Jan 16

On friday we conducted the final presentation of our bachelor thesis. Maybe I’ll present the results here sometime, but currently I’m sick of the sight of it :-) So after celebrating the perfect grade for the last two days I’m finally back and working on my tools.

Here a new BTT alpha, not many changes just a few little bugfixes and cleanups.

Download BetterTouchTool alpha

//edit: 0.631 should fix the problems with pinching and rotating
//edit: 0.6311 should fix a bug that caused tipswipes to behave strange
//edit: 0.6312 should fix the middleclick action

//edit: 0.6313 should fix problems with various magic mouse gestures

sorry for the update flood but I need to iron out issues that evolved during the last weeks / months.

One thing that would be especially important to test: if you have gestures for pinching, is the original zooming blocked or does it pass through? E.g. if you set pinch in to cmd+L in Firefox, does this select the adressbar or does it zoom the current webpage?

written by Andreas Hegenberg

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