Oct 23


BetterSnapTool 1.4 is now available in the Mac App Store. It adds Mavericks compatibility and fixes some bugs.

Please report any issue you encounter, I really want to fix all possibly remaining bugs as soon as possible!

Known issues that will be fixed with the next update:

  • On Mavericks, if two or more monitors are used and you disable the second menubar (which is enabled by default in Mavericks), BetterSnapTool may have some issues with resizing windows correctly.

If you encounter issues with windows not snapping correctly, please try this beta and tell me if it solves it: download beta

written by Andreas Hegenberg

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117 Responses to “BetterSnapTool 1.4 is in the Mac App Store”

  1. 1. tony Says:

    hi there

    I love BetterSnaptool but it seems to not be working after Mavericks update. 27″ imac late 2012.

    is this common?



  2. 2. Andreas Hegenberg Says:


    are you sure you have updated to version 1.4? I have been using it on Mavericks for the last few weeks and didn’t encounter any problem, but of course there may still some bugs left!

  3. 3. Bob Says:

    The enable assistive devices option has changed. It is now an option under System Preferences, Security & Privacy option. Look on the Privacy page of this section and check the box to allow BetterSnapTool.app to control your computer.

    I found my answer to enabling this option at this link

    Your tool is the must have tool for me on OS X. Thank you for your time and effort

  4. 4. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Bob BetterSnapTool version 1.4 should popup a message that brings you to the correct pane in the System Preferences :-)

  5. 5. alex turton Says:

    doesn’t work on mavericks. Windows don’t snap correctly anymore. particularly maximise

  6. 6. PixelClear Says:

    Just letting you know. I’ve upgraded to Mavericks and when I open BetterSnap I was prompted to change accessibility settings but when clicked on the systems preferences launcher button it has taken me to the wrong area for changing these settings.

    The correct area is under ‘Security & Privacy’ > ‘Privacy’ tab > ‘Accessibility’ Sidebar menu


  7. 7. Oskar Says:

    Essential tool you got going there, but unfortunately it has rendered completely useless in Mavericks. The resizing occurs in steps and the window is not positioned correctly. I’d be happy to provide any information you’d like, if it could help sort it out. I can put together GIFs too, demonstrating what’s going on. I’m on a mid 2011 MacBook Air.

    Thanks for a (normally) great product!

  8. 8. Oskar Says:

    And yes, I pretty much always keep my software updated (running 1.4). Tried your beta too, no difference, unfortunately.

  9. 9. Oskar Says:

    And yes, I have enabled the Accessibility settings.

  10. 10. Andreas Says:

    @oskar, could you check if this beta helps: http://www.bettersnaptool.com/BST_Mavericks.zip
    Thanks! I want to fix any remaining issues as soon as possible.

  11. 11. Andrea Says:

    The following mesage pops up every few seconds (very annoying): “BetterSnapTool would like to control this computer using accessibility features”. When I select “Open System Preferences”, the BetterSNapTools app is greyed out and I cannot select it to allow the app to control my computer. HELP! This is driving me crazy b/c the popup won’t stop reappearing!!!

  12. 12. Churdflormlimor Says:

    Andrea: click the lock icon in the lower left of the system preferences window; this will allow you to check the BTT box. Andreas: I wish the reason we needed to check the accessibility box was explicated. It’s a series of nonstop nags until you comply, but without an explanation of what is going on.

  13. 13. Andreas Says:


    that’s because BST needs to control other apps windows which is not possible without the permission to control your Mac

  14. 14. Clark Wilbanks Says:

    a window was going nuts this AM with OSX Maverick and updated bettersnap prior, was shrinking and enlarging nonstop for like 30 seconds.

  15. 15. Jean Says:

    I just installed the app and a window keeps on popping up asking to control this computer. When i clicked ‘open system preferences’ nothing happened.
    now i can’t log out, restart or shut down. I even tried to force shut down.
    i have removed the application from my MAC and still can’t log out, restart of shut down! please help!

  16. 16. Andreas Says:

    @Jean, mhh, I don’t think this can be caused by BetterSnapToo (the message is shown by the system) l :-(
    However you could try opening the activity monitor and check if BetterSnapTool is still running and try to force quit it if necessary.


  17. 17. Oskar Says:

    Hi again, Andreas.

