellow button.

    Love BST – wouldn’t live without it :)


  85. 85. kethe Says:

    Can I set BetterSnapTool to move all my windows back the default location at the same time? You know like a starting point after I may have moved windows around. I noticed I can do this one by one but what about all at the same time? thx. kethe

  86. 86. Rain Patterson Says:

    I would like to second the notion that BST would be much more useful if it worked on x11 or xquartz windows.

  87. 87. Nick Says:

    A third plea for X11 support … I’d love to be able to throw my X11 apps around with the same keyboard shortcuts …

  88. 88. Jud Says:

    I too would love to see X11 support. I spend a lot of my time in X11 windows, and being able to move them around with this otherwise great tool would be awesome.

  89. 89. palama Says:


    is there a way to snap a window to another?

    This would help a lot!
    Example: Window one (on the left) fills about one third of the screen.
    It would be great if you could snap left of window two (right beside window one) either to the other window or the right of two to the right screen border or both.
    The last one would be kind of horizontal fill.
    Perhaps even apple would like this idea? :-) (Perhaps a new Feature of Mountain Lion ;-))

    All the best, Palama

  90. 90. Hussein Says:


    Will it be possible to add 2 more features such as: window shading (with transparency customisable) and a way to pin the window to the desktop without it moving at least until the floating window is deactivated something similar to Afloat???

  91. 91. DiveMaster Says:

    Ich habe das Problem, dass BST bei mir die snapareas nur dann anzeigt, wenn ich vorher die optionen geöffnet hatte. Kann man dagegen was unternehmen?

  92. 92. BT Says:

    I’m having issues with MS Excel and the action assigned to right click the green maximize button (my action is to dock window to right half). This action works on other apps but in excel it acts like a left click (so instead of right half, it just does Maximize…similarly, the orange minimize button just minimizes when I do a right click). Other actions like double clicking on titlebar works for Excel.
    Is there an expected fix for this?

  93. 93. Heinrich Says:

    Hi, with every update I’m loosing all snap areas! That’s really a pain, since I have to set them up again (and I’ve got a lot of them!). How can I preserve the settings, especially the snap areas!? I’ve bought the appstore version.

    Thanks for your help

  94. 94. Vijay Nagarajan Says:

    Great tool. Love it. However, I have a couple of feature requests.

    1. Could you add the ability to just fill up the height (minus the dock area, of course), but leave the width and position unmodified.

    2. Since OS X now has the ability to resize windows from any of the window edges, double clicking a window border while the resize mouse cursor is ON, will expand that edge alone to the nearest screen border. For e.g. Double click top window edge will expand window upto menu bar, but leave all other edges intact, double clicking a corner (when north-east, south-east, south-west or north-west mouse cursor is visible) will diagonally expand to the screen corner, but leave the other two edges.

    3. Finally, an option to show fill up height when dragging the window edge to the top before showing the option to fill screen. So it would be like say, I drag the window top edge to the menu bar, a overlay to show just height fill up and then after a delay, the fill screen overlay. Of course, the height fill up should work even when I drag the bottom edge upto the dock below.

    Thank you and once again, a great tool!


  95. 95. metatheory Says:

    Feature request.
    1) WindowShade just show titlebar.
    2) make window center and full height
    3) just make window full height

    – well done I donated.

  96. 96. Scott H Says:

    Im really happy with this software, thanks. I recommended it at a user group presentation that I did a few weeks ago (June 2012 meeting of Delphi Australia User Group, Perth branch)

    I have some enhancement requests for keyboard shortcuts:

    1) Snap to right half should be changed to rotate through monitors
    I am using the “snap to right hand side” hotkey with multiple monitors. I would like the window to snap to the right half of monitor one. Then, when I press the hot key again, I would like it to move to the left half of monitor two, then then right half of monitor two. In other words, the window should rotate through the halves of the monitor when pressed multiple times. Ditto for the “snap to left half” keys. Excuse the crude graphics to try and illustrate this
    [X–][—-] ===> [–X][—-] ===> [—-] [X–] ===> [—-] [–X]

  97. 97. Scott H Says:

    Sorry, I forgot to include the other enhancement request

    Please add a “rotate through corners without resizing” hotkey so I can use one key to move the window to the corner. I dont want 4 keys to do this (one for each corner), one key is sufficient. I have used other software on MS-Windows that did this and it felt very natural with one key rather than having four keys

    great product

  98. 98. Floyd Says:

    I’d like to voice my support for adding X11 support to BetterTouchTool. I love BTT and I use X11 all day long. Snap support would make it so much easier to do my work in X11! Great work on BTT btw!

  99. 99. Dan Brinkmann Says:

    Is there anyway to resize all windows at once? When using external monitors I often find that nearly all of my windows need to be re-adjusted…maximizing all of them would be an easy way to get them under control and start working again when switching so many times in a day.

