Mar 01

I hope it’ll work for all of you. I really hate pushing this release button..

Link to the Mac App Store

written by Andreas Hegenberg

22 Responses to “BetterSnapTool 1.3.1 now available in the Mac App Store”

  1. 1. Grant Says:

    Awesome! Available in the donors section as well?

  2. 2. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    in a few minutes :-)

  3. 3. Björn Lindström Says:

    You forgot to mention the menubar-icon-hiding among the changes. Thanks for implementing that.

  4. 4. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Björn, no problem, I’ll update the release notes :-)

  5. 5. Anon Says:

    Using the snap areas function forces the discrete GPU to be used. Would you be able to update this? Thanks.

  6. 6. Anthony Plummer Says:

    The bug where it wouldn’t start on a reboot is fixed. Thanks!

  7. 7. Bugs in 1.3.1 Says:

    I’m having an issue on my macbook pro (OS X Snow Leopard 10.6). The problem is that a little square pops up in the middle of my monitor. The other day when it happened, It just stayed there until I clicked with my trackpad. I couldn’t switch to any of my other apps! I haven’t been able to reproduce the problem.

  8. 8. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    hey, how big was the square? do you remember if it had round corners?

  9. 9. JSLuser Says:

    Anon feature idea
    While starting, say for a week or so, a checkbox that says leave (authentication – but a smaller word) open. Too many passwords are a pain.
    Otherwise good spot, well done :}

  10. 10. Jack Says:

    Working great for me!

  11. 11. Serg Says:

    Bugs for 1.3.1:
    * when Snap Area called by hotkey, filter for specific applications does not work
    * accidental double push hotkey for Snap Area deletes information about previous state of the window, and window will not return to the previous state
    * for windows with sidebars command to place in center deform the window size

    * add command for zoom window “vertical maximize” (and horizontal possible?)
    * option for 4 zones resize (in all directions)

    Thanks for excellent app!

  12. 12. Serg Says:

    and bug: “restore old size & position” from Extras works like “middle third”
    another request: i think better without submenu for Snap Areas in menubar

  13. 13. neil Says:

    Great app!

    Bugs for 1.3.1
    * the option for ‘use rounded corners’ – you can manually type in a large number. Try 2000 px, you get hilarious results!

    * Any way to save your preferences, so that if you play around with them you can easily revert back to what they were?
    * Perhaps have a facility to save your preferences to your iCloud account, underneath documents and data, so when you restore your OS you get all your settings back again?

  14. 14. Thomas Says:

    I like your app a lot! And the new feature for customized snap areas are great.

    One thing I recognized though is, that once you assigned a shortcut for a custom snap area for one monitor, you can’t use the same one for a different monitor. I’m also not able (or I don’t know how) to delete the one from the “other” not connectecd monitor. Is that possible?
    In fact I would like to have the same shortcut and snap area for 2 monitors – one at work and one at home. Is that possible?


  15. 15. Phil Says:

    I get constant crashes of the whole GUI of OSX random when using the new better snap tool. Everything reloads as if I rebooted instantly with the “reopen windows” option. If I was in word for example, I’d loose data and it’d give me the “recovered” version. Incredibly frustrating. Also seems to just freeze up the system….?!?!?

  16. 16. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Phil, the new BetterSnapTool may sometimes use the graphic card… from what you described it sounds a bit like your graphic card may be defective or there is some sort of driver issue. I’m not sure if this is correct, but I haven’t had any similar reports yet…
    Do you have snap areas enabled? If you want you can disable them (Preferences => Snap Areas, there is a Checkbox on the bottom) then it’ll behave like the old BetterSnapTool version! What kind of Mac do you use it on?

    @The other commenters, I’m currently fixing the remaining bugs and I’ll release a bugfix update soon!

  17. 17. Phil Says:

    I disabled the snap area’s and will see how it goes. Looks like it might be my SSD of all things (getting the dreaded OS holdup, but GUI still somewhat functions?) It’s a Mac Pro, granted I have a 560ti 448 core that I use (and a geforce 210) as can’t stand the low quality cards from apple nowadays… (where is the new pro!)

  18. 18. Chris Says:

    Since the new Version 1.3.1 I have a very annoying bug:
    I like the the double click on titlebar feature for maximize und return to old size. But now it sometimes works but most the time it just hides the window (yellow button standard function). It doesn’t matter which action i chose from…mostly it do not perform that it just hides the window…

    Can you may have look on it? Or say me where I can downgrade?

  19. 19. Chris Says:

    Small addition: Uploaded a screencast of the problem

  20. 20. Jason Says:

    Thanks and congrats on your beautiful work! We will all stay here when the AppStore got sandboxed.

    Or maybe build a dummy app, that you buy, and then when wanting additional features, entering UAC, and downloading the actual stuff. That’s how XCode itself does it for certain command line utilities.


  21. 21. Jeff Says:

    It’s working great. Thanks!

  22. 22. Chris Says:

    Regarding my issue: You must deactivate the double click option in appearance settings…my supply a option for that in BetterSnap
    Thx anyway

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