    We’re making progress here! This time it is better, but we’re still not quite there. Using the hotkeys, I’m able to move the windows from side to side, but maximizing still behaves weirdly. Snapping leaves much to wish for ;(

    Once again, let me know if you want me to compile some short videos for you, if that can straighten it out for you.


  18. 18. Andreas Says:

    @Oskar mhh strange the beta seems to work fine for most users. Can you think about anything special about your system? (apps or hardware)

  19. 19. Oskar Says:

    I’ve started to realize this problem is probably restricted to me, Mavericks and my setup. I’ve experienced other issues too since the upgrade. I’ve yet to figure out what is causing it, but I won’t bother you anymore, until I’ve done thorough research.

    Thanks for you will to help!

  20. 20. Andreas Says:

    @Oskar what kind of other problems? You can also contact me via mail, I’d be very interested in what causes this. (boastr.net@gmail.com )

  21. 21. Oskar Says:

    Back again. I had long refrained from doing the classic SMC reset, but figured now is the time if anytime.

    And boy am I glad?!

    BTT is back, faster and snappier than ever before! Works just as I am used to, even the stable version!

    This also fixed other problems I had with the CPU running hot and fans running loud.

    So, for anyone experiencing strange problems after upgrading their Mac OS: Give SMC reset a try, it is definitely worth a shot, and is extremely easy too!


  22. 22. Oskar Says:

    And sorry for bothering you, it’s just that BTT (and I) suffered the most from whatever was causing the problems I experienced ;(

    Sorry I couldn’t provide you with any scientific material, but hopefully this is extremely rare and nothing you’d have to account for.

    Thank you for a superb product and support!

  23. 23. Andreas Says:


    thanks a lot for letting me know! I wouldn’t have thought about a smc reset :-)
    If you encounter other problems don’t hesitate to contact me!

  24. 24. Oskar Says:

    Yeah, I know, it was a long shot, and I’m not 100% sure that’s what fixed it. Maybe it was just a proper shutdown after upgrade? But as I said, for me the SMC reset fixed a lot of other problems (which I have a hard time figuring a reboot would be able to do), so for those who suffer from similar symptoms, I would most definitely recommend giving it a shot.

    And sorry for mixing up the acronyms: Of course I meant BST when I said BTT above.

  25. 25. Matt Says:

    Been seeing a bit of lag issues on the new 13″ retina macbook when the resolution is scaled. This only seems to happen with BST and Google Chrome.

  26. 26. Cam Says:


    I have been using BST and I love the functionality, but I am noticing a great deal of lag on my brand new 13in Retina MBP when resizing.

    I have also noticed that the mouse and keyboard freeze occasionally when BST/BTT is open, it hasnt happened when BST/BTT is not open.

    Any ideas?

  27. 27. Victoria Says:


    I have been using BST for sometime it is really helpful with school having two things open at the same time. I upgraded to Mavericks, and BST isnt working correctly. It will not work at all. Anytime I try to snap something it brings me to the Granting Access popup, which brings me to System Preferences. I check off BST as allowing access but still it is not working. Anytime BST is open and I move a window it brings me that popup which is rather frustrating. But mostly, I just want my BST to work again! Please help

  28. 28. Andreas Says:

    @Victoria are you really sure that BetterSnapTool is checked on? ( it must be allowed to control your mac in order to control other apps windows)
    If thats the case this must be a Mavericks bug as BST only uses the provided system APIs. Could you try to restart your Mac?

  29. 29. jacob Says:

    Hello I’m having the same problem as Victoria. Before Mavericks, everything was working fine. Now the snapping is off for most apps and quicktime does not seem to snap

  30. 30. Kevin Says:

    Is it possible to add a release tap action? Like on application switcher using 2 finger tiptap, it would be one less click if releasing my finger on the application i wanted also selected it. Just how CMD+Tab works. Any ideas?

  31. 31. Joshua Says:

    Hey, just downloaded the app,which is very useful, however when using pages on a new 13″ retina pro it will not snap, only goes to its minimum size which is about an inch over the halfway mark. So when trying to read an article on safari and make notes it is quite problematic. Is there anything to be done? If I knew of this prior to purchase I would not have gone ahead with it.

  32. 32. Joshua Says:

    This is fixed when amending the display res to 1680 – 1050 on system preferences, though it would be nice to have the functionality at “best for display resolution”.

