Mar 27

BetterSnapTool 1.3.2 is a bugfix release. If you want to test it before it hits the App Store you can download the beta trial here:

  • Fixed keyboard shortcut issues with snap areas
  • Hopefully snap areas won’t enable the external graphics anymore (unfortunately I can’t test this because I don’t have a MacBook with external graphic card)
  • Keyboard shortcuts are now also disabled if you disable BetterSnapTool for a specific app
  • Some other little fixes

If you find bugs in this version please report them so I’ll be able to fix them before I submit it to the Mac App Store

Again some information about Sandboxing: BetterSnapTool will stay in the AppStore even with Sandboxing enforced! :-) I’ll even be able to release some bugfix updates after the sandboxing deadline.




written by Andreas Hegenberg

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One Response to “BetterSnapTool 1.3.2 Beta”

  1. 1. Evan Says:

    The “Restore old window size if window is dragged away again” function does not work at all. I tried 1.3.1 and 1.3.2 and I still have the same problem, it’s very annoying =\

  2. 2. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Evan did you maybe try it only with Microsoft apps? Unfortunately those don’t behave correctly with this feature.

  3. 3. Evan Says:

    Ah yeah, I was trying it with Word and PowerPoint.


  4. 4. Alexandra Arias Says:

    methods or shortcuts keyboard shortcuts for microsoft office applications including power point BetterSnapTool have significantly improved the 0.75 version that some day we tested. I have not been able to connect another monitor to function via USB. Thanks :)

  5. 5. Paying Customer Says:

    I paid for your software.

    I do not want to be nagged to visit your blog every time I start my machine.

    That’s a really, really good way to earn negative reviews in the App Store.

    Don’t piss all over your customers.

  6. 6. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @paying customer, this message should only popup once (maybe once per version), does it appear more often for you?

  7. 7. Matt Says:

    I have the better snap tool 1.3.1 for the mac. I LOVE IT first off. I do have some feedback. I use the feature to restore the window to its original size when dragging off the wall. It works on most of the programs, but it does not work on any of the office products. I have the Microsoft Office for Mac 2010. Word, excel and all the rest when I snap it to the sides and then take it off again, it will stay the size of the snapped area. I even tried it to the corner size. When you take it off the corner it stays that small (1/4) window size.

  8. 8. Dav Says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you could add a two-thirds left and two-thirds right option, thanks.

  9. 9. Ben Says:

    Hello, If I purchase the current version, do I get upgrades for free? Thanks, Ben

  10. 10. Couts Says:

    Hello, I have just bought BetterSnapTool and think it is great. I used to use BetterTouchTool but found I just needed the window snapping so bought BetterSnapTool instead. One request, can you add the fullscreen option to the menus/snap areas and the apple traffic light buttons to a future version? This fullscreen feature is available in BetterTouchTool and it is a shame it is not implemented in BetterSnapTool yet. Thanks

  11. 11. Kevin Says:

    Hi! I bought BetterSnapTool, and I love what it does, but I am having a bug. Mac adds a 5 pixel or so padding where you can’t drag the window any bigger if your dock is hidden. BST takes this in when the dock is on the bottom, but when the dock is on the left or the right, BetterSnapTool removes the padding on all sides when it should still be present on the side the dock is on. Is there a way that you can add a function where you check where the dock is (I use mine on the left) and then add the padding on only the one side where the dock is? I understand that the average user keeps their dock on the bottom, but I have always been used to the dock on the left and this problem has been bothering me non stop since I bought it. Please fix this issue!!

  12. 12. Joshua Says:


    Is it possible to disable the default keyboard shortcuts? I use the same combo (CTRL+Option) for navigating spaces, which is how I’d like to keep it. Now, when I use CTRL+Option+Right to go to the next space, it snaps the current window to the right, and then second time I hit the combo it takes me to the next space. Of course, this is not what anyone wants.

    I see how I can add new keyboard shortcuts, but how do I disable the hard-coded ones?


  13. 13. Joshua Says:

    Sorry everybody, it turns out that HyperDock was the culprit. I’m new to BetterSnapTool, and meanwhile I had just installed HyperDock on a new computer and forgot that it had its own window-snapping feature, and that’s where the keyboard shortcut was happening.

    But I got a super-fast response from the author of BetterSnapTool, and now it’s all sorted out.


  14. 14. Martin Says:


    I have enabled “Increase snapping recognition areas by…” when I use my multi monitor setup. Unfortunately this only seems to work when the monitors are side by side. I have my monitors positioned on top of each other (laptop + external monitor) and the increased snap areas are only left and right (and not at the top of the lower monitor for maximizing). This makes it pretty annoying to maximize a windows on the bottom monitor and it would be nice, if the increased snap areas would work there too.

    Thanks for the great tool and best regards

  15. 15. frans kazan Says:

    Hello, first of all I really like the bettersnap tool. There’s only one thing I mis and that’s the possibility to save the position of my windows and give that a shortcut.

    So when I start my machine in the morning I only have to push my shortcut to get four equal finder windows in the finder.

    Danke Sehr!

    frans – NL

  16. 16. Ruben Says:


    BetterSnapTool is the best window manager ever, but:

    When BetterSnapTool is running I can’t delete file (send to trash) from finder with cmd + del.
    It doesn’t work. I’m using version 1.3.3 (downloaded from MacApp store) + Lion

    Unfortunately I have to wait for a bug fix to use it again…

  17. 17. Morten Says:

    Hi Andreas,

    I grabbed your trial and reeally like BetterSnapTool so far, great work!
    One thing I miss is when adding and changing keyboard shortcuts I would like to get an indication of whether the shortcut is already in use for something else – and what it’s used for.

  18. 18. Andrew Says:

    It would be really nice (especially with the new alpha features) to be able to export the settings, that way I can share put them on all my computers.

    I don’t know if that’s feasible since it keeps track of all monitors, but it is just a thought

    great program

  19. 19. Elizabeth Says:

    This tool is great! I’m still figuring out some of the small customizable features, but basically just wanted a way to easily resize my windows so they sit side-by-side on my screen. I really appreciate small programs that do one thing well!

    I wish it worked with MS Office applications or that this incompatibility issue was mentioned on the description in the App Store.

  20. 20. projectors Says:

    Excellent work, many highly good suggestions! I value you crafting this blog post and the rest of your web-site is fantastic!

  21. 21. New Customer Says:

    The “restore old window size if window is dragged away again” function is not working with Mavericks. Is there a way to fix this, or is a fix in the works?

  22. 22. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @New Customer, mh it is working for almost all apps, however it is disabled for Microsoft Apps due to compatibility problems. (However this has always been like this)


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