Nov 17
  1. fixed three finger swipes, rotate etc on macbook
  2. added experimental two finger tap to magic mouse

Download here, use on your own risk

//please don’t use btt if you do important work atm. I’ll release a version which can’t crash your system soon.

written by Andreas Hegenberg

16 Responses to “0.326”

  1. 1. Bidule200 Says:

    I set up four-finger left and right swipes to change Spaces,
    it was buggy because it activated also the default function (CMD-TAB).

    Now it’s not working at all, but when I hit CMD-TAB it now change Spaces (-_-)

    Keep going, this is still very good work !

  2. 2. alberto Says:

    Yep, keep going! CMD-Click freezes my macbook pro ?

  3. 3. admin Says:

    @alberto are you sure about this?

  4. 4. admin Says:

    are you sure you haven’t accidentally set cmd+tab to change spaces?
    If you want to use four finger gestures you have to deactivate the original apple 4 finger gestures in your system prefs as described in the docu

  5. 5. cgorni Says:

    Just my 2 cents: I really appreciate the speed in which you offer bug fixes and new versions. The only downside of this: I think there are users (like me) who do not use your tool, because they are waiting for a “stable” version.

    I can no longer differentiate between a “Main” version, a bug fix etc. (“three fingers are working….. broken…..working again”).

    Again: this is no fault at all on your side, this is programming. My suggestion: give us a version every three days or better: a weekly “main” version. So all “in-between” bugs are fixed and everyone can see the difference between version A and B.

    But may be it’s just me :-)

  6. 6. alberto Says:

    Yes, it happened twice with 0.325 this morning london time — had to hard reboot both times. Have not tried with 0.326. I set it up to run a trigger from Quickeys (maybe that’s the problem???)

  7. 7. Thomas Davie Says:

    My 2 cents. I enjoy testing this piece of software out and download every version even if I’m at work. That is just me :) As long as the admin/programmer enjoys releasing as he does, I’ll keep downloading :)


  8. 8. Brian Says:

    First let me just say that I love you! Just kidding, but I do love your app. This software has made the Magic Mouse usable again. But I was wondering if there was a reason you removed the swipe up and swipe down on the new versions. The main thing I use this for is to disable vertical scrolling in FCP cause it’s impossible to do a multicam edit with it on. So if you could add it back that’d be awesome!

  9. 9. Taume Says:

    This tool is awesome! Makes me love my new iMac even more 😉
    But would it be possible that you integrate a zoom function within magic mouse? This would be absolutely mind blowing!
    Greetings from Munich!

  10. 10. javier Says:

    How do I assign a CMD+F1 to a gesture?
    I cannot record F1 as a key :(
    thanks a lot for your fine work!!

  11. 11. Ciego #10 Says:

    tap2click………… : )

  12. 12. Brian Says:

    @javier if you go into your system preferences and click on the keyboard option you can enable the Function keys. Then open BetterTouchTool and add the command then disbale function key option so you have you menu keys back. or if you like the function keys enabled.

  13. 13. Jaydee Says:

    Hello, thanks so much for sharing this wonderful app with us!

    Some suggestions I would love to see implemented in future versions
    – cmd+tab as a key command (simulate holding the command key to keep the menu open on first tap, disengage the hold on 2nd tap)
    – the move window left,right and maximize alternate from original window size to full,left,right when the key command is repeated
    – cmd+click working in 1 click instead of 3 like it is now

    These features would make this the best app on the planet…a place to send donations would be welcome too! Have a good day btt rules 😀

  14. 14. Kiran Wagle Says:

    Two-finger *tap* on the mouse, or two-finger *click*?

    ~ Kiran

  15. 15. admin Says:

    atm it’s a two finger tap, but maybe I add a two finger click tomorrow

  16. 16. Bidule200 Says:

    Ok I desactivated the original 4fingers gestures from Sys Prefs now it works thanks a lot ^^

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