  33. 33. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Joshua, there is no way to make windows smaller than the minimum size set by their developers. So one solution would be to set a higher resolution for your 13″ mbp in System Preferences => Displays.

    Another solution would be to reduce Safari’s snap-width in the application specific settings (see http://d.pr/i/nhFC/1oCkQgng )

    Another (advanced and more complicated) solution would be to create a custom snap area for Safari. Therefore you’d need to manually position Pages and Safari like you want them to snap in the future. Then focus the Safari window and click the “Create New Snap Area” item in BetterSnapTool (see http://d.pr/i/e7x9/1BaMaAZI ). You can then move the snap area to some place on your screen that is convenient for snapping (eg. one of the edges).
    You can also configure that snap area to only show up while dragging Safari.

    Another workaround would be to move the pages window slightly off-screen, this can be done by activating the “Move windows with min-sizes options off-screen instead of overlapping them” (see http://d.pr/i/e5TU/3G57mYXB )


  34. 34. Kevin Says:

    Please add “TipSwipe Right Two Fingers Down” in “Three fingers gestures”. I only found left finger tipswipe in 3 finger gestures, and I’m switching from jitouch, so I’m so used to this gesture, please consider this. Thank you for your work, and I appreciate your effort. Always love bettertouchtool!!

  35. 35. Xun Says:

    I found out that it is very easy to trigger “3 finder swipe down” when you are using 3 finger horizontal swipe with OS X system. I set 3 finger swipe down to close a window(COMMAND+W), and whenever I try to swipe from desktop screen to another, the close window command is triggered. Hope you can fix it. Thank you so much.

  36. 36. Jeremy Says:

    Hey Andreas! First of all, I’m a huge fan of this app and have loved it ever since I first got it. Bravo!

    Ok my bug to report: since updating to Maverick and using two monitors, the snapping is not working well. Here is what my browser snapped to once I snapped it to the top with a second monitor plugged in. http://screencast.com/t/HkGDYeAx When I tried snapping it to the top of the second monitor it did this and hid the top of the browser: http://screencast.com/t/rwPcMyqLWB6

  37. 37. Jose Martin Lopez Says:

    I upgrade to Mavericks and since then there is no way to make it start automatically when the Mac starts. For any reason I have to launch it manually from the launchpad. I have the option selected in the preferences of the program and when I check the User Startup programs is a yellow triangle next to it.
    Thanks for an excellent program

  38. 38. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Jose, could you try to remove it from the user startup programs and then add it manually again?

  39. 39. Sergio Costas Says:

    Hi, I just updated to Mavericks, I have an iMac mid 2011, and the animation of resizing windows is now only working in one single desktop ( I use multiple desktops in one monitor ), the windows resize like they should, but the animations only work in one desktop, this isn’t terrible but it is not pleasant to the eye. Hope you fix this soon.
    Thanks for wonderful program :)

  40. 40. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Sergio mh that is strange. Could you try if assigning BST to all Desktops helps? (see http://d.pr/i/UPk7/33QZyop2 )

  41. 41. Martha Says:

    Just wondering if anyone was having problems with window snapping specifically in Pages (5.0)?

    I have updated to Mavericks, updated BTT and snapping works great apart from with Pages. It does the grey-out and expand animation (so looks like it will work) but then when I let go of the menu bar the pages window doesn’t move.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

  42. 42. Nam Nguyen Says:

    I have a problem with BetterSnapTool (purchased from AppStore) and NetBeans IDE 7.4 on Mavericks. When BST is on the followings happen:
    When I create a project and right click on the project and click properties, when I try to change any property and save, at that time if BST is on, Netbeans will hang and need to be forced quit.
    I have tried to reproduce the issues by turning BST on and off and the problem only occur with BST on.
    I just recently have the issue after I installed BST, since I have worked with Netbeans for years without any issue.

    BTW, it is very nice program if it does not have the issue above.
    Thank you,

  43. 43. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Nam, that is a bug in Netbeans then (it probably fails to support some standard OS X APIs correctly). However you could disable BST for Netbeans (see http://d.pr/i/k7MP/6OJTntbc )

    I’ll try to file a bug report with Netbeans.

  44. 44. edifice casio Says:

    seiko ??