  100. 100. irgendein Fräulein Says:

    Hi Andreas,
    Je mehr ich BetterSnapTool entdecke, desto nützlicher finde ich es! SUPER 😀
    Hier (trotzdem) ein Verbesserungsvorschlag:
    Bei den Keyboard Shortcuts vermisse ich ganz, ganz schmerzlich: 2 Drittel rechts bzw. 2 Drittel links.
    Noch cooler wäre natürlich, man könnte die selbst definierten Fensterbereiche mit Shortcuts belegen. Aber wenn das nicht geht, dann füge doch bitte, bitte 2/3 Fenstergrössen ein :)

    Kann ich BetterSnapTool aus dem AppStore ZUSAMMEN mit Deinem BetterTOUCH Tool (auf Snow Leopard) benutzen, oder beißt sich das irgendwie?

    Übrigens: über BetterTouchTool habe ich so viel Lob gehört. Ich glaube, keiner wäre Dir böse, wenn Du es im AppStore anbieten würdest… :)
    Ach, und ich soll ausrichte und fragen, warum BetterSnapTool nicht auch auf Deutsch lokalisiert ist (wo so eine coole App nun schon mal aus deutschen Landen herkommt 😉

    Grüsse nach München

  101. 101. Douglas Says:

    Sorry if this has been said already, but when opening a new window, it would be nice if the new window could unsnap as well. For example, after making a window full screen, opening a new window (cmd+n) makes a window that is also full screen. it would be nice if moving this window would go back to the smaller size before the maximization.

  102. 102. Andy Norman Says:

    BST is a great little app, solves most of those annoying window management problems in OSX (why Apple thinks switching between full screen aps is the answer to window management is beyond me).

    However, I do have one app that it doesn’t work with, which is MonoDevelop. The app doesn’t respond to BST.

    Any chance of fixing this ? I suspect the answer is no, but thought I’d ask anyway.

  103. 103. Pierre Says:

    Looks like Pear Linux like your idea:

  104. 104. Jeff Says:

    I have a bug when using the double-click a windows titlebar to center a window with the application called Cord. This program is used for RDP and then the tray to extended out and the titlebar is double-clicked, it just makes the window smaller rather than centering it. Any ideas?

  105. 105. Andriy Says:

    Hey, I’ve been using BTT for a while now, and just read about about BST. Love your app, but I don’t understand why you make BTT free, and BST paid? xD BTT has the features of BST and more. Shouldn’t BST be free, and BTT be paid?

    Kinda confusing I know, just saying 😀
    Also, I’m interested in learning to code these kinds of apps. Are there any pointers you could give to a beginner, like which language(s) to learn first, etc.?

    Thanks so much! 😀

  106. 106. Matthias Says:

    Unable to try. New Mac, just downloaded the trial. On first start it said the trial has expired. So…?

  107. 107. Brian Says:

    Please make a Customization to double-click the title bar of a window to Hide it (command-H)!


  108. 108. Steve King Says:

    BST has shortcuts to move a window without resizing it to the top left and right corners. That is *so* close to what I want! I would love to see other shortcuts that move without resizing:

    * Move to bottom corners
    * Move to top or bottom edge, without changing horizontal position
    * Move to left or right edge, without changing vertical position

    Any chance of this?

  109. 109. Heinz Bauschke Says:

    LIke several others, I am also voting for X11 support.
    I would be happy to pay for this as an in-app purchase.

    Any chance you could consider this?



  110. 110. Hendrik Says:

    +1 for X11 support. Anyone who works on a remote server will much appreciate it.
    I really like the app, but many of my windows are X11.

    Best regards, Hendrik

  111. 111. Brian Says:

    Another vote for X11 support please. (At least for InkScape.)

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  113. 113. QiLyX Says:

    Just left a review on the App Store saying this, thought I’d put it here too:
    I’ve rated 2 stars as for some reason (perhaps only on a 15″ RMPB, which is what I have) the resizing is completely broken. For instance, snapping the App Store to the right ends up with it taking up about 70% of the space, and snapping Mail to the left takes up about 60% of the space. Which makes BST not so helpful, as I just end up with overlapping windows…

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  115. 115. VJ Says:

    Hi there,

    I love your tool. I think BetterSnap is something every windowing system must come with. Anyways, thank you for the great work. I have an issue though. I don’t see a “SnapAreas” menu in my drop down list. Because of this, I am unable to save a pre-sized window configuration. I’m having to manually set the window sizes in BetterSnap to create user-defined regions. Please help!

  116. 116. Camila Acolide Says:

    Yes, please add support for X11. I work almost exclusively with X11 windows, and these are the ones I most need to apply your snapping magic!

  117. 117. marc meyer Says:

    Hey, thanks for the wonderful work. I have been using BST and have had problems with my log file filling with WindowServer bad tracking area requests and blocking for long periods. I believe these are related to custom snap areas and maybe multiple spaces?
    Aside from this, I wonder what the interplay is between BTT and BST and whether BTT is a superset or not? I am about to try using BTT instead of BST and may have to forego the custom snap areas and sizes if need be.
    I was also getting frequent cases where BST would forget about my custom areas and stop tracking those until I restarted it.


