Feb 25

So, the exams are finally done and I have much free time now (at least until I begin with my Master Thesis :-))

Here is the first result: BetterSnapTool 1.3 Alpha(Download here) ))

  • BST 1.3 includes the new snap area feature, which allows you to create your own snapping areas.
  • It also contains a few bugfixes and other improvements.
  • Added an option to disable BetterSnapTool while holding modifier keys
  • Unfortunately application specific snap areas are not finished yet, they’ll follow with one of the next versions.

Any feedback is very welcome!

//edit: I updated the alpha, should now work on more systems
//edit 18/2/2012 updated again
//edit 25/2/2012 updated again, now app specific snap areas and labels are possible (the label feature isn’t finished yet, in order to change the size you have to right-click the text and select “font” etc.

//edit: 26/2/2012 improved the labels, unfortunately due to format changes the labels from the previous alpha will be lost.

Because I haven’t finished the documentation yet, here a little video which shows how to use the snap area feature:



written by Andreas Hegenberg

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