Jan 16

On friday we conducted the final presentation of our bachelor thesis. Maybe I’ll present the results here sometime, but currently I’m sick of the sight of it :-) So after celebrating the perfect grade for the last two days I’m finally back and working on my tools.

Here a new BTT alpha, not many changes just a few little bugfixes and cleanups.

Download BetterTouchTool alpha

//edit: 0.631 should fix the problems with pinching and rotating
//edit: 0.6311 should fix a bug that caused tipswipes to behave strange
//edit: 0.6312 should fix the middleclick action

//edit: 0.6313 should fix problems with various magic mouse gestures

sorry for the update flood but I need to iron out issues that evolved during the last weeks / months.

One thing that would be especially important to test: if you have gestures for pinching, is the original zooming blocked or does it pass through? E.g. if you set pinch in to cmd+L in Firefox, does this select the adressbar or does it zoom the current webpage?

written by Andreas Hegenberg

27 Responses to “BTT 0.6314 alpha (update)”

  1. 1. random Says:

    just tested the pinch gesture and for me BTT performs the default action rather than the one i specified.

    i tried deleting my custom gesture and recreating it but the default remains the one executed

  2. 2. frank d Says:

    I downloaded this version and had the old version installed and for some reason when I double click on them the control panel for BBT does not show anymore. Its not the new version since it happended to the old one as well.

    Anyone else?

    Should I just trash my prefs?

    I am on 10.6.5 on a new macbook pro 15″.


  3. 3. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @frank d maybe you have hidden the menubar icon? Try pressing ctrl+opt+cmd+o in order to open the prefs

    @random ahh I’m finally able to reproduce this behavior. Hope to fix it asap

  4. 4. frank d Says:

    thank you!

    For others:

    Go to application folder
    Double click on BTT app
    Press Command Control Option O (oh) key at the same time.

    The control panel will now show.

    Now I can consider buying a magic trackpad since I have a gui for it!

  5. 5. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    nice :-) 0.63 will now open the preferences window if the menubar icon is hidden and you doubleclick the icon (without the need to press cmd+ctrl+opt+o )

  6. 6. frank d Says:

    You mean I found a bug! Yay!!!!

  7. 7. Andreas Hegenberg Says:


  8. 8. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @random I think 0.63 should fix the issue
    Ah damnit it doesn’t but I know now where the error is.

  9. 9. random Says:

    @andreas heh knowing where the bug is is always a good start! does the .631 fix it or no?

  10. 10. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    I think it does!

  11. 11. Jamo Says:

    My tipswipes on my MacBook Pro trackpad are not responding correctly in .631.

    It seems to only let me do one if I do the other first. Whenever I do a tipswipe up, it wont let me do it again until I do a tipswipe down (‘Live View’ seems to agree with me as well). I use it to change tabs in Firefox.

  12. 12. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    you are right s.th. is messed up there. FIxing this now, will be back soon.

  13. 13. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @jamo I think 0.6311 fixes the issue would be great if you could test it

  14. 14. Jamo Says:

    Works great!!! That was super fast!

  15. 15. Bonzo Says:

    Hi Andreas,

    two-finger click does not work :(

    Best regards,

  16. 16. sneike Says:

    last alpha updates messed all my MM gestures.. they are set, but not working anymore! :(
    everything fine with the MBP trackpad..

  17. 17. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @sneike could you send me an export of your gestures to bettertouchtool@boastr.net ?

  18. 18. sneike Says:


  19. 19. Jon Stovell Says:

    Just upgraded from 0.6293 to 0.6313. Now every time BTT starts it posts a dialog about possible conflicts with FunctionFlip, which I am also running. (I’ve never had any problems running them both together, by the way.) I understand the purpose of having a warning dialog pop up, but after it appears once, please give us a way to stop this message from re-appearing.

    Thanks Andreas!

  20. 20. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Jon 0.6314 lets you disable this (an additional button in the message is shown which allows you to disable the message)

    I included this popup because I get mails every day reporting lost clicks etc. while using some conflicting applications and I currently just can’t fix the problem completly.

  21. 21. Jon Stovell Says:

    Great! Thanks again, Andreas, and congratulations on completing your thesis.

  22. 22. Derek Says:

    I switched the four finger swipe up/down gestures and replaced the four finger swipe left/right for dashboard and spaces views. But after doing this I HAVE to do a four finger gesture for btt to think that i’m not in the corresponding view anymore. For example, If i do a four finger swipe left and enter the spaces view, then click on space and therefor exiting the spaces view, every other four vinger gesture will bring me back to the spaces view. This is the only thing keeping me away from having the perfect trackpad setup.

    Although I would also like a click/tap stop for the start/stop moving windows command:)

    If you fix the above I will nominate you for a nobelprice:)

  23. 23. Alexander Says:

    I get a warning that btt is in conflict with spotify, and as a result I’ll have to click twice for magic mouse to register click, as a result of the conflict. Very irritating bug if you ask me cause I really love btt, it makes Magic Mouse useful in a way it wouldn’t without btt.

    So is this a prioritized bug up for fixing?

  24. 24. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    unfortunately I currently see no way to fix this completely :-(

  25. 25. Derek Says:

    Dude you’re a God!!!!! tnx for the update!

    Now only the click/tap to stop moving windows and I will send you your nomination invite!

    Again you’re a GODDDDDD!!!!!!

  26. 26. Derek Says:

    I found 1 bug in your fix though. By four finger swiping into dashboard and using a gadget btt thinks I left dashboard so using a four finger swipe again to exit dashboard will result in btt directly going to the corresponding command for that gesture or – in the case of the dashboard command gesture – doing nothing.
    It isn’t really an issue but it’s worth noticing.

  27. 27. Andreas Hegenberg Says:

    @Derek, thanks I thought about this but I haven’t found a way to check whether dashboard is open or already closed… so I thought this would be the best solution for now. If I find a better way I’ll implement it!

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