  118. 118. Patrick de Perio Says:

    I also require this for X11. I’ve requested a refund until you get this functionality. =P Thanks!

  119. 119. Ben Mordecai Says:

    I love this app, and now that I have it, I don’t know what I would do without it. I do have a feature request:

    If any two windows are snapped and their borders touch, I would like to have the ability to resize them both at the same time by grabbing the common edge. If needed, maybe you could have it only do that on a right click. This way if you only need a small amount of screen real estate for one window, you can get to use it on the other without having to manually resize both manually, which is kind of the point of using a tool like this.

  120. 120. Maurice G. Says:

    I’ve compared several tools and bought yours. It works really good. It would be tremendous if you expand the functionality to spaces. Chapeau!

  121. 121. cp Says:


    I just bought a MacBook Pro after using Windows 7, and I was so happy to find your app! Thanks, it works great.

    I have two suggestions to make it even better:
    1) Is it possible to drag a common edge of two windows, so that they resize together? For example, if two windows take up the whole screen, 50% each, it would be great to be able to drag one edge to rearrange them to be say 80% and 20%.
    2) Is there a Windows version available? I know, funny question, but I have an old computer with Windows XP and I don’t want to go through the pain of reloading the operating system when the only feature I really want from Windows 7 is the AeroSnap.

  122. 122. Mihalis Tsoukalos Says:

    I bought BetterSnapTool (App Store) but I do not think that it supports the WindowShade (just show titlebar) function.
    Is it true?
    Will you support it?


  123. 123. Wallace Says:

    x11 / xquartz support would be great!

  124. 124. Matthias F Says:

    Would be nice if the snapping feature would be disabled when mission control is running. This somehow looks buggy and is irritating.

    Do you think this is possible?

  125. 125. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Matthias unfortunately I think there is no way to detect if mission control is running ;-(

  126. 126. Kilian Says:

    Up to now I’ve only been using the snapping features of BetterTouchTool, so I don’t know if BetterSnapTool supports what I’m looking for.

    I’m using SIMBL and MenuAndDockless to hide the menubar for most of my applications. I like having as much screen estate as possible without having to resort to using fullscreen. However I found that the snapping features still respect the hidden menubar and therefore leave a space at the top.
    Adding support for this would probably be too much to ask (especially seeing how I’m probably not representing a lot of people with this), but is there a way in BetterSnapTool to offset the maximize a few pixels to the top so that it fills out the entire screen? That would truly be fantastic!

  127. 127. LarryMcJ Says:

    I just now downloaded the trial version of BetterSnap Tool and it won’t open…says the Trial has Expired. I’ve never downloaded or used this app before! How can I try this before I purchase it? Thanks.

  128. 128. Phil Russell Says:

    I see that BetterSnapTool will snap to the edges of the screen, but will it snap window edges to other window edges? If not, would you consider adding this feature. allSnap for Windows does this, and it’s quite handy!

  129. 129. Michael D Says:

    Hey, thank you so much for BetterTouchTool and BetterSnapTool, they have improved my life so much! I wanted to chime in with the “please support X11/xquartz” but people have been asking for it for a while, and so I wanted to know if you needed some help?

    Apparently X11 is a pain in the butt in a lot of ways. The only way I’ve managed to programmatically move X11 windows around is with the very excellent “xdotool”, which is available via MacPorts.

    xdotool getactivewindow windowmove 100 100 # Moves to 100,100

    I don’t know if this is helpful at all. If when X11 is active you still consume keystrokes, it may be helpful. Otherwise, a bunch of other attempts I made didn’t work out. Oh well!

    Thanks again for great software!

  130. 130. Tobias Says:

    Hi, I purchased BetterSnapTool from the Appstore and I really happy with it, but I have got a feature request:
    Please add a shourtcut to move the current window to a different Space.

  131. 131. Vince E Says:

    Thank you for developing this great tool. I’d like to add yet another request for x11/xquartz support. Since I spend a good deal of time in x11 windows, this would double the usefulness of bettersnap for me, and cause me to sing praises in the App Store.

    Cheers! -Vince

  132. 132. Lei Says:

    can you please update the app so that snapping work with MS office 2011?
    currently i CAN snap MS office 2011 windows, BUT they won’t return to their original size when dragged away

  133. 133. ldklinux Says:

    The tool works great and is cheap. My only concern is that maximization (either by dragging or by double-clicking on the tile bar) does not work properly for Emacs when multiple frames are open (it works on the main frame, but it maximizes incorrectly the others).

  134. 134. Matthew Smith Says:

    I love the tool. Thank you. I do wish it would remember what I want per application per monitor size. I use the same settings each day as I switch between large monitor and laptop.

  135. 135. Ajay Says:

    I was wondering if I can use this tool to move windows between multiple monitors like Windows 7 (Win key + right arrow/left arrow) other than resizing the window? Also trial version seems expired, how can I try it?