  45. 45. Markos Says:

    I have a Macbook Pro and two external Apple monitors. Windows were not snapping to their correct position. Just wanted to let you know that the beta fixes my problem. The app is now working perfectly. Thanks!

  46. 46. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Markos, if the beta works, the current App Store version (1.4.1) will also work (it should be the same code now)

  47. 47. Randy Says:

    Hi Andreas,

    I recently upgraded to Mavericks and have been having some trouble with BST. I redownloaded from the App Store the other day and it didn’t solve my problem.

    I just saw the Beta you had posted here, so I downloaded it, but it’s not fixing the issue; I’ll do my best to explain it.

    I’m going to be using Chrome for the following:
    a.) First, I’ll start with the window maximized. I’ll hot key to resize to the right half, alt+cmd+arrow right, and it resizes to the left half. If I hit the same key combination again, it will then move to the right half.
    b.) Once the screen is resized to the right half, it can’t maximize. It will only scoot the window to the left a few pixels, then expand to fill the remaining space on the right side of the screen. Repeated hotkeys for maximizing continue this effect.
    c.) If I click and drag the window to the top of the screen for a maximize, it shows the preview just fine, but then only resizes to a little more than half the right side of the screen.
    d.) Once I start trying to resize it to the sides of the screen with the click and drag, it gets all out of whack. It resizes with half of the window off my monitor; clicking-and-dragging to place it correctly only resizes back to the original.
    e.) to get back to where I started in step a, I have to manually resize using the sides of the window with my mouse.

    To make sure this wasn’t a bug in Chrome’s API, I tried it with Finder. Finder can’t maximize or resize to either side of the screen correctly. It’s worse than Chrome.

    The list of programs functioning incorrectly: iTunes, Calendar, Finder, Google Chrome.

    Some programs, however, work just fine. Messages, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Spotify all work great.

    I was reading some of Oskar’s comments earlier. I’ll read into a SMC reset. Let me know if you have any ideas. I LOVE BST and use it religiously.

  48. 48. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Randy, did you try to restart your computer after you updated BST to 1.4.1? This seems to have fixed those issues for all users who encountered them. (SMC reset is not necessary as far as I can tell!)

    //edit: oops my reply first said you should restart BST, I meant you should restart your computer

  49. 49. Randy Says:

    aaaaaand I’m an idiot. Works great! Thanks!


  50. 50. mingqing007 Says:

    BetterSnapTool 1.4.1(Mavericks) works only on the first space, the second space it works just fine, just it becomes invisible.
    Only Visible On The First Space.

  51. 51. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @mingqing007 if this happens, try to assign BST to all desktops: http://d.pr/i/H0hw/1T14C5ko

  52. 52. mingqing007 Says:

    It works, and I must say, good job and great app! Thanks ~

  53. 53. Ted Says:


    I use Pages often for work, but it seems that no matter how wide I set the Left/Right snap panels in “Specific Settings For Current Application, Pages always opens the window at exactly 50% every time, causing overlap and hidden text. Any way I can resolve this issue?

    Thank you for your attention,

  54. 54. Justin Poh Says:

    Hi Andreas,

    Is it possible to add gesture for selected folder ‘open in new tab’ in finder for 10.9 ?

    where you right click on a folder in finder, there’s a popup window with ‘open in new tab’

    thank you

  55. 55. Luke Says:

    Is there a way to make shortcuts that are limited to the menu? So I could have one global keyboard shortcut to bring the menu, and then shortcuts that are only available when the menu is open. Divvy does this and it’s a great feature.

  56. 56. Dan Says:

    Can you please make a better menubar icon for BetterSnapTool? I love this app and it works great, but it is by far the ugliest icon in my menubar. The finishing touch would be to make it look as nice as it works! Thanks.

  57. 57. Alex Duffy Says:

    Thank you for your great apps, I find them very useful. Is it possible for you consider adding a snap-to button for the cursor, for OSX, as it is on Windows, this is difficult to find for OSX and would be a very popular app, I think, as does not work with 10.9. I would certainly buy such an app.

    Best wishes


  58. 58. Alex Duffy Says:

    I meant to say, as Lazymouse does not work with 10.9.. thanks again Alex

  59. 59. Dion Says:

    Thank you for the great app! I use BTT and BST both and I love them both.

