Oct 07

BetterSnapTool 1.4 with Mavericks compatibility is now available via the Mac App Store (see http://blog.boastr.net/bettersnaptool-1-4-is-in-the-mac-app-store/ )

written by Andreas Hegenberg

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  1. crizzo.net | App Nap and BetterSnapTool Says:

    […] BetterSnapTool for Mavericks is currently in beta, you can find more info about BST for OS X Mavericks here. […]

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  1. 1. Greg Tiller Says:

    Under Mavericks, BTT seems to be at the top (next to safari) of my energy usage. Esepcially high at idle. Any plans to optimize further?

  2. 2. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Greg I think the idle cpu usage may be caused by the Leap plugin. Could you check if it is better after disabling Leap support (to disable it, right-click the Leap tab, and de-select Leap see http://d.pr/i/4gCC/1gtMQIVx). You must restart BTT after removing the Leap tab.

    I’ll imrpove this behavior soon.

  3. 3. Greg Tiller Says:

    Confirmed – Leap is the idle cpu hog.

  4. 4. Almas Sapargali Says:

    what do you think about adding ability to move windows between spaces? is it possible? and is it on your plans?

  5. 5. Craig Says:

    Please add an action to resize windows to left/right two thirds of the screen :)

  6. 6. Almas Sapargali Says:

    @Craig, I added a two third snap area and use move to left/right top, works well for me

  7. 7. cg Says:

    Hi, great work with this app! A few comments/bugs I’ve come across:

    – I have the new MBP 15″ retina model. The keyboard shortcut move & resize appears to a bit laggy. It also seems to be software dependant. E.g. moving Thunderbird seems to work smoothly all the time, but when moving Chrome windows it gets quite choppy. I’m wondering if this perhaps has something to do with the high resolution and moving the windows one pixel at a time..? Maybe speed up the ‘refresh rate’ to 10px/step. Just a thought…

    – I use spaces and have no problem getting the windows to lock on to the resize points. However, the windows don’t resize correctly. It seems quite random, sometimes works and sometimes it doesn’t. I haven’t tried it without spaces though…

    Regardless of the problems described above I have to say that this is the first working app I’ve came across for Mavericks. Thanks!

  8. 8. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @cg, could you try to restart your system once? All users who reported similar problems told a single restart fixed their problems completely.

  9. 9. cg Says:

    ps. One more idea. Would it be possible to add a ‘snap to screen edge & other windows’ feature ?

  10. 10. cg Says:

    Thanks for your fast reply! I rarely restart my Mac :) This fixed all the problems. I guess the oldest trick in the book should have been tried before contacting support. 😉

  11. 11. David Says:

    Great job with the App! Its amazing. One thing i’m wondering if its possible to do is to maximize a window within the locked space. For example, I drag my web browser to the corner to lock it in the space, if i’m watching hulu.com or showtime.com, and i want to maximize the tv show/movie but keep it maximised within the space and not maximized to full screen as i work on other things in the other spaces. Is there a way to do that? i realize that most websites might be using flash so it might make it more difficult, but just wondering if its possible.

  12. 12. Scott Says:

    Hey it would be awesome (sorry if this was already proposed) if BS could control the launch windows to force it to the active screen e.g. when I have an external monitor running if I use that screen’s spotlight BS would launch the program in that screen.

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  14. 14. Alex Says:

    BetterTouchTool won’t work with Quick Look windows while any Finder windows are open on the Desktop. The same thing is happening with Cinch as well. Is there a fix for this issue?

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