  136. 136. Andrew R Says:

    I’d like to add yet another request for added x11 support. It was a search for something to do this specifically in x11 which lead me to this app in the first place. It is a fantastic app.

    Cheers, Andy

  137. 137. Robert Lespérance Says:

    Hi … Great app ! I wonder if it can do this for me:

    For, I don’t really know the reason, I like very much to enlarge the window I am working on leaving a small space between all 4 borders. I would like to be able to specify the exact space in pixels. This way the window always seems to float all over my desktop.

    Can your app help me with this ?

    Best regards.

    Robert Lespérance
    Québec, Canada

  138. 138. Robert Lespérance Says:

    I did buy it … It is a sooooo great tool. It does what I was looking for, and so much more. My resizing habit made me loose so much time. Now my habit will turn in a sooo simple trick to use. I thank you again very much …. and will share it with all my Apple fan friends.

    Please patent this utility and sell it. Wonder why Apple has not bought BST and integrate it to it’s OS ?

  139. 139. comparatif mutuelle santé Says:

    Un grand bravo pour la conception de votre blog. Cela me paraît fort intéressant. Amicalement,

  140. 140. Urs Says:


    (1) I bought BetterTouchTool and run it on 10.8.3. When I try to resize a window vertically by pressing a key combination (I configured fn-ctrl in the preferences) and then moving the mouse, it only works with a sometimes signifiant lag and is not fluent at all. This is especially true when trying to resize a maximized window vertically. Resizing horizontally works better, but also not perfect. The behaviour is not consistent across windows, however. Some windows work fine. The terminal window seems to have a consistent lag for vertical resizing. Can you reproduce this issue?

    (2) I used to have Compiz on Linux. If you press alt and the middle mouse button in this Window Manager, the window would resize from the closest corner, which makes much more sense in my opinion than always bottom right corner. Might be worth thinking about for your tools.

    Best wishes,


  141. 141. Urs Says:


    Could you please let us know whether or not BetterSnapTool is still developed and enhanced – or if it’s just another candidate for the software graveyard. Same question for this blog. The tool does have issues, I have a clean 10.8.3 install and it doesn’t work properly. Or is the source code somewhere available so that others can work on it?

    Thanks and best wishes,


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  146. 146. jon Says:

    why BTT is listen on port 49625?
    can i disable this?

  147. 147. more youtube views Says:

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  148. 148. Adi B Says:


    I’m unable to test this app as I’m always getting “Trial expired”.
    Can you help me?


  149. 149. Kevin Says:

    I just purchased BetterSnapTool after having been a BTT user for a few years. I was having trouble resizing Safari windows with BTT and thought maybe BST would be more appropriate for my use.

    Is there anyway in BetterSnapTool to assign the middle mouse scroll wheel left / right to resize the window?

  150. 150. rolex ???????? Says:

    ?? ???

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  152. 152. Dion M. Says:

    I’ve been using BTT and I was looking into BetterSnapTool, but I wanted to make a feature request. Would it be possible to make it so windows snap to the edge of the screen when they are a certain number of pixels from the edge, lets say 2 or 3. Instead of snapping and resizing/zooming to take the left half of the screen for example, I just want to drag a window to the edge and have it snap into place along the edge without any type of resizing.

  153. 153. Levent K. Says:

    Is there a way to define an external monitor to be the only display area to use?

    I am using an external monitor as the primary monitor for my MacBook Air, while keeping the MacBook Air also open. (I do this because otherwise wifi is very slow). I also do not mirror the displays since otherwise the resolution decreases. When I move the window to the edge to snap it goes to the mac’s monitor, which I don’t want.

  154. 154. sherwin Says:


    bought this app on the app store but it does not work with the new os x

  155. 155. Michal Says:

    In Windows, after a window is snapped to certain size, if I drag it again it returns to previous size, BetterSnapTool does not return a window to previous size by default, is there a way to enable such behavior?

  156. 156. Rebecca Says:

    Hi, I have enjoyed using BetterSnapTool. However I have encountered a bug? or a setting which I don’t know know to change. When I have defined/activated Snap Areas whenever I press the SHIFT key the application is switches to that of the most recently defined Snap Area. This is not a problem when I am only using the one application (e.g. web browsing) but really annoying when I then start another application where I need to press Shift. I stopped using the Snap Areas because of this, but I would really like to use it without the bug. Is there a solution to this?

  157. 157. Josh Gold Says:


    Been using this feature in BTT and just bought BST. Love it. Any chance you want to develop this type of thing for the iPad :) Desperate need for it! Quasar was once upon a time available but the bugs got to it.

    Thanks again!


  158. 158. James Says:

    Bought BST a while ago and love it!

    Just wanted to suggest a feature that would make this even more useful for me. Would it be possible to add an option to resize based on pixel-width, not percentage of screen? For example, whether I’m snapping my browser on my 11″ Air, or my 24″ monitor, I’d really like to snap it to the 1024 pixels on the right or left of the display, not a percentage of the screen size.