    One feature request I have to make that I think would be awesome would be to add ‘magnetics’ to BST. In the same way you can assign a key, that when pressed lets you move a window while having your mouse anywhere in the window, this would allow the window to magnetize/snap to the edge of other windows, the edge of the screen, or possibly to a predefined grid that shows up transparently when you hold the ‘magnetize’ button.

  60. 60. Jason Jones Says:

    Would be nice to have a single keyboard shortcut that cycles through all of the snap areas. Preferences currently allow “snap-left” or “snap-right” but I’d like to assign a keyboard shortcut to “snap-to-the-next-left” or “snap-to-the-next-right” so I can just cycle the window position right or left accordingly. This is way windows works (even across multiple monitors) and it’s great. Thanks!

  61. 61. BobF Says:

    When BetterSnapTool 1.4.1 is included in Login Items to open automatically along with Safari, Safari hangs. OS X 10.9.

  62. 62. Pavel Says:

    I’m unable to run a trial of this app. It says “This beta version of BetterSnapTool has expired”.

  63. 63. Alex Ford Says:

    This app is great. The only thing I’m not a huge fan of is dragging windows; I prefer to use keyboard shortcuts. In fact, I map the Command + numpad keys to the various locations on the screen. 9 being top right, 7 being top left, 5 being center, 6 being right half of screen, command + shift + 6 does right third, etc etc. I use the thirds of the screen all the time and I love it, but this app does not hae a default “two thirds” option. In order to accomplish this I used the snap areas feature (which is amazing BTW). I mapped shortcut keys to my areas on my first monitor and tried it out. It worked flawlessly! I could Command + Shift + pad4 and it would put the window in the left third, then Command + Alt + pad4 would put the window in the left two thirds. However, I have a second monitor. I setup the same areas on my second monitor, but then I realized that the areas on my first monitor were already taking the keyboard shortcuts I wanted to use.

    With the default positions they are monitor-relative. If I use more shortcut for left-third on monitor 1 it goes to the left third of the screen on monitor 1 and if I use it on monitor 2 then it takes up the left third of monitor 2. However, if I use my shortcut for my left-two-thirds snap area on monitor 2 then the window takes up the left two thirds of monitor 1 where the area was defined.

    I see two potential solutions that make sense (though you may see more):

    1) Make keyboard shortcuts monitor-relative and allow me to use the same shortcut on a snap area located on another monitor.

    2) Make snap areas work more like default positions in that when you define an area on one monitor make it apply to all monitors (using percentages obviously since displays could be different resolutions).

    Option 1 seems the simplest and I can’t think of any “gotchas” that apply to it. However, it would be awesome if option 2 were implemented because I’d only have to define a snap area once and then it would be available on all my displays and the shortcuts would be relative to the display the active window is located on. However, I see some gotchas with that, namely you lose the ability to define different size areas for different size monitors. Maybe a toggle option would be useful here; you can choose to mirror your snap areas on all monitors or you can choose to define separate snap areas on separate monitors. If option 2 were implemented and such a toggle switch were added I think it would make snap areas even more powerful in addition to fixing my issue.


    Alex Ford

  64. 64. Victor Says:

    two issues:
    1) most important – when I try to snap a window with my trackpad by dragging it to the side, the window keeps jumping to the next desktop. Literally drives me mad and I would just want to shut down the option of moving a window to the next desktop. If I would want to do it I could always zoom out and then drop the window on the next desktop. I will not be able to use the tool until this is fixed.
    2) minor – I use Macbook Air and extra screen (mirrored) when at my desk. When I plug it in to the extra screen after having been travelling the windows do not automatically re-size to fit the proportions of my 27”. Instead I have to do this manually.

    Keep up the good work and I hope for a quick resolution of the problem.


  65. 65. Patrick Says:

    Hello Andreas,

    I encountered an issue when scrolling in Preview. Sometimes scrolling does not work for a few seconds and then catches up. To replicate, I was viewing a ppt document in Preview (OS 10.9 Maverick) and scrolling will stutter or stop after viewing a few pages.

  66. 66. william Says:

    you stole my money.

  67. 67. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @willliam, what? :-)

  68. 68. Andrew Says:

    Great tool. Thanks for updating for Mavericks.

  69. 69. Sergej Says:

    one issue:
    I use “double click window’s title bar” option to “quit app”
    in previous versions of bettersnaptool it was working like charm, with latest update
    two apps are quit – the one i double click at, and one more.
    Not sure which and why, but it happens almost every time with
    iTunes and AppStore, if i double click AppStore it quits and iTunes will also quit.

