Mar 27

BetterSnapTool 1.3.2 is a bugfix release. If you want to test it before it hits the App Store you can download the beta trial here:

  • Fixed keyboard shortcut issues with snap areas
  • Hopefully snap areas won’t enable the external graphics anymore (unfortunately I can’t test this because I don’t have a MacBook with external graphic card)
  • Keyboard shortcuts are now also disabled if you disable BetterSnapTool for a specific app
  • Some other little fixes

If you find bugs in this version please report them so I’ll be able to fix them before I submit it to the Mac App Store

Again some information about Sandboxing: BetterSnapTool will stay in the AppStore even with Sandboxing enforced! :-) I’ll even be able to release some bugfix updates after the sandboxing deadline.




written by Andreas Hegenberg

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