  159. 159. Ilan Says:

    just bought this based on reviews and unfortunately windows don’t snap correctly in mavericks. when I snap, the windows seem to resize to the correct size but it doesn’t snap. am I the only person with this issue ?

  160. 160. Andreas Says:

    @Ilan as soons as Mavericks is officially available, there’ll be an update available via the app store. For now you can use the Trial version available here.


  161. 161. John Says:

    Love BetterSnapTool. I use it everyday and have been really ever since i switched to a Mac. I can’t imagine using my Mac without it. Its pretty stable in Mavericks but one thing i’ve noticed is that there is no option to not have the preview window anymore. Is it possible that it could be added back in?

  162. 162. Minh Says:

    Microsoft Office 2011 windows snap to the correct sizes, but doesn’t restore to their original sizes when pulled away. I have the newest version of BST running Mavericks. Is this a known bug? Will there be a fix? Just wondering. Thanks for this great little app!

  163. 163. hipnosis Says:

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  164. 164. Josh Says:

    I’m happy to pay for BetterSnapTool (as much as anything, as a way to pay for BTT), but I’d definitely like to add to the chorus for X11 support. It’s disappointing that it doesn’t work.

  165. 165. xbox 360 games Says:

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  166. 166. Daniel Maier Says:


    I am having issues with BetterSnapTool.

    When using it with VMware Fusion on my iMac and running the VMware in “Unity” mode it crashes the Windows applications while trying to snap them.

    Do you have a fix for this? Is this the right place to post this bug?

    Thank you!

  167. 167. Cees Says:

    Being used to Windows, BetterSnapTool (within BetterTouchTool) really helped me switching to OS X. What a waste of your screen space, everytime you see the wallpaper. I have one problem though: it is impossible to snap Photoshop. Any idea how to fix this?

  168. 168. Alex Says:

    I think BST is the best app for window management nowadays. But it doesn’t work in Mavericks. It requires API from the old accessibility menu location. In Mavericks it has moved to security & privacy preferences. And even if it checked, BST can’t be started.
    Please solve this problem.


  169. 169. Alex Says:

    Pardon me. That was an old version.

  170. 170. Ridge Says:

    I’m having trouble with BST ever since I updated to Maverick on iOS. Please update your app so it is compatible. Thanks :)

  171. 171. Alex Says:

    Hello again. I thought it would be useful to make resizing windows not only from right bottom corner, but from every corner (virtually dividing window into quarters). Only if it won’t decrease speed :) , because even now it doesn’t work perfectly smooth.

  172. 172. Harry Says:

    Just another plea for X11/Xquartz window support. Specifically, for BetterTouchTool to be able to move an X11 window with a function key and for things like minimize to work. I’d definitely pay for that capability!
    Oh – and thanks for building a really wonderful tool!

  173. 173. Matt Says:

    I have a laptop that I frequently use hooked up to a 30″ monitor. I want it to be that when I’m hooked up to the external monitor there are, say, 3 snap regions that I’ve defined, but when I’m just looking at the laptop screen directly I want the regions to all be maximized to the entire screen (so the 3 regions would be overlapping).

    Is this possible?

  174. 174. Phil L Says:

    Just purchased bettersnaptool. However, when I try to resize a Pages document, it always seems to resize to slightly bigger than I wanted (and slightly bigger than the template lines that appear when I’m resizing. Any thoughts? It seems to work fine with other windows.

  175. 175. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Phil can you manually resize pages to fit the size to want? BetterSnapTool can only resize the windows to their minimum sizes, unfortunately Apple set a minimum width of 765 pixel for the Pages window, thus the minimum resolution of the screen would need to be 1530px in width to make it 50%.

  176. 176. Sam Says:

    Would be good if you have an option to disable snap areas appearing when dragging a file from the desktop or finder to a program

    (its not a program but a file that you are dragging, why would it need resizing?)

  177. 177. Victor Says:

    Bettersnaptool, I just got unknown error with Chrome browser. When I tried to create an automation with Keyboard Maestro which is worked together with Chrome and Bettersnaptool. But, suddenly Chrome doesn’t show the bettersnaptool menu through shortcut.

    I have manually used Chrome with Bettersnaptool well. I don’t know how to solve this.

  178. 178. Max Says:

    Gibt es das Tool auch auf deutsch?

  179. 179. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    Nein sorry, nur Englisch.

  180. 180. Rohit Says:

    Hello Andreas
    I purchased better snap tool and have a Macbook Air 11″ and the windows dont snap exactly in the center. is there a setting I use> ?
    please help

  181. 181. ld6824 Says:

    Hallo Andreas,

    benutze dein BetterSnapTool und bin damit sehr zufrieden. Eines ist mir aufgefallen, ich benutze Parallels Desktop und mit geöffneten Windows-Programmen im Coherence Modus. Leider kann man die Fenster nicht auf die gewünschte Größe anpassen. ;-( Kannst du da was machen bzw. schauen, woran es hakt und gegebenenfalls dein Tool anpassen? Wäre echt toll! 😉
    Viele Grüße ld6824

  182. 182. Brett Says:

    Hi Andreas,

    First, I would like to congratulate you on a great product! BetterSnapTool is especially good on a 27″ iMac. it’s a great way to get the most out of the screen real estate.