    Hope it will be solved.
    Thanks for great app.

  70. 70. David S Says:

    does the Beter Snap tool work on OS 10.5.8 ?

    Cheers and happy new year

  71. 71. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @David no, unfortunately it’s only working on 10.6 and higher.

  72. 72. Zach Says:

    I love the app, works like a charm. I have one question. Can you add a hover feature for the dock that shows the open windows for the application like in Windows 7 and HyperDock? I think that would greatly improve the app.

  73. 73. Bob Says:

    Fantastic product, works like a dream. My suggestion/request is to allow user to set extra pixel space on a particular side – in particular on the bottom, where I would set extra separation from the Dock so as not to have my mouse frequently rollover the Dock which is distracting. My solution is I set up a couple of custom windows, but greedy me would like to have it as part of standard menu :-)

  74. 74. Bob Says:

    To be more specific, I should say “as part of the standard Preferences > Customizations > Empty space between window edges”

  75. 75. Peter Says:

    I love it but I encountered a problem with Maverick and a MBP 15 late 2013. I activated the double tap and drag feature. The trackpad is extremely sensitive and registers many one tap movements as double taps. A simple movement of the cursor can be interpreted as double tap and drag and move files, etc. What did I do wrong?

  76. 76. John Says:

    I have been using the app for a while and think it is awesome. However, after updating to mavericks I have a single app (so far) that does not snap no matter what I do. The name of the app is notebook. Any hints would much appreciated.

  77. 77. Olaf Says:

    Hallo Andreas,
    habe mir BST gerade gekauft; gibt offenbar leider Probleme, wenn zwei Monitore angeschlossen sind (iMac 27 late 2013 mit je einem 24-Zöller rechts und links). Die selbst definierte Snap Area war genau das, was ich suchte – leider ist es so, dass wenn ich diese auf dem RECHTEN Monitor einrichte, das jeweilige Fenster dann im LINKEN Monitor in der definierten Größe und Position platziert wird. Dies passiert sowohl bei Nutzung eines Shortcuts wie auch beim Draufziehen auf die definierte Snap Area. (Die gleiche Snap Area ist übrigens immer auch auf dem linken Monitor zu sehen.)
    Gibt es da eine Lösung??

    Danke & Gruß,

  78. 78. Sean Says:

    I’m assuming this is where you ask support questions as I see nowhere else on this site.
    Here are my questions:

    1. Is it possible to create a preset that sets windows to occupy the upper left third of a screen, the middle left third, lower left third, upper right third, middle right third and lower right third – potentially generating six windows on screen.

    2. Is it not possible to snap a window to another window? I cannot seem to be able to do this.


  79. 79. Mitch Says:

    Good Afternoon,

    This program works just fine for me on OSX Mavericks 10.9.1. However, something about this program did not like Google Chrome, and as a result every time I attempted to close a window Chrome would crash. After uninstalling the program, Chrome works just fine.

    MacBook Pro
    15-inch, 2.53GHz, Mid 2009

    Great little program and very easy to use, just a little issue with Chrome.

  80. 80. Chansiri Meelaodee Says:

    I have a problem with mouse speed. it doesn’t active on startup. It might conflict with some app you already mention.

    Could you please tell me how to tell BetterTouchTool to ignore them?. Do you have built-in exception list somewhere?

    There are any application that let BetterTouchTool work, except those on the list?

    Thank you so much for created a great tool.

  81. 81. James Says:

    All I want to be able to do is save window configurations for dual screen. It drives me nuts having to put everything into the right place every time I disconnect my second monitor.

  82. 82. David Says:

    I’m currently running 1.4.1 on Mavericks 10.8.5 on a MBP (early 2013 retina). I routinely switch from using an external monitor to using the MBP monitor. Unfortunately, it seems that BST doesn’t exclude snap areas for monitors not currently in use as it used to. I see all snap areas created regardless of which monitor is in use.

  83. 83. adam Says:

    halo, i just downloaded better snap tool from the app store und ich mag es gern.

    the snapping is working great except for one small issue. for quarter quadrant snapping for the terminal app, the windows are slightly overlapping vertically by a few pixels. it does not appear to do this with any other app.

    i’m on the latest mavericks on the newest MBP with an external apple thunderbolt display.

    any ideas?

