Feb 25

So, the exams are finally done and I have much free time now (at least until I begin with my Master Thesis :-))

Here is the first result: BetterSnapTool 1.3 Alpha(Download here) ))

  • BST 1.3 includes the new snap area feature, which allows you to create your own snapping areas.
  • It also contains a few bugfixes and other improvements.
  • Added an option to disable BetterSnapTool while holding modifier keys
  • Unfortunately application specific snap areas are not finished yet, they’ll follow with one of the next versions.

Any feedback is very welcome!

//edit: I updated the alpha, should now work on more systems
//edit 18/2/2012 updated again
//edit 25/2/2012 updated again, now app specific snap areas and labels are possible (the label feature isn’t finished yet, in order to change the size you have to right-click the text and select “font” etc.

//edit: 26/2/2012 improved the labels, unfortunately due to format changes the labels from the previous alpha will be lost.

Because I haven’t finished the documentation yet, here a little video which shows how to use the snap area feature:



written by Andreas Hegenberg

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10 Responses to “BetterSnapTool 1.3 Alpha”

  1. 1. Alex Says:

    when will it be available on Mac App Store?
    and will you take it down from there? i bought it because i think it’s the best useful app, but i’m worried to get “lost in transaction” after you move away from it.

  2. 2. Serge Sander Says:

    the Snap Area Menu Item is greyed out here, i neither can create an area nor edit one of them ? Am i doing something wrong?

  3. 3. Jeff Says:

    Did you fix the bug on Lion when using Lion’s ‘Spaces’ (multiple desktop feature)?

    When snapping to the left, there was enough delay before the window moved to the next desktop to the left. However, when snapping to the right, there was virtually no delay (if any), and the window could not be helped but to slide over to the next desktop to the right.

    I purchased, but had to disable it, as it was way too much of a problem to control window positions when using Spaces.

  4. 4. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    please click on the “Using BetterSnapTool and Spaces at the same time?” button on the bottom of the preferences window for instructions on how to solve this :-) Sorry I can’t do this automatically because then it wouldn’t be allowed in the App Store.
    See http://d.pr/EFia

    @Alex I’ll submit it as soon as I got the bugs fixed and hope it’ll be released before the sandboxing requirement. But even if this doesn’t work, don’t worry I’ll then make a version available here which will work if you have purchased the App Store version.

  5. 5. mmn Says:

    great app. question: how to make a gesture to look up SELECTED text, not the one I have copied to clipboard. I don’t see any switch and app says “will be replaced with the currently selected text or the content of your clipboard”.

  6. 6. JFord Says:

    Love this app, bought it because BTT is such a great utility. This new functionality is great, I think I’ll like it better than Divvy which I paid more for. I just can’t stand full-screen windows, I don’t know why! Anyways, I know it’s alpha … but I’m having trouble creating snap areas on my second monitor. If the window is on the second monitor, the sizing fields all have zero … and I’m creating the snap zone on that same 2nd monitor. Primary monitor is fine. Let me know if I can provide any helpful info for you.

  7. 7. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Jeff oh, I think I forgot to upload the updated alpha, please try this one: http://boastr.de/BetterSnapTool_Alpha_8.zip

  8. 8. Aaron Wright Says:

    I like that I can draw the shapes on the screen wherever I want, but I personally don’t like that I can’t just create a snap area and tell it to size my window to 50% width, 50% height, and position 0,0. (For top-left quadrant of whatever monitor). Then I could make top-right quadrant with width: 50%, height: 50%, left: 50%, top: 0%.

    Same for doing “thirds”: width: 33%, height: 100%, left: 0%, top: 0% (the left third of the screen).

  9. 9. Omer Tanay Topac Says:

    OMG this feature is just awesome. Can’t wait to be stable and implemented into BTT.

  10. 10. Andrew Says:

    This feature is really awesome. I’ve wanted something like this for a while, wrote some crude scripts, but this is far better. I really like how you can change text, and “hot spots” regions and everything, you really went all out. This is great

    As a side note, without your alpha demo, I never would’ve bought better snap tool, I always thought btt has all the same features, but clearly I was wrong. Perhaps you should consider somehow making a trial version for download, that only works for a week or so, and then disables, or asks you to buy. I believe you’d get more sales that way. great app

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