    Next, I really like all of the preset positions, and I would like to make a minor request that “Left two thirds” and “Right two thirds” be added to the preset positions in “Change Window Position / Size”. I like having one third of my window for a text editor and two thirds for something else. It’s just a personal preference.

    Last, I would like to echo the other requests for X11/XQuartz support. Not only would I pay additional money for the feature, I would also offer to beta test. I spend most of my day using remote X11 windows, and I would really enjoy the support.


  183. 183. Gregory R. Warnes Says:

    The ‘trial’ version pops up with a message that the beta has expired.

  184. 184. bmidy Says:

    +1 For X11 support

  185. 185. ckl Says:

    +1 for X11/Xquartz support!

  186. 186. Edison Says:

    Hallo Andreas,

    Benutze BetterSnapTool täglich. Der Funktionsumfang ist einfach genial. Drei Wünsche hätte ich trotzdem noch ;-).

    – unter Extras kann der „Secondary click“ definiert werden. Wenn ich die „Exit Prgram“ Funktion wähle, schliesst sich das Programm nur wenn ich extrem präzise auf den kleinen runden Button klicke. Oft schliesst sich das Programm beim ersten Klick nicht sondern das Menu „Menu Leiste anpassen“ erscheint. Beim zweiten Mal richtig zielen, dann schliesst sich Programm meistens. Wäre super, wenn sich die Programme immer gleich beim ersten Klick schliessen würden.

    Leider kann man mit dieser Funktion auch das Finder-Fenster schliessen bzw. der Finder startet dann immer neu. Das macht aus meiner Sicht wenig Sinn. Evt. kann diese Funktion für den Finder deaktiviert werden.

    – Für diverse Programme wie z.B. Adobe Dreamweaver funktioniert die Snap-Funktion ja nicht. Es wäre hilfreich, wenn bei diesen Programmen beim Snap to left, top etc. ein Hinweis erscheinen würde, dass diese Funktion für dieses Programm nicht zur Verfügung steht. Am Anfang wusste ich nie, ob dies nun ein Programmfehler ist oder ob diese Funktion für diese Programme nicht umsetzbar ist.

    – Vielleicht gibt das BetterSnapTool ja auch mal auf deutsch 😉

    Einfach geniales Tool. Vielen Dank.

  187. 187. FastZufrieden Says:


    Bin gerade dabei die App zu testen und gefällt mir soweit ganz gut, ein ärgerliches Problem gibt es aber und zwar werden Fenster vom Finder nicht auf die ursprüngliche Größe zurückgeändert. Wenn ich etwa ein Fenster des Finders nach rechts ziehe und es den rechten halben Bildschirm füllt und ich es danach wieder löse, bleibt es bei der Größe wie rechts auf dem halben Bildschirm.

    Ich konnte den Grund glaube ich identifizieren und zwar tritt das Problem nur dann auf, wenn die Finder Erweiterung TotalFinder läuft, auf die ich aber nie wieder verzichten möchte. Würde mich über ein Update freuen, wo das auch mit aktivem TotalFinder rund läuft, sonst sicher eine klasse App.

  188. 188. Harald Kaiss Says:

    Better Snap Tool und zwei Monitore.

    Leider habe ich ein Problem beim Einsatz von zwei Monitoren – die Snap-Areas werden nämlich immer auf BEIDEN Monitoren angezeigt, und das Fenster immer auf den Linken Monitor verschoben.

    Hab schon alle Preferences, etc. gelöscht … woran kann das liegen?

    Danke im Voraus

  189. 189. Simon L Says:

    I’m probably doing something stupid, but… I installed BST 1.4.1 on iMac (mid-2010, i7, Mavericks 10.9.2). Followed instructions, but could not find BST listed in System Pref, Security & Privacy, Privacy tab, Accessibility. BST keeps prompting to be granted access.

    Also noticed that the app icon in launcher is the same as those for drawing apps (ie. icon shows a yellow pencil, red brush and a ruler on 2 sheets of paper) and not the BST icon. Should I uninstall and try again?

  190. 190. stewart Says:

    OSX 10.9.2 and OSX 10.6.8

    Adobe Creative Suites 4 and 6 do not work with BetterSnapTool. Illustrator seems OK but InDesign and Photoshop will not recognize any snap areas.

    Is there an issue between Adobe and BetterSnapTool?

  191. 191. Frank Thommen Says:

    Hi, the beta and trial versions offered on this pages are already expired. Will there be new, unexpired trial versions in the future?