  84. 84. Jack Says:

    This is such a great tool that I bought from Mac App Store. Only one thing may change my mind is, when my iMac resumes from sleep mode, it responds very slow. Somehow restarting BetterSnapTool is the way out.

    I would feel more confident to introduce this app to my friends if this problem is solved. Thanks

    iMac late 2013
    OSX 10.9.1

  85. 85. Alex Says:

    Hi, I just updated to Mavericks (yes I’m behind the times!), and I updated Better Snap Tool, but when I go to Security and Privacy preferences it doesn’t let me select BST as being able to control my computer. The selection is grey/frozen. Please help! Thanks

  86. 86. Alex Says:

    I just did the latest system update to 10.9.2 and it breaks better snap tool. Please fix! Cant live without BST!

  87. 87. Scott Peterson Says:

    Really like BetterSnapTool. However, I have a logitech mouse that uses the logitech control center to manage the extra mouse buttons.

    the ‘forward’ and ‘back’ buttons are assigned as normal. When betterSnapTool is running – it hijacks the back button and does a screen resize to half screen and snaps to the left side. (Forward does the same and snaps to the right). I can’t find any configuration that will fix this.

    Any thoughts?

  88. 88. Anya Lamb Says:

    I use Better Snap Tool with a laptop and a monitor, but every time I unplug my laptop from the monitor (say, to go to a meeting), and come back and plug the laptop back into the monitor, the snaps on my monitor disappear, and the windows that were on my monitor are on my laptop instead.

    This problem is magnified because I’m using Total Spaces and have 9 different “desktops”.

    It would be awesome if when a laptop is plugged into a monitor, the snap setup would revert to the setup in place the last time the laptop was plugged into a monitor (minus any windows that have been closed in the interim).

    Is there any way to do this?


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  91. 91. DP Says:

    I bought BetterSnapTool today, noting the bug fix for Mavericks, but am repeatedly getting this message at launch:

    “You can’t open the application “Snapz Pro X” because PowerPC applications are no longer supported.”

    Is there a fix?

  92. 92. Ray Says:

    Hi, Bought this app hoping to have 2 programs running side by side eg a word doc and a pdf. Installed app through itunes. I snapped Word to right side. OK. I snapped preview to left side. OK. Only problem is word disappears when I open Preview and visa versa. So only one program opens at a time. This doesn’t seem to be how this works but I haven’t altered anything…I just thought it would work this way. If I have got it wrong please let me know and I’ll stop expecting it to do something that it doesn’t do…it’s just the screen shots seemed to show it working this way.
    Please let me know if it doesn’t work this way. Regards.Ray

  93. 93. adam Says:

    Hey Andreas, for those of us who have purchased the app, is there a mechanism for submitting support tickets or bugs? It seems like many of the people posting here have issues and have also purchased the app, but I don’t see any replies from you since early January.

    What’s your intent and plan for supporting the application for when folks have issues?


  94. 94. Jan Says:

    I will be happy to have an option for the automatic mouse cursor moving to the submit like the lazymouse can/could do. Than I will buy it too. :-)

  95. 95. Jill Says:

    Does anyone know why I can’t snap certain programs in Maverick? For example, Pages will not resize to the half screen, it overlaps whatever is on the opposite side of the screen. The whole purpose I bought this app was to be able to read/write while working… I have to be missing something?

    Running a brand new MBP 13.3

  96. 96. George Fisher Says:

    I purchased Bettersnap tool and I don’t like it at all. It’s way over complex for providing just a simple solution. Please refund the amount in us dollars I paid for the product. Failure to comply will cause me to escalate issue to APPLE STORE support. The program has no value in it for me. I don’t need 227 options features and it doesn’t work with Mavericks and two displays.

    Just refund the purchase.

    Thank you.

  97. 97. DAVID MUELLER Says:

    I just purchased better snap tool on a 10.9.2 OSX OS, and now my open office application cannot be opened. That is my most used app and I must continue to use it. Is there a solution other than deleting better snap tool?

  98. 98. Marcelo Says:

    I have updated to OSX 10.9.2 Mavericks but BetterSnapTool is not working. I use two displays.

    Is there a fix?

    Please advice.