  192. 192. Dion M. Says:

    Is there any chance we could get some of the features from Zooom/2 in BetterSnapTool? It seems that Zooom has stopped being developed, but it has some really great features that I think would make BetterSnapTool even better.
    The features are:
    – Magnetics, which allow you to hold a key combo that grabs the window you are holding your mouse over and then you can move and snap the edge of your window to the edge of the screen, to the edge of other windows, or to a grid that fades in/out when you hold the key combo
    – Window Size, when holding a key combo to move or resize a window you can turn on the option to show the window size in pixels as well as the X and Y position on the screen

    Thanks for the great app! I love it!

  193. 193. Kyle Wickstrom Says:

    I’m a active user of your BetterSnapTool. It’s worth every penny (although I think you could be charging more. Quick question for you regarding future functionality. Is “Focus Follow Mouse” on the roadmap? This would be a nice feature to have.

  194. 194. Paul Says:

    Feature Requests:
    – Auto Snap to window edges (w/o resizing) and to other windows
    – i.e. if i drag a window close to the edge (not the mouse pointer but the edge of the window close to the screen edge), have it “snap” so that its edge is exactly lined up with screen
    — if I drag a window close to another window (again, not the point position, but the two windows’ edges), have it “snap” so that it is exactly lined up with the other window
    – Import/Export of custom snap areas

  195. 195. Graham Says:


    I am having trouble with my macbook pro 15″ and my thunderbolt display. When I connect my thunderbolt display, my custom snap areas do not get set, and i have to close and reopen bettersnaptool. Hoping you can solve this for me!

    Thank you!

  196. 196. to Says:

    Same problem like Graham. I love this tool. I use three monitors, and it works perfectly. Except when I start the mac, the programm starts too. But the custom snap areas do not work and do not appear. First I have to klick on “edit snap areas”. Then the areas appear. Any idea? I use Mavericks on a mac mini late 2012.

  197. 197. Jarrett Says:

    I have an interesting problem with BetterSnapTool, from App Store. It causes WindowServer process to run near 100% CPU and the entire GUI to be extremely sluggish. Anything part of a video overlay, such as GoToMeeting, YouTube, etc., all run properly, but the windows they are part of are extremely slow to drag. Even lags when trying to drag the window by the title bar.


  198. 198. Dale Says:

    I’m using BetterSnapTool and have created multiple custom Snap Areas that I use frequently. Now I’m in a situation where need to do a clean install of OSX and I’m wondering if there’s any possible way for me to back up those snap areas and import them after I’ve erased my hard drive and reinstalled BST. I’ve spent a lot of time customizing them to perfection and I’d hate to have to rebuild them from scratch again. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

  199. 199. Baptiste Pillot Says:

    Great tool, a must-have.

    Could I suggest some improvements to this great software ?

    + Snap Area : allow use of a joker character * instead of numeric values for sizes. * would mean « full width » or « full height » and will allow to define a snap zone that will work when the user (me) changes le screen resolution.

    + Shortcuts : we should be able to use the same shortcut for several window positions. using the shortcut twice will enable the secondary window position (if exists), a third use of the shortcut will enable the third window position, etc. Look at the Spectacle application (available into the App Store) : the default shortcut to move a window 50% left is option+command+left. If you use this shortcut several times, the window position will switch to 50% left, then 33%, then 66%. This allow to group multiple positions in only one easy-to-remember shortcut. I used to create snap zones to get the same 50% left, 33% left and 66%, but I have three shortcuts for them, not easy to remember. This improvement will help in this case.

    Thanks for your attention. And again : great job ! You did it well.

  200. 200. Martin DK Says:

    Fantastic software, and the best I have downloaded for my mac!

    Everytime I make adjustments using either BetterSnapTool or BetterTouchTool it amazes me that the program always has the feature I’m looking for!

    Really well done, to the guy behind it, this is how good software is supposed to be, simple to use and with A LOT of customization possibilities! Bravo!

  201. 201. Michae Lanfield Says:

    Just purchased BetterSnapTool App and when I try to go to
    Security and Privacy > Accessibility > Privacy > is greyed out

    How do I fix in OSX 10.9.5?
    Thank you,

  202. 202. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Michae, you need to click the little lock on the bottom left of the privacy window

  203. 203. Michae Lanfield Says:

    thank you. it was so simple…

  204. 204. Michael Lanfield Says:

    I have Libreoffice and want to split the screen like in Microsoft office. How to do this?

  205. 205. Harry Says:

    Hi! I am a daily user of this app, awesome! It would be nice if you can add a 2/3 screen size option. I often find the need of having a 1/3 left + 2/3 right combination. I think I am not the only one!

  206. 206. Richard Says:

    Great tool (moved from better touch tool). Only 1 desire, the ability to sync settings between my computers (eg: via iCloud/iCloud Drive or something like that).

  207. 207. Paul Bastowski Says:

    Is it possible to assign trackpad gestures, as it is in the BetterTouchTool? I can’t find an option for it.

    I have purchased better snap tool thinking it was a paid for BTT. It looks like a nice tool, but without trackpad gestures it is not so useful to me, unfortunately. I use gestures exclusively for snapping windows to the left-half, right-half, maximize window, emulate middle mouse click, etc.

    So, is there a way I can get BST to do the trackpad gestures?

  208. 208. Baptiste Pillot Says:

    Suggested improvement :

    That would great if we could remember the actual applications windows and link this “group of placed apps” to a keyboard shortcut.

    Then each time we press the shortcut, all these windows may come back to they remembered position.
    Optionnally, applications that were launched on “remember” but that are not here when the shortcut is pressed could automatically then be placed into the position we.

    With it and my precedent suggestions, that tool will simply be more-than-perfect.

  209. 209. Befetti Says:

    Hi Andreas

    I am not getting the overlay in BetterSnapTool when hovering over the maximise button. How do I correct this?


  210. 210. Holger Says:

    Dear Andreas,

    I’m using BetterSnapTool and Spaces on OS X Yosemite (10.10.1).

    Unfortunately, my custom Snap Areas are displayed only on the very Space that is active when BetterSnapTool is launched.

    As soon as I switch to a different Space, the custom Snap Areas become invisible, and no animation when snapping a window occurs. However, they continue to work! (When switching back to the previously active Space, the Snap Areas become visible again.) By contrast, the pre-defined “Snap to left,” “Snap to right,” and “Snap to top/Maximize” Snap Areas are shown on all Spaces.

    (Adding the app-binding “com.hegenberg.BetterSnapTool” -> “AllSpaces” to ~/Library/Preferences/ does not help.)

    Would be very glad if you could fix this because apart from that glitch, BetterSnapTool is awesome.

  211. 211. Lucinda Says:

    Hi! Quick question that’s entirely offf topic. Do you know how to make your site
    mobile friendly? My website looks weird when browsing from mmy iphone4.
    I’m trying to find a template or plugin that moght be able to fix this
    issue. If you havve any suggestions, please share.
    Appreciate it!

  212. 212. Nitzan Shaked Says:

    Thanks for BetterSnapTool, after many different configurations of “window managers” and other utils I’ve settled for Karabiner and BST. In the spirit of “I’m open to suggestions”, here’s my request: would it be possible to add snapping to screen edges and window edges while moving/resizing windows?

  213. 213. Scott Gaffney Says:

    I’m having the same issue as Jarret on reply/comment #197. That is, the WindowServer process will run 100% if I drag any window after BST has been running for 12 hours or so. I’m running Yosemite on a 2013 MacBook Air and purchased BST from the App Store.

    If I quit BST, then WindowServer will immediately behave normally. If I start BST again, after another 12 hours of BST running, the same thing occurs again. Clearly there is some sort of interaction problem between them.

    I don’t use any other special third party video/screen/desktop applications, so perhaps there is not a third application involved in this behavior. Seems to be just WindowServer and BST.

    My work-around at the moment is to restart BST every 10 hours. Let me know if you find something better.


  214. 214. James Says:

    Feature request:

    keyboard shortcut for “full screen on next monitor”


  215. 215. ????? ???????? Says:

    I enjoy what you guys tend to be up too. This sort of clever work and reporting!
    Keep up the excellent works guys I’ve included you guys to our blogroll.

  216. 216. viktorianer Says:
    87. Scott Peterson Says:
    March 6th, 2014 at 10:01 pm

    “When betterSnapTool is running – it hijacks the back button and does a screen resize to half screen and snaps to the left side. (Forward does the same and snaps to the right). I can’t find any configuration that will fix this.”

    Any thoughts?
    Logitech Wireless Trackball M570

  217. 217. Dennis Says:

    I am having the same problem as #213 and #197

    I am on an iMac 11,1 late 2009 running Yosemite. WindowServer runs at 100% and while my trackpad moves correctly, clicking and scrolling are massively delayed. Quitting BST and restart cure the problem for a while but the next morning or after work it is a problem again.


  218. 218. djo3l Says:


    This app is great, but with Yosemite, there is obviously a big issue. As Dennis said, it makes WindowServer process runs 100% and freeze completely the system. I was trying to understand where this problem came from for two months(!) and found out that BetterSnapTool was the source of this problem.

    As I bought this software, I hope it will be fixed soon!


  219. 219. Frederick Says:

    Is there a version for Windows 7? I originally downloaded Better Snap Tool to replicate the aero snap feature when I switched to a Mac. Now, I like the tool so much that I wish I had it on my computer at work. I think it’s better than aero snap itself.

  220. 220. Juan Pablo Rodríguez Says:


    Is there a company license for BetterSnapTool? A way to have a key for multiple seats? The main goal of it is to pay only once for multiple seats and to have a way to recover a license from an employee who leaves the company.


  221. 221. Tom Says:

    Why do you offer a trial version to download that doesn’t work? It seems this is a waste of time for me and a waste of bandwidth for you.

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