  99. 99. John Karabaic Says:

    One feature/enhancement I’d like to see:

    I have a monitor at my desk, but I often unplug my macbook to take it to meetings. When I plug back in, my snapped windows are not restored to the positions they were in when I disconnected. Often, they’re smaller and moved someplace else.

    It’d be nice if BST restored configurations where the windows have not been otherwise adjusted when reconnecting a monitor.

  100. 100. Matteo Says:

    With Mavericks 10.9.2 I can’t restore the old windows size when I drag away my windows.

  101. 101. Michael Says:

    Hi – anyway I can create a shortcut for the number-pad keys? ex: the app Blender uses the number pad 0-9 as differet “view” shortcuts which are different than the regular 0-9 keys on the keyboard. shortcuts would be ^M=NUMPAD-1, ^,=NUMPAD-2, etc..

    Thank you!

  102. 102. JohnSounders Says:

    I, too, have a retina mac powerbook w/ Mavericks and have lagged scrolling, scrolling lag using two-finger swipes on the trackpad but ONLY when I have BetterSnap running. With it off, scrolling works fine. Hmmm…

  103. 103. Nick Ha Says:

    Hi there,

    I’m using a Logitech V450 mouse with my Mac Mini late-2012.

    Every time I click the Middle Mouse Button, it goes into Mission Control. I’ve tried remapping it, but BetterTouchTool won’t capture the Middle Mouse Button whenever I click it over the little input window. It just goes back into Mission Control again.

    The only way around it is if I install the Logitech Control Panel, which I can’t, as it apparently interferes with another program I’m using (SmoothMouse).

    Is there a workaround for this? Like, a dropdown where I can select known mouse buttons and remap them?


  104. 104. my text here Says:

    You don’t have to maintain it running constantly. not only algorithms .

    Through e-mail, online forums, chat, etc.

  105. 105. Mike Barsness Says:

    I bought the app. It hung when I was setting it up. Doesn’t show up in force quit list. Not a good start – running latest version of Mavericks.

  106. 106. David Farmer Says:

    Could you tell me how to uninstall the program please?

  107. 107. Justin Says:

    I recently purchased BetterSnapTool and I have noticed since installing when viewing any video, it will lag and skip. On fullscreen the video doesn’t even play. I’m on OSX 10.9.3. I have 16GB of memory and this problem started yesterday after installing BetterSnapTool.

  108. 108. Tony Says:

    Hi, the BetterSnapTool for some reason keeps releasing the hotkeys for snap areas (they go blank and I have to reprogram the hotkeys again). This only happened recently. I use multiple setups, including laptop+monitor and laptop alone.

  109. 109. Terri Says:

    I’m having the same issue with this app. I want it oof my computer. It keeps popping up. I tried deleting it but it won’t allow me because it states it is open. How do I get this app of my computer. Completely frustrated!

  110. 110. Jerry Mindek Says:

    Hi there.
    Just downloaded BetterSnapTool today. I am looking to replace iSnap which has a few problems.

    Overall I like BST.
    One feature that I don’t see is the ability to use one key binding to move the window in focus around.

    For example, I would like the key binding command-alt-2 to place the window on the right half and the left half of the screen. Pressing command-alt-2 multiple times would move the window to the left, to the right, to the left, etc…

    Another example. I’d like to use command-alt-4 to move the window to the upper-right, lower-right, lower-left, upper left.

    I tried setting the keybindings in this way. However only the action of the first assignment happens.

    Is this feature available now and I am missing how to do it?
    If not, is this something that you’d consider adding?


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  112. 112. Alan Klaw Says:

    Dear Andreas,I just purchased you BetterSnap from the Mac App store.I have 15 MacBook Pro running Maverick and I went to Mac Preferences Privacy to allow App to”control Computer” which scares me as I do not know who can gain access .I checked the Box to allow it but App does not start or work.What can I do to make it perform.HELP.RSVP….Best Alan New Mexico USA

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  115. 115. Justin Says:

    Is there a way to cycle through some of the snap points? It would be really nice to be able to cycle through the four corner snap points with a single shortcut.

  116. 116. Kristian Thrane Says:

    I also have problem with scrolling – had to disable it completely :(

  117. 117. Jared Says:

    I have been using the btt, I am ecstatic about it. It has made my computer life 10 times more efficient.

    Is there any way to snap the window to the left